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Uva Ursi
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Uva Ursi


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Uva Ursi

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Uva Ursi

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Uva ursi and liquorice powder recipie ONE STAR ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE jUST STARTED USING IT
Reviewed on March 10, 2014


Urva usi is a natural treatment for scars, long term use can cause the opposite effect in scars causing them to darken, the higher the dose of uva usi the higher the concentration of hydroquinone. Hyqroquinone can cause cancer but urva usi is a natural form of bet arbutin- at low levels for short periods its fine.

Buy some urvaursi capsules (holland and barett)- one capsule is 500mg. You need a 2% concentration of urva usi to liquorice root.. 2.2g the equivalent of 4 and a bit capusles is sufficent- do not exceed. I then added this to some boiled liquorice root I used 8g of liquorice root - they sell 4 sticks of the stuff in holland and barett for £2.50 you just shave the brown skin off with a peeler and break it into a 8g piece. Liquorice root is SAFE long term and is more effective than things like lemon juice

Overall cost urva usi capsules £10 ish and then like £2.5O for the liquorice root. The liquorice root will last you a while. Put please dont use urva usi for more than 2 months and stop if your hypermigmentation is gone.

HOWEVER - alpha arbutin is seen as more effective this comes from the white mulberry - what sucks is that i didnt do enough research before and have no money so if you want better results try white mulberry capsules stir in with liquorice root water. PLEASE do research on white mulberry - but i thinks it the same as beta arbutin when it comes to long term use

I have only started using this stuff.

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Maxine, Bellevue,WA
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Reviewed on March 16, 2011

It really works! After researching for an effective fade spot remover I began to notice that the main active ingredients in most of them was licorice extract or hydroquinone. I'm a student and don't have a lot of money to spend on trying different products and so I always try to find the most affordable product. I found that Uva Ursi contained hydroquinone by accident. I wasn’t really looking for it but when I was researching licorice extract I kind of just stumbled on an Uva Ursi extract information fact sheet and found that it contained hydroquinone. A light bulb in my head went off and I thought I could experiment and use both licorice extract and uva ursi extract and see what happens.

Well, bottom line is IT DOES WORK! I saw fading and shrinking after two days of using this! Results are not dramatic the first week, but are noticeable. I've been using this for about three weeks now and it seems the longer and more consistent you use it the more dramatic the results. I'm olive skinned and develop very noticeable acne post pigmentation right away. It's very easy for me to tell when a product is/isn't working on my spots.

I use this in combination with Licorice extract, which as previously mentioned, is another skin lightning ingredient in fade spot removing lotions. I use a 1 to 1 ratio. In an empty essential oil bottle, I fill it half with licorice extract and half with uva ursi. I don't apply it with a cotton ball (although you could). I just pour a few drops on my hand or face and smooth and massage all over, especially on the spots. I use it for both my morning and night time routine and put it on after exfoliating or using a salicylic acid cleaning pad like Oxy, Stridex, or Clearasil (helps extracts absorb into skin).

TRY IT! It's worth a shot. I'm glad I did.

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