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I have no clue what i am doing. Any tips?


Posted : 01/28/2019 2:42 pm

Hi, i have had some sort of acne since 12-13 it started off with a few blackheads witch were easy to get rid off, currently im 16. Acne runs in my family but weirdly it only happens tomales. For the past year i have been fighting with very tough whiteheads that don't form rashes or any sort of infammation ( should i take a picture?). I have been using a large sort of cleansers, treatments and supplements. I have never tried using BP treatments, could they help the type of acne im having? Also i have read a lot of good things about salicylic acid, could that help? And if so how can i get it in europe? we have strict drug regulations here. I have been taking a lot of protein ( im into bodybuilding) mainly eggs and beef, could changing my diet offer any advantages? Any tips regarding this issue would help a lot, love this site and its community. Let get clean bois!


Posted : 01/28/2019 9:08 pm

as your 16, its probably standard hormonal acne. most people just grow out of it.

i personally would not rush offto get the strongest doctors acne creams because all your going to do is cause yourself a long term skin sensitivity problem (i have no proof but i feel thats what happenedto me)

also there is pretty much a strong link between protein powder and acne.. just look at bodybuilding forums. - having said that, i think there is other types of protein powder that dont contain milk and dont cause acne(?)

have you seen brain turner on youtube. hes a bodybuilder and cleared his skin through a clean diet.