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Any advice welcome


Posted : 07/31/2023 9:24 am

Hi All ,

I have always suffered with oily problematic skin throughout my teenage years but it didnt get severe until I was 21/22 a year or so after having my first child - my acne was severe with cysts and nodules that would scar was also in my chest and back but mostly on my back.


I have tried most antibiotics , birth control , topical and none of them worked it was very persistent


In May 2019 I was put on Roaccutane for 9 months - and it was hell however it cleared all my acne. I had a second child in December 2020 - and my skin was still clear until 2022. The odd pimple here and there would come up and maybe a few cystic ones but nothing drastic and I accepted it as would rather have one or two here and there than what I had.

In 2021 I started undergoing micro needling to get rid of scars as my face was covered in them. And done a good few treatments but then had to take a few month break to let me skin heal up a bit before going again and in the break which would have been end of 2022 thats when the acne started getting a bit worse. So when I went back to my beautician we started switching up treatments and done some acid treatments to control the acne and would switch between the acid , micro needling and laser for scars.

That was working for few months and everything has been under control , however the last two months its not really working and my breakouts are getting worse.

I have had a dilemma with going back to derm or trying to seek what causes the acne and finding the root cause to treat that.

My beautician believes in a holistic approach to things and reckons the acne is inflammation as a result of poor health - I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia this year and have suffered with gut health issues.

She uses this bio feedback device and said I have dairy / meat intolerance and most likely leaky gut.

She advised to eliminate diary and meat from my diet and also go on the 2 week fruit and veg fast.

My question to all of ye is how are you coping and treating peristent acne ?

would you trust the derm way and using medication or is it really the holistic way that works best.

I really am in two minds about it all.

I think what makes it worse is that Ive always been suffering with acne and the. I honestly tough Roaccutane was it for me and that this will be my cure and that I would never suffer with acne again- Im 28 now and I think this is affecting me worse mentally than it did first time around.


any advice is welcome Im just struggling to decide which is the best way for treatment and afraid of having to go back on Roaccutane.

what do you Al think about holistic ways is this all a hoax or did this help for you ? Or is acne only fully controlled under medications ?

Arlso just to add my acne seems hormonal - mostly on my chin upper lip , jaw , neck and sporadic ones on back - I have very oily skin

Thank you in advance