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50% decrease in oil


Posted : 09/10/2019 4:45 am


21 year old male here, I just wanted to share my new skin regime that has seen my skins oiliness reduce by around 50% (acne has also decreased as well as acne scars). Prior to this skin regime I'd have really oily skin within 2 hours of washing my face, however now it's more like 4 hours (however there are times when my skin can last a good 7 hours and not be too oily).

So here it is:

-Wash skin no more than 4 times a day

-Wash using water then a Lush moisturising soup (stops skin from being squeaky clean)

-Apply homemade gel made of aloe Vera, green tea and tea tree oil

-1.5mm Dermaroller every 3-4 weeks

This is what the homemade gel looks like, it smells really nice but you do have to take care not too apply too much otherwise you will literally look like the incredible hulk (with less muscles and more acne). 

I fill a 100ml tub with aloe Vera gel and add a tea spoon of green tea and a tea spoon of tea tree oil.

I believe my skin is still improving.

Something else I forgot to mention is that I now don't tend to think too much about my oily skin when I leave the house (though it can be difficult). I think this has reduced stress and may have also had an effect on my sebaceous glands.

 Please ask any questions and let us know if you are going to try this or if you have anything else worth trying or to add.