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Face dysmorphia, can you guys tell me what's wrong with my face


Posted : 11/20/2022 6:47 pm



I've been having a hard time, lingering a bit in depression this is why I'm making this post, I'm in my twenties and after the summer holiday which I spent in Spain someone I met told me "hey your skin looks not so good, like the skin of a smoker" and after he told me that I started to get more self conscious about my skin, now it is becoming an obsession. In that summer vacation in Spain I think I received some sun damage... I don't know what to think of myself anymore if I'm ugly or not. In the first 4 pics I show you pics where I think I look relatively good, depending on the lighting, my skin changes a lot. In this lighting you don't see much flaws on my skin, in the last 3 picture you see my face with direct lightning on my face. You can see a huge difference and this makes me so depressed... Also these pictures are taken with a new phone and I find this camera also really enhances all my mistakes so much more. This is also why I never noticed it before as well.

I've already done 2 pico laser therapies for acne scars and  resurfacing. Can you guys give me your honest opinions on what I should do. I feel like sometimes I look good sometimes I look like shit. I was so triggered last night because I was having a great time with my friends at z club then I go into the bathroom and look into these mirrors with fluescent lights, I looked so horrible I just wanted to go home straight after, I feel so sad. I can't focus on important things anymore, Should I do treatments which do you recommend?









Posted : 05/16/2023 7:45 am

Hey man the pictures are not present, can you post them individually maybe?