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Early Pimples - How To Prevent Them From Growing


Posted : 05/01/2014 3:33 pm

Hi everyone :D

I may have a method capable of "killing" the pimple in an early stage. It's working for me, so I wanted to share with you (feel free to reply)

When you feel a small red bump and you can't stop it, that's the worst feeling ever. Last week, I believe I got the answer to that:

You need:

-Benzoyl Peroxide or other bacteria-killer lotion;




My first step is to needle the pimple, small little pricks in the surrounding are. Then, after that make 1 holes(or 2, depending on the mood XD) - stop just when it bleeds or when you see blood, don't overdo it: this will make the benzoyl to go deeper and make it more efficient and the hole(s) will oxidize the bacteria and push out some dead skin

After that, you apply benzoyl peroxide and cover it with the bandaid. It will create a better warmer environment to eliminate the bacteria

I'm not sure if it works for you but I hope to be helpfull :)