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Tea Tree Oil
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Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is defined by international standard ISO 4730 (2004) ("Oil of Melaleuca, Terpinen-4-ol type"), which specifies levels of 15 components, which are needed to define the oil as "tea tree oil."

Among over 98 compounds contained in the oil, terpinen-4-ol is responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity.

The list of ingredients above is provided for informational purposes only. Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information due to product changes or upgrades that may not yet be reflected on our web site.

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil Really Rocks
Reviewed on January 19, 2017

I really love tea tree Oil as they are so natural and don't have any complications. Organic Tea tree oils works both as beauty regimen and as a healing or say powerful gem that must be kept in every home. I would say that I am not really the type of guy who has been into acne or any other fungal infections but I would always keep one at home. My perfect buddy for face problems is always Keeva Tea Tree Oil because it never fail to amaze me but of course Organic Tea tree Oil is always there for me as well for some other skin issues that I may and my family may have. I would say, it is always worth keeping.

Classic spot treatment
Reviewed on January 16, 2017

I imagine this as spot treatment for acne back in the Stone Age. It's antiseptic,anti fungal and anti inflammation, but you probably already know that if you've done your research. I get cystic acne on my jaw and chin area. Those bumps don't heal quick. I can catch it early and put ice and bp on it but it's not gonna do anything. Teat tree oil however , reduces the swelling and redness in hours. The smell is strong but I get used to it. I don't dilute it with anything because my skin is tough. Try it diluted at first if you don't feel anything , use it straight up. Everyone's skin is so different. I have tough skin but my skin can't take clarisonic. Go figure. Good luck !

Little Magic Potion
Reviewed on January 5, 2017

I have had mild acne since I was 12. Recently, at 17 years old, I noticed a hard lump under my skin near my upper lip, which I later found out was a sebaceous cyst. I had had this cyst for approximately six months when I came across tea tree oil. I applied the oil each night for about two weeks without diluting it, and eventually the cyst formed a pore. I was able to pop the cyst and it has never come back since! Before using TTO I was contemplating having the unsightly cyst surgically removed which had the potential to cause a scar. With TTO, no scar formed and my skin went back to normal. TTO caused a little dryness but the end result was worth it.

I want it to work but It doesn't 🙁
Reviewed on December 30, 2016

I have moderat to severe acne and I have tried tea tree many many times. I have tried daluted and 100%, toner and sport treatment, on and on. It just did NOTHING for me

Tea tree and honey
Reviewed on December 12, 2016

The first time I tried tea tree oil, I used it undiluted (quite a lot of it) on my chin - this is where most my acne is, whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne and small bumps. It burnt like hell but I just assumed it was working. I left it on over night and the next morning I was horrified to see my chin looked like something out of a horror movie; the cystic acne was inflamed, the small bumps had turned into nasty boils and one spot was even weeping and bleeding.

I hadn't touched tea tree oil again until a few nights ago. My Christmas party is in a few days, and my acne had invited itself, just in time. As a last resort, I decided to give tto another go, determined to get it right. I diluted two drops of pure tto with organic raw honey. After cleansing with my usual cleanser, I toned my face with witch hazel and applied my honey tto mixture directly and carefully onto the inflamed spots, and on one very angry acne scab. The next morning I could not believe it - my spots had DRAMATICALLY reduced in size and redness. The scab had tightened and was smaller.

Honey is moisturising but also an antiseptic and anti inflammatory. The moisture from the honey must have counteracted the harsh drying affect of the tea tree oil, making it a winning combination. Try it!!! Good luck :)

by Lparrty3 on 12/12/2016 18:46
2 drops of tea tree oil : 2 teaspoons of honey
Causes acne. Something this harsh should not be on your skin.
Reviewed on November 22, 2016

Used it for a giant cyst persistent on my right cheek 2 years ago and remember it did not help at all and infact caused cystic acne all over my face (blackheads whiteheads nodules etc) which i still have to deal with till this day. So a month ago i bought tea tree oil forgetting what it did to me (dried my skin ,scarred my face,caused acne) for my itchy dry scalp. I used it on my scalp go to sleep next day i wake up....'hello darkness my old friend ive come to talk with you again'. I wake up and see the giant red nodule that haunted me for ages on my cheek appear again that after a month and a half goes down (with excessive icing and drawing salve) but the redness is still there as well as it causing me to break out all over my face and even though the spots have been drained the marks are still there.

Also i forgot to mention i have eczema too and sensitive skin.

by IcanHelpyou1122 on 01/12/2017 17:43
I think you need to read other people's experiences with tea tree oil. Many people using this oil experience burning and it is harsh, so you need to dilute it with either other oils, water, or even raw honey. I'm afraid that tea tree oil is still the best thing in the world, and your 1 star rating is just the reflection of your bad experience. I would say try again, but with dilution.
Did not work for me.
Reviewed on November 17, 2016

After all the things I had heard about Tea Tree oil, I thought it would finally help with my acne. However, it reacted badly with my skin and gave me hives.

TTO doesn't agree with my skin
Reviewed on October 16, 2016

I have mixed feelings about TTO. I am use 100% tea tree oil, undiluted. For me it seems to work best on either cysts very early on in their life cycle, or after they have popped. It seems that it might clear out the problem cyst but more little cysts pop up wherever I put it. I don't think it agrees with my skin or I may be allergic to it, which is a shame because I like natural treatments!

Get rid of those stubborn pimples!
Reviewed on October 30, 2016

Whenever I had a stubborn pimple, I just ice it down and then use a qtip and place tea tree oil on the pimple bout 3 times a day. It's completely gone in like 2 days. Works every time.

My new substitute for Benzoyl Peroxide
Reviewed on October 16, 2016

Works great as a spot treatment. I leave it on overnight on inflamed spots and by the next morning, I can bet that the pimple will be much smaller and not noticeable. On acne prone or inflamed areas such as my jawline, I would dilute tea tree oil with water and dab it lightly on the area. I no longer purchase BP as the effects of tea tree oil are exactly the same, and feels less harsh and drying on my skin than BP.