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Found 21 results

  1. I have come back after a long time and I wanted to share my recovery with you. You only have to take the initiative to get make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, whether you want to do it that's up to you. Basically my skin has been completely spot free since a year now. Acne.org has helped me much. I have seen so many doctors unwilling to address the source of the problem and only treating symptoms. I am not sure whether they lack medical education or they are playing dumb to help t
  2. Hi, although i'm new to the forum i've been following for over a year and i've finally decided to post. My acne is mild most of the time though sometimes it can become pretty moderate for a period. I've managed to clear it before using a light cleanser and jojoba oil in the evening only but i'm always looking to simplify my regimen so i dont have to go to bed with oil all over my face and keep such a strict skincare regimen. My skin used to be really oily and i never used a moisturiser after
  3. El4cure

    Week One

    Alright so I skipped a few days because of college midterms, but my skin has improved soooooo much. I have been using garlic and my MB drying lotion for active breakouts. I have about 3 active pimples but they're going away day by day and hopefully won't be accompanied by more. I broke out most where my skin was overly dry and peeling. My 2 stress pimples I got, that I popped have gone flat completely and the one on my cheek has maybe one day left to completely heal. I went to the beach a couple
  4. El4cure

    Day One: Realization

    Day One: Realization Hello and welcome to my blog, I hope you can enjoy these posts and I bring a sense of happiness to your day!:) Firstly I am 18, a recent high school graduate and about to finish my 2-year degree in business. I obviously have experiences with stress - and that's what this first post is going to be all about. Exactly a week ago I went clubbing with my friend for her birthday and some lovely (sarcasm) human being slid my phone out of my pocket and basically stole it. Right t
  5. TheeGrace

    Day 1 Curology

    So no matter how much I want things to clear my skin, that I used to be able to use on my skin, they don't work. I prayed and just sucked up my fear of dermatologists. I got an online dermatologist on curology because it's a lot less hassle! I didn't want to have to call my doc to get a referral for dermatology, call the dermatologist, go see the derm, and then go get a prescription. I have insurance but it still costs money and driving. I also don't like taking on the phone for some reason.
  6. Hey, I always read lots of reviews on here before trying products so I wanted to let you guys know what seems to be working for me!My morning and night routine are the same:NO MAKE-UP WIPES OR MAKE-UP REMOVERWash face in a soft circular motion with 'Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel' until all make-up is gone.Gently pat dry.Wipe face gently with a 'Nip+Fab glycolic fix daily cleansing pad.'Wait for 5 minutes.Apply a thin layer of 'Acnecide 5% benzoyl peroxide gel.'Wait for 15 minute
  7. Hi everyone, I had acne for 6 years and while my skin isn't perfect, it's amazing compared to what it used to be. I credit taking 5000iu of vitamin d3 for preventing any severe breakouts but for the occasional spots I still sometimes get and the acne scars im still battling with, I've found this skincare routine brilliant for maintaining clear skin : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7wAYmb_-Ik I would definitely recommend trying natural products for your skin. Personally, honey cleansing
  8. Hi guys, it's been a while, but I wanted to share my experience using Simple's Micellar Water to "wash" my face and my mostly-complete departure from acne products and traditional face washing using tap water. Basically, micellar water was developed in Paris because the harsh tap water in Paris was affecting people's skin, and we all know how serious the French are about skincare. It's been around for years and years. http://www.simpleskincare.com/our-products/product/micellar-cleansing-water.
  9. Hi guys, I used to post often here and since my acne got under control, I unfortunately deserted the site. I thought I'd share what's been working for me honestly. I am free from active acne, this is due to Accutane taken in 2009 (4 years ago) which has kept me clear to some extent. I use: Eucerin dermopurifyer cleanser (all UK acne.org members please look into this- it is absolutely fantastic)- PM me if you want more details Simple hydrating moisturiser Garnier ambre solaire sheer contro
  10. Is Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser non comedogenic? this pdf sais all kind to skin products are: http://www.simpleskincare.com/Uploads/FactSheets/18/FactSheetDocument_FILE/SIMPLE-MOISTURIZERS-FACT-SHEET-20120127.pdf Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Stearyl Alcohol, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Stearic Acid, Panthenol, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Methylparaben, 4-Methylb
  11. So after years of trying numerous prescription and non prescription drugs and washes, including roaccutane, I'm 22 and still have moderate acne... I've officially given up! From now on I am going to simply wash my face with water twice a day, gently exfoliate with a clean face cloth twice a week, moisturise only when I need to and generally eat healthier. I am taking anti biotic prescribed by the doctor to clear excisting spots and will continue to take this. Why? Well after roaccutane my face
  12. I finally got Roaccutane! Some background information & how I obtained Roaccutane through the NHS (I'll try and keep it short!)... Had mild - moderate acne for about 8 years. I'm 18. Initially used the acne.org regimen which in truth completely cleared me up until I began experimenting with other topical treatments which failed. When I first went to see my GP I wasn't completely clued up on Roaccutane, but I thought I would ask for it anyway. She would not refer me full stop and
  13. felt like it was in the wrong section. decided to delete the info...
  14. I've used this product for several months now and feel it has cared well for my skin. The witch hazel has helped major breakouts at bay and the exfoliating properties help refresh skin. Pros: Leaves skin feeling clean, toned, refreshed. Helped prevent major breakouts. Kind to skin. Cons: Can be quite pricey, may only show improvement on mild acne. Recommend? Yes. This product has really helped care for my skin these past couple of months.
  15. Dear all, I am not much on the forum anymore these days, but I thought I should share the positive experiences I have had with a treatment. I was absolutely desperate because my acne was a side effect of medication that I could not do without. The only thing that kept me kind of clear was 2.5% BP panoxyl which was discontinued at the time (the 10% didn't do the job as well and irritated my skin) on top of that I became allergic to BP... My acne was severe enough to get accutane but I couldn'
  16. I've now completed my 6 month course, but will carry on updating as a Post-Accutane log, about how quickly my side-effects wear off, if I stay clear etc Day 1, Week 1 Popped my first pills, 30mg, this morning with Breakfast. Ahh Yeah
  17. Hello friends! Alright soooo I have oily skin up the wazoo. I can take two oil blotting sheets (the Clean n Clear kind) and fill them completely with my oil. So this regimen I have recently discovered is only fool proof if you have EXTREMELY oily skin. I have also tried the entire spectrum of skin products and brands. From Neutrogena to Cetaphil to Clean 'n Clear to Clearisil to Murad to Clinique. You name it and I've tried it. Nonetheless I STILL battle with awful hormonal acne and day to day b
  18. Guest

    My Log For Better Skin.

    How do I delete this post?
  19. Okay, so I cracked last night and used some moisturiser. I couldn't help it, my skin was so dry and felt really itchy! Apparently it was also quite red. I used the Simple hydrating light moisturiser, and I was utterly paranoid that I'd either wake up with ridiculously oily face, or tons more spots. But I didn't! In fact, I think it has helped a lot. My skin doesn't feel as rough or bumpy, lots of the spots which had reached the dry crispy stage have either gone or shrunk, and I'm not itchy anymo
  20. I was the kind of person that thought my skin could handle anything! Any scrub, and treatment, all of it! I was beyond wrong!!!! My skin had become irritated and so sensitive! My skins natural barrier was so damaged. I tried: Tea tree oil Lemon juice Honey Toothpaste Salicylic acid Benzol peroxide Retina-A ( it's a retinoid) Clean and clear And the list goes on......... I had basically damaged my skin and would literally cry because it was just hurting my confidence so bad. My
  21. Hey everyone Ok so I've been struggling with acne for a few years now but it's gotten to its lowest point. I am so afraid that it will get worse! I did the idiotic thing of combining lots of undiluted tea tree oil with EXTREMELY old aloe vera gel and basically got a horrible rash. My skin was raw but it healed fast with some NEW aloe vera gel. I still wanted to clear up my skin because I had had quite enough! Another wise choice coming up........I decided to slab on so many creams and chemic