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33yo woman adult acne getting worse with BP


Posted : 08/08/2022 6:54 am

I would love to hear from people about this.Ive been on the regimen since I was about 20. A few years ago I started breaking out again around my chin really bad and increased BP. It worked, but I used AHA one night and woke up with a lobster face and my skin hasnt been the same since. Ive now been battling with pretty bad acne again the past few years around my chin and on my cheeks. I had to restart the regimen and it just hasnt been able to combat the acne like it did before. Im at a complete loss for what to do. If I get off BP my face is going to freak out. But staying on it isnt all that helpful, but honestly I dont want severe acne at 33. What should I do? Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks

Member Admin

Posted : 08/11/2022 9:48 am

Hi. A few thoughts: First of all, the regimen sometimes takes up to 3 months to work, particularly if you have stubborn acne.

Next, there are ways to calm your skin from the inside as well, such as eating low-carb and taking supps. You can also try that. If you haven't heard of the keto diet, it's interesting to try. Also, supplementing with up to 6 fish oil pills per day plus one zinc gluconate (50mg or so) per day may help tamp down inflammation. A double punch of low insulin from a low-carb diet plus those supps may help you get things under control from the inside out. Again, it could take a while to show results though.

Next, if for whatever reason you're not liking BP, you could always try a retinoid, like tretinoin. It only works about half as well, but again, if you combine it with low-carb and/or supps, that might get you to clear as well.