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Guidance for me


Posted : 07/07/2024 7:14 pm

need some guidance, I think most of these are rolling, I'm planning on doing some

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Posted : 07/09/2024 12:41 pm

Looks like boxcar to me. Some rolling too.

If it were me, based on the before and afters that I've seen in studies that have similar scarring, I'd look into either ablative fractional laser with PRP or professional microneedling with PRP and do a bunch of sessions and see if that gives you want you want.

If that doesn't work, you can always take a look at a deep peel.

Keep in mind that I am only looking at studies and am not an expert in real world scar repair, so you'll want to get several opinions from several docs who specialize in scar repair. Don't move forward with anyone until you feel totally comfortable and have seen lots of real before and afters of their actual patients.


Posted : 07/12/2024 1:02 pm

Looks like you need a bunch of subcisions (+ suction method) and phenol cross (5 or more), possibly diluted sculptra + RF needling, then a resurfacing of some kind - phenol peel preferred. Followed by temporary filler.

At least that's what I'd do. Good luck.