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Posted : 11/08/2017 2:44 am

okay so in the same exact spot I keep getting a reoccurring thing happening it will come back for a week and then go away for a few weeks and come back again and again in the same spot last time it happened it started peeling off and i'm super confused i'm not using anything different or new and this has been happening for a few months it goes away 100% and comes back again and it's super bumpy but doesn't itch and the area that's red feels really thick. it was not on my face at all last night and i woke up and it was a little red and is it's getting worse as the night progresses. i'm honestly so confused and frustrated i have no idea what to do and i want this to go away fro good and to stop coming back!!! please does anyone know what this is??? it's not acne because it doesn't turn into pimples it just fades and goes away. it's flat but also tiny bumps. and each time it comes back it looks a little different but it's in the same spot 




Posted : 11/29/2017 7:20 am

Could be an irritation? Did you try to check with a dermatologist? The important thing to note is to never experiment. You have beautiful skin! Just know what exactly it is and what could be causing it to know the safest way to cure.