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I feel torn about taking accutane


Posted : 02/11/2022 10:17 am

So I™m from the UK and can™t afford to see a private dermatologist. I went through the NHS waiting list to see a dermatologist that way. Yet, all I™ve been met with are nurses who constantly push accutane on me. The meetings were online so that adds to my frustration. The first nurse suggested accutane and I told her I don™t feel comfortable with taking accutane. It™s more of a last resort. She then suggested antibiotics and I told her they unfortunately don™t work on me. I then suggested that I™d like to try spironolactone after doing my own research and she said ok come to the hospital so we can get your blood pressure and prescription. 

I went there and I was met with a different nurse who was lovely but by the end of the appointment she made me do a pregnancy test and made me sign a form for accutane. I was so confused because it felt so mismanaged as I was led to believe I was going there to get my blood pressure checked and get a prescription for spironolactone. My general practitioner put me on birth control and it™s managing my acne quite nicely. I still get the occasional cyst which leaves a scar and that™s my main concern- I have pitted scarring on my cheeks and have been working on improving them for two years. I can™t do that for one whole year AFTER accutane because my skin could literally peel off since accutane makes the skin extremely sensitive not to mention is dries out every molecule in the body - doesn™t sound good long term. Im so torn. Im 23 and I want to utilise my youth to help regenerate that lost tissue. I know that accutane can potentially eliminate cystic breakouts forever. I just care more about the scars I currently have I want to get lasers, peels and micro needling so that my skin texture improves. I feel like these nurses are just throwing prescriptions my way when I™d like to see a dermatologist. I might save up and go private at this point. I feel so heartbroken. I don™t know what to do :( I have a blood test form and another online appointment next month with a nurse about my progress with accutane - I haven™t taken it because I™ve been using peels and retinoids to improve my skin texture.