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What kind of acne is this? (Please Read) HELP!


Posted : 01/30/2019 11:22 pm

Okay lets start things off (I need help ASAP)

So in november I developed folliculitis everywhere I shaved, Eyebrow, Above lips, chin. 

Before november 2018 I had perfectly clear skin. Not one pimple (I swear)

At start of november 2018 I thought my folliculitis was acne so I treated it like so, I was using this very harsh salicylic acid face wash and never used moisturizer even though my skin was getting very tight and red and patchy dryness. I didn't use moisturizer because it was kind of working for the folliculitis and then I kept using it and starting notice pimples on my cheeks which I've never gotten. I then went to a doctor which prescribed these Apo-Sulfatrim pills and mupirocin to put in my nostrils and my folliculitis above lips, chin, eyebrows was completely gone (Still is) But I started getting these pimples on my cheeks and sides of my head and it got really bad in December I included two picture the worse one is in December and the better one is now. I'm currently on Epiduo and Doxycyline for this acne and its kinda working but I still feel deep cysts when I press down on my skin. And some cysts have been here since December although smaller. I just want to know what kind of acne this is and how can I treat it? Is it fungal, bacterial. I know it's not hormonal I have no acne on my chin, chest, barely any on my back (Always had it on my back tho) 


Current routine:

AM Cetaphil cleanser, Cerave moisturizer/sunscreen for oily skin

PM Cetaphil cleanser, epiduo, cerave in the tub for normal/dry. 

Please help thanks a lot. Btw im 17 yrs old. Also does it look a lot better or similar? Also my skin is super oily now where as before it was dry always. Sorry if my writing/grammar sucks! 



the bottom one is before (december) the top one is now.


Posted : 01/31/2019 12:21 pm


For me, you should go directly to a derm so he can give you something. This kind of acne can leave marks (It's what I have because I waited too long ),so take an appointmentand heals that :). You need something strongerand you're a teenager so that's perfectly normal to have acne!