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Found a Cure for Acne


Posted : 01/04/2023 3:09 pm

Hello there, i used to be an avid member who scoured the forums for years trying to find a solution. I went through topical treatments from holistic to the GP's recomended ones, as well as anti biotics (which slowed my skin healing down). I stopped coming on here because for a long time i found a a treatment, which was the sun, which is not a good treatment at all. Then as i grew up and realised the error of my ways, i stopped that and the acne came back. I thought that i nailed it by following a no carb diet from monday to thursday, but in reality i only curbed it some what and i think i was disullusioned with the results for a while thinking i cured it when i had only reduced it.

However, after realizing that my acne hadn't been sorted, i then for some reason decided to increasr my water intake to the recommended 8 glasses a day, which has prevented my acne from coming through with the very rare small spot coming through. I would say i complement this with one Ivy Scrub (peach one) a week, and i am so glad it is a cheap and easy treatment that works.