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Accutane v. Blackheads


Posted : 06/28/2008 5:50 pm

hey just started my 3rd week and I never had blackheads on my nose before now I can millions literally. But they are all dry and I am hoping withing the next week or two they will just come out. I also have a few clogged pores on my cheeks but NO WAY as many as I did before hopefully these will also go. My forehead is so itchy right now and I can feel pimples forming but I think its just purging. My forehed never was bad but if these few pimples purge and go then I will be a happy happy guy!


Posted : 02/28/2010 10:39 pm

crazy inspiration thread, bumped for people to read!!


Posted : 03/07/2010 11:57 pm

I registered and logged in just so I could reply to this thread.

I found this thread while searching google for an answer to my severe blackheads. After reading everything that the original poster has typed up, I think I've finally found my answer. At first I thought Accutane was too extreme for severe blackheads, that it was more for cystic acne, and I wasn't even sure it would help.

I am curious to know how the OP is doing now, five years later, but I'm sure he won't ever see this post. Regardless: THANK YOU, OP, you are an inspiration.

(Also thank you for the bump, I may not have found this without it)


Posted : 06/09/2010 1:33 am

To the above comment, I also registered solely because of this thread.

I am scheduled to begin accutane at the beginning of next month (July 2010).

I have had mild to moderate acne (my dermatologist calls it "aggressive") since I was 11 years old - most of it smaller bumps under the skin. Now, being a 22-year old woman entering the professional world, I'm ready for something to relieve it permanently. I, too, have tried everything under the sun. For 11 years.

Proactive, my most effective remedy yet, cleared my face during junior high and high school, but the stress of college brought more severe breakouts and LOTS of blackheads. I feel as though every one of the pores in my face is one of them.

My strongest reason for taking accutane is blackheads. I have extremely oily skin, and I believe that to be the cause for them. I rarely get cystic acne - maybe one or two blemishes a year.

Anyone else feel that accutane is the right answer for me? Please let me know what you think - I've heard all the side effect horror stories and could use some reassuring.

If it will help anyone out there, I will be happy to chart my results on this blog as I go through the treatment process. Let me know.

Thanks for your time,



Posted : 09/30/2010 12:54 am

Thanks a lot for the bump! I searched google for 'accutane black heads' and found this.

It prompted me to join the site! I mean, Ive looked around here a few times, but this really helped me to take the leap. :)

Today is my third day of accutane. I have mild black and white heads, but severe cysts that lie under the skin. I was hoping that accutane would help with my mild black heads as well, and am pleased to find out that they do.

Thanks OP, Bumper and other people that've kept this topic alive!


Posted : 10/12/2011 7:23 am

I'm 4 weeks in on my treatment, 40mg once a day. Which is kinda odd, seems everyone else is taking two doses a day. Anyway, I've had only one cyst since I started the treatment, no other acne and no breakouts. I used to get like 1 new pimple every day or so; usually just one or two active at a time, but always red from other recovering spots. So yeah, not having any pimples has been great. I'm not so happy about my bigger problem though, the blackheads. I've noticed they started being 'pushed to the front' at about week 3 or so, but I don't think I actually have any less of them yet. Still too many to count, and I'm not sure they're actually gonna come all the way out. Here's to hoping.


Posted : 02/27/2021 12:05 am

I started Accutane January 25th.

30mg, once a day.

Today is the second day of taking 30mg twice a day.

bloody chapped lips: YES

blackheads: YES
mood swings: YES im very unmotivated to do anything even though i want to

tired: YES

sore: Yes

bloody nose: YES

dry skin: YES

I have anxiety and depression and im just worried those will become a problem for me the longer im on this but i have wanted to try accutane for awhile now so im telling myself i can do this!

Any advice? 🙂