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Any buyers from Ireland on here with customs problems?


Posted : 07/03/2024 10:44 am

Hello. I've been using the regimen about 10 to 15 years and my last 2 kits haven't got through customs in Ireland. After the first time I messaged support for help and I told them that the customs label had the wrong items value. Customs are obviously opening items now and checking the actual value. I know Dan is trying to help with the import costs but I cant get my products anymore. I told to put the real value of the items on the label when I ordered but it didn't happen.. So Dan or admins if you're reading this and you have customers from Ireland whenever they order can you please put the real value on the label. Customs obviously caught on that the whole kit isn't with 15 20 dollars. I don't mind paying the full import tax amount my side. Thanks

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Posted : 07/09/2024 12:56 pm

Hi. I haven't heard about this before. I'll pass this along to my fulfillment guys, but it's all automated and I highly doubt they can do this for just one country. But I will ring the bells.


Posted : 07/16/2024 6:37 am

Hi Dan/Admins. Same here. I'm also customer from Ireland ordering from you for last 13 years. Last 2 kits haven't got through customs in Ireland. Customs said declared value of item '3.5 INCH SQUARE UPDATE CARD' is an invalid number. They sent me a screenshot it's stated "USD .01" on the form. Decimal numbers like this won't work when customs put it trough their system. This is most likely just some marketing material which I don't really need.

To fix this issue is just matter of updating one number of Declared Value to whole number [e.g. USD 1] on electronic declaration and forwarding this to our customs. I sent 3 emails to your customer support what can be done about it. Haven't heard back for week.

I don't mind paying the full import tax amount my side. Thank you.