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Posted : 05/28/2024 6:43 am

So i am a 20 year old female and have been dealing with severe acne since 15 years old. ive been on antibiotics such as minocyline and doxycycline but as expected my skin did get clear while i was on the medication as soon as i went offboom everything comes back. so last year i decided to go on Accutane for three months, my skin gotten so clear and again 2 months later ive gained my acne back but this time its moderate, i have it under control but i keep getting breakouts in the same areas on my cheeks and chin area with white cysts. i did test my hormones and my they were out of place and i believe that was my case from the very beginning. so my dr prescribed me diane 35. so do you guys advice me this is the best route to go in, will it heal my hormones? should i take it with any antibiotics such as minocycline. and is 6 months good enough to be on it or should i stay on diane 35 for much longer. i am also worried about a major relapse with this medication. lastly any recommend topical to add to my skin care routine?

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Posted : 05/29/2024 10:30 am

Antibiotics are harmful and should never be taken for longer than 3 months, so they're not a great long-term option. Oral contraceptives, on the other hand, do produce results reliably in most women. On average 66% clearing as I recall from my research (although some women completely clear up). And yes, relapse can happen when you stop the oral contraceptive.

The Regimen will get you and keep you completely clear without these other meds if you prefer a topical option.