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Showering frequency


Posted : 06/18/2022 3:22 pm

crucial question for me. How does your bacne correlate with showering frequency? Was that ok to take a shower once-twice a week? Did someone try no shower?


Posted : 06/30/2022 4:43 pm

I tried over 50 different treatments (ranging from prescription, nonprescription, diet, lifestyle changes) including noshower and 3+ showers per day. the pros of no shower is after about 3 weeks your sebum levels will decrease and acne naturally will decrease. it did not get rid of the underlying problem for me which is widespread cutaneous fungal infection. finaly what got my acne controlled is a regimen of topical application alternating with vinegar, anti dandruff shampoo. i would also recommend bleach baths as i had a lot of improvement with them. see my thread in this forum for more info. and i dont have to mention the cons of no shower is you will smell horrible for 3 weeks and have greasy hair/skin until sebum levels normalize. my belief now is neither extreme is good, avoid noshower and avoid drying out your skin with frequent use of cleansers (especially modern surfactants containing artificial ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate). intertriginous regions, axilla, groin, and gluteal crease/perineum all should be washed with soap (ideally a "organic" soap consisting solely of fat and a base such as lye, these can be found at most grocery stores) daily or every other day as this follows common sense, modern sensibilities of hygiene, and wisdom regarding human bathing practices spanning generations