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Anti-androgenic birth pill log (Chlormadidone acetate + Ethynil Estradiol)


Posted : 04/27/2016 10:17 pm

Hi! I just created this log to see how my acne behaves and maybe help other people who have the same doubts about this type of birth control pill. I have moderate acne and I've tried to control it with natural things.

I started taking them on April 10, they are called Gynorelle but are almost the same as Belara*and they have 2mgChlormadidone acetate + 0.02mg Ethynilestradiol. The Chlormadidone Acetate is the antiandrogenic component and there's 24 active pills and 4 placebos.

I'll post updates every month. I was told that I need at least 3 complete cycles with the pill to really see how the body reacts to it and if it's working to control the breakouts (they can happen at any time but the most horrible ones happen at the middle of my cycle, when I'm suppose to be ovulating).

The side effects have been breast tenderness, maybe some headache (it's hard to tell, I usually have them) and I haven't seen too much improve in my oily skin or acne. But the hopes are high, I've read many lab studies done in Germany that sounded promising.

*lower dose than Belara, recommended by my Gyn because my body is kind of sensitive and I have migraines. Also because my acne breakout was produced by stopping birth control with Drospirenone and a consequent hormonal inbalance as far as we know*

----- My Story ----

I'm 26 years old, when I was a teenager never had acne (mix skin, oily T zone, some blackheads), and I started taking birth control pills when I was 19 and used the same ones for over 6 years (Yasmin, Yasminiq, Femelle and the last one Yaxibelle. They all have Drospirenone and Ethynil Estradiol).

I tried to stop taking those pills when I wasn't in a relationship or just because, but as soon as I stopped my skin started to turn absolutely greasy, so I kept taking them. Last year I had a VHP (papilloma virus) affected tissue in my cervix and because of the treatment and other stuff I stopped taking the pill.

During this last year (April 2015 to 2016) my skin has gone though hell: I had acne in my face, neck, shoulders, back and basically all my upper body (even inside my ears). I had papules, nodules, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, oily and shiny skin... And I knew nothing like John Snow.

I found this site and it really helped me get my shit together and try some stuff like cleaning my skin, appliying some masks and peelings, taking vitamins, drinking water... The most helpful were:

-Vitamins: the Evening Primrose oil and Skin, hair & nails (Healthy America).
-Peeling: A mix with the St.Ives Apricot scrub + bicarbonate and/or aspirin.
-Tonic: Apple cider vinegar (from a local store, I use 50% vinegar 50% water)
-Shampoo: Tio nacho (honey shampoo) and/or Crece Pelo (from Boe cosmetics) to treat the greasy hair.
-Inner cleansing: Zarzaparrilla extract

Tip: If you make a paste with bicarbonate and apply to the pimple or cyst for a night it will improve lots the next day.

The most helpful though was the Evening Promise oil, it worked wonders and in December I took it twice a day and had only one cyst. By January I just had some pimples and blackheads, and my neck was clear, it was lovely! But after I finished my last bottle I couldn't find another and ordered one online that I'm still waiting (I live in Colombia, and I don't know why the shipping got so messy).

I went to the doctor seeking advice and the best option for birth control, my skin issues and the horrible cramps that the surgery left me (I have the abnormal tissue removed from my uterus) were this pill. I wasn't looking for a hormonal treatment, because I was scared that the same thing happened again if I stop taking them, but that's why my Gyn formulated this specific ones...

Anyway, I still take the skin, hair & nails vitamins because they are having a positive effect with my migraines and also I don't get too many cysts. And use the apple cide vinegar every morning in my skin to take away the oil.

*I moved this thread to the Hornomal Acne forum ( ), and I'll keep updating the topic there, thanks!!**


Posted : 04/27/2016 10:34 pm

Day 1 log
10 April 2016

Horrible cramps woke me up, I had many pimples in my face, neck and back though not as bad as a cyst or a nodule. My ears were full of "subdermal pimps" (I don't know how to name those) even inside and my headphones hurt like crap.

My face was really really oily, and it happens all the time during the day. My breasts acked, my head also acked. That was Start Day, I hope everything Improves from now on.