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Fruit was my enemy this WHOLE time.


Posted : 01/03/2017 8:34 am

Hello folks!

I have always had acne prone skin growing up but I would say last year was my worst. I'm 26 years old & I was breaking out worse than I did back in high school. At first I thought maybe it was from stress(broke up with the ex, whole moving out dramatic deal), but when life settled, it never stopped. I spent so much money on switching products, took out coffee, drank way way more water... notta thing. I was super close to changing my birth control even.

Nope, the whole time was because I ate too much fruit everyday. I'm a fruit junkie. Bananas, apples, grapes, melons, pineapple. I completely cut them all out of my diet & began eating more vegetables & leafy greens. Boom, skin cleared right up.

Makes sense now to me though, all the fructose caused inflammation. Still.... who'd thunk? So anyone here with bad acne who eat a ton of citrus based fruits, give this a whirl.

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Posted : 01/03/2017 9:01 am

Citrus based fruits also break me out. Confirmed. 

I used to try to mix one glass of water with 1/4 lemon. Drink everyday in the morning (for detox purpose). Boom. Acne invaded. Mainly on the temple area. Even orange. One glass of orange (everyday) has the same effect. So I wonder is that the sugar in fruits or vitamin C cause acne. 

Apple and banana don't :) 

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Posted : 01/07/2017 1:11 am

hi samteri, you mention all are same facing problem with me.

hi shmilyM,
thanks for the best home remedies suggestion. I'll try from today. again thanks a lot.