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Help! Dermatologist creams


Posted : 12/26/2017 6:21 am

Hello! I'm writing this as my last resort. I hope someone can help. So here's my story:
I have small whiteheads on my cheek, and forehead that is really STUBBORN and it never goes away. My family finally took me to a local dermatologist in a famous clinic, and I was prescribed morning, night creams, facial wash and on spot treatment (I found out the night cream contains adapalene). So, it's been 2 weeks since I've been using it, well, it is slowly getting better, but the main problem here is: I want to stop using the creams, as it is annoying in some way (it is smelly, and I was living with this feeling of fear that it contains abrasive ingredients) But a lot of people have been saying that WHEN IT IS STOPPED, YOUR FACE WILL BREAKOUT (this happens because apparently if your face is not treated with the cream it will go back to its "original form") Okay, this is normal, but there is also people that doesn't experience breakouts. I really want to stop using it, but I'm really afraid. I can stop it slowly, but I'm still afraid. I overthink a lot, so this is not easy for me. I want to change the facial wash to Cetaphil / Lush / raw honey, and the creams for one moisturizer (Cetaphil). Do any of you have a experience on this kind of thing? Please comment down your answer below! Thank you~


Posted : 12/28/2017 10:32 am

No creams and gels ever helped me much(but I never had much face problem)... and nothing longer term. If your disease is severe, antibiotics/tane may be the only way docs will go.

I remember one derm, he told me to apply some lotion and cream 3 times a day to my back... now how can I work, go to school, and shower 4 times a day? and who will massage this in?