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Found 26 results

  1. RanOffOnDaPlug3wice

    Sex and Acne

    I previously posted about my acne including pictures but now I'm wondering . im becoming increasingly depressed because of my face. Somebody told me it could be because I stopped incorporating sexual activity in my lifestyle. Could this be true? I'm 18 and is been about a year. I useto have sex a lot mayber everyday if not everyday but after I got out of my last relationship I ceased all activities. Maybe my body is used to being at a certain level , hormone wise or does sex regulate hormones or what? Is this a myth or?
  2. Hello my friends I hope you can help me I got this huge acne on my ass and is bleeding like no stop , it's coming too much blood , I have this huge pimple almost a 5 months ago she come Beck and go , every time she come.beck.plesse help me i don't know what to do here is a photo of that pimple .
  3. awakeodin

    Masturbation; Care To Join Me?

    This is definitely a hard one... I had not masturbated until I was 20 - as I never was able to get off on it, though I still suffered from acne prior to the experience. I believe it was due to harsh cleansers and the likes, but I have stopped that. I now wash with absolutely nothing, and it's been three months (I plan to go at least a year). I would like to stop masturbation for a while, and see how it plays out - though I have tried to go about it every week for the past three months, while always finding an excuse to pull it "just once more". Even writing this is turning me on I'm not sure if it'd even be worth it, to give up this activity, however it's a little lame that I'm unable to control the urge for but a mere month just to see what I'm capable of. The longest I've gone would be a week (after my 20 year abstinence prior to this year). If no positive results are seen in weeks, I doubt it'd be worth it to keep up. All occurrences are eventually blamed on wanking off. Though it arguably puts quite a stress on your adrenal glands, and energy over all. On the other hand, I feel absolutely disgusted with myself immediately after the act (even though, yes, I understand it's a completely natural function) - covered in my own slime, my hand lubed up in oil, I've accomplished absolutely nothing. This platypus will be pounded no longer, unless by the hands of another being. I'm down for day one; you're welcome to join me.
  4. So after having sex with my girlfriend more times than I should on accutane, my penis became irritated. I have some red irritation spots on the head of my penis and foreskin. This isn't an STD or balanitis. It's really irriation and seems to be slowly healing but I want to help it with an ointment. What product should I use on it that will help it to heal faster? Thank you.
  5. Hello... This is a question for the ladies who have used Accutane. I am starting the medication in a couple of days, and I'm getting married by the end of the month. I am also a virgin. I know that Accutane causes excessive dryness, but is the vaginal dryness so bad that it might cause tearing? Would using lube solve the problem? I'm really worried about this
  6. So I've been on Accutane for almost 6 months now and on birth control for almost 7 months. I have always used condoms when having sex but was wondering if it is okay to have sex without condoms considering that i take birth control, but use Accutane?!
  7. Hey, I've noticed that after starting accutane, my pleasure during sex has pretty much gone. Like i cant feel anything good at all. I watched a docmentary on BBC 3 the other day called "Dying for Clear Skin" and there was a guy on it who was on accutane and completely lost his ability to get erections and enjoy sex permanently. I just wanted to know if it's possible for this to happen to girls and if anyone has experienced this too? Thank you! Sarah
  8. I've told my story numerous times in other topics, so I am going to keep this short. Bottom line is, I am a 20 years old guy with very persistent acne. At some point, it was terrible enough for me to take Accutane, which worked very nice during the time I took it. Acne came back shortly after finishing a long, low dose course. Now it is annoying enough to ruin some of my days but not as bad as before. Accutane was the only thing that ever worked for me, and here are some facts that I've noticed over the last couple of years: I first got oily skin and then (mild) acne when I was around 14. Since then it kept getting worse Acne has always been accompanied by an extremely oily skin. Even during Accutane, my face would get oily after around 8 hours, especially around my nose, which had constant blackheads. Shortly after finishing the Accutane course, the oily skin returned. Not as horrifying as before, but pretty bad My body was always hairy, even as a teen (15 years old), when none of my friends and acquaintances had such developed hair on their legs and hands. Basically, if I don't trim it from time to time, you can barely make out the color of my skin. I sweat enough for it to be an annoyance Very high libido and I get turned on extremely easy Trouble sleeping: it takes a long time to fall asleep even when I am tired and "sleepy". After I do fall asleep, I sleep for very long and still wake up tired Never noticed a link between diet (not "healthy", but I do not eat junk/fast food and I try to keep an acceptable diet) and acne, especially infamous aliments like dairy, sweets, soda, processed food, etc. Accutane was the only treatment that worked for me (in this category I include topicals and oral treatments as well) These facts made me think that maybe my acne is related to hormones, and especially testosterone. Does this theory make any sense to you, and if yes, is there anything that I can do in order to solve this?
  9. Hey! I am 18 years old, and I have been on accutane since June-ish. I committed to abstinence when I first started, so I am not on birth control or anything. I was wondering if I can have sex with a condom while on accutane. Abstinence is making me crazy, so I was just curious if anyone else had this problem. Thank you!
  10. Ashok T Jaisinghani


    ★★REAL Causes of ACIDOSIS & HEARTBURN★★ Hyperacidity, also called acidosis, is known as the main cause of HEARTBURN, which is a BURNING SENSATION in the esophagus. Esophagus is the foodpipe that connects the throat with the stomach. Oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, chillies, peppers, mustard, other spices, wine, beer, other alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, carbonated beverages and many other foods and drinks have been blamed by doctors, medical scientists and nutritionists for causing acidosis and heartburn in millions of people who consume such foods and drinks. To cure acidosis, many doctors and naturopaths prescribe the consumption of acidic drinks made from juices of sour lemons, oranges and other fruits containing citric acid! How does sour lemon juice control hyperacidity and cure acidosis? Why are foods containing citric acid used for controlling heartburn caused by hyperacidity? It seems so CRAZY and PARADOXICAL to use acids for reducing hyperacidity!! Can acidic foods cause both hyperacidity as well as cure hyperacidity? It is generally believed that the higher intake of acids increases the acidity, and the higher intakes of basic minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium decrease the acidity, or increase the alkalinity in the body, including the gastrointestinal tract. Biochemically, sodium, potassium and magnesium salts CANNOT ALWAYS help in curing heartburn due to ACIDOSIS, as they can cause an ACID REBOUND. Biochemically speaking, among the four main basic minerals, it is only CALCIUM which always works as a real ANTACID. Believe it or not, the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice does NOT cause HEARTBURN, as it is very dilute and can do no harm by itself. ★Garlic & Raw Onions cause Heartburn★ ACIDOSIS, belching and HEARTBURN can be caused in many people who eat garlic, raw onions and leeks. Besides affecting the esophagus, the consumption of these foods can also produce a burning sensation in many other parts of the body, especially in the hands and feet, even at night, which causes sleeplessness. The vomiting of acidic fluid provides relief from heartburn. Drinking more water also helps to dilute the acidic fluid and to reduce acidosis. Consumption of large amounts of garlic, raw onions and leeks should be avoided because they cause massive splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can result in the production of large amounts of organic acids. Besides the use of garlic, onions and leeks, hyperacidity can also be triggered by the consumption of various dietary factors like B-complex pills, Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin D supplements, iodized salt, etc. Contamination of foods with traces of petroleum products like HEXANE, which is used for extracting oils from oilseeds, can also cause acidosis. ★★ The Paradox of Acidosis★★ To know the real causes of hyperacidity, heartburn and other related problems, we should try to understand the PARADOX of ACIDOSIS. It is necessary to understand the reasons why the combinations of certain dietary factors cause acidosis. We should also know how the combinations of certain other dietary factors prevent acidosis. The Law on the Paradox of Acidosis was originally published by me in 1981 in my book, THE NEW WONDER CURES. My book has been digitized and stored in digital form by some universities of USA, as it is very useful for ADVANCED RESEARCH in the SCIENCE of NUTRITION. ★The Law on the Paradox of Acidosis★ According to this law, normally the higher intake of acids increases the acidity, and the higher intake of basic minerals (magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium) decreases the acidity (or increases the alkalinity) in the body. But in the conditions of polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a type of diabetes mellitus, the higher intake of acids helps in reducing acidosis! and the higher intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals (magnesium, sodium and potassium) increases acidosis! The higher the intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals in the conditions of polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a type of diabetes mellitus (IDD), the greater is the effectiveness of RBCs, thyroxine, and some other (laxative) biochemicals in the body, in splitting greater amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to the production of massive amounts of ORGANIC ACIDS and in causing acidosis. So, the acidosis associated with polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and diabetes should not be treated with the larger intake of the 3 basic laxative minerals - magnesium, sodium and potassium. The greater intake of these basic minerals will make the acidosis worse. In the sphere of biochemistry of the human body, only CALCIUM seems to be the basic mineral which may check acidosis to some extent under all conditions. The acidosis can be cured by reducing the RBC count, by reducing iodine intake for lowering the thyroxine level, and by taking various other measures. Besides potassium, sodium and magnesium, the higher intakes of the other LAXATIVE factors like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, thiamine (Vitamin B1), iodine, chromium, manganese, zinc, phosphate, etc, can also cause MASSIVE splitting of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to the production of large amounts of organic acids. The consumption of all these above-mentioned catabolic LAXATIVE factors should be reduced if the massive breakup of proteins, fats and carbohydrates has to be stopped, and thus prevent the excessive production of ORGANIC ACIDS that can cause acidosis, heartburn and other related problems. ★★Use of Acids to Control Acidosis★★ The greater intake of some suitable acids is very important in reducing the effectiveness, and even the levels, of RBCs, thyroxine, and some other laxative biochemicals, the excesses of which cause acidosis in the body. The greater intake of some suitable acids can thus help in controlling and curing the acidosis and heartburn associated with polycythemia, hyperthyroidism, gout and a form of diabetes mellitus. It must be noted that the term "acids", as mentioned by me, does not include Vitamin C, and the acidic derivatives of some other vitamins. The term stands for the ordinary dietary acids, other than those that are vitamin derivatives. I must, however, mention that the larger intakes of the other constipating synergists of acids like Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, fluoride, chloride, nitrate, copper, etc, are also needed in controlling and curing acidosis and heartburn. The anabolic CONSTIPATING factors give stability to the proteins, fats and carbohydrates by preventing their excessive breakup into organic acids, and thus help to prevent hyperacidity and heartburn. The constipating factors help in the production of mucus, and also give stability to the mucus, which helps in protecting the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract from the attack of acids. ★Acidosis caused by B-complex Factors★ Matching quantity of the antioxidant Vitamin E is needed for counterbalancing the effects of the oxidizing B-complex factors, especially Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, which can cause acidosis and heartburn. The B-complex pills, containing Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, can often cause extreme hyperacidity and heartburn in many people who also consume garlic, raw onions, leeks, acidic foods and drinks, iodized salt, and high dosage Vitamin C pills, as these substances are incompatible with the B-complex. Yeast and yeast-containing products like baked bread, beer, wine and some other alcoholic drinks, which are rich in B-complex factors, can also cause hyperacidity. So the consumption of such foods and drinks should be reduced by those who suffer from acidosis, heartburn and other related problems. ★Effect of Abstinence from Sex on Men★ Young men who are bachelors, brahmacharis or unmarried priests, and widowers, can suffer from acidosis, heartburn and other related problems like gout and even diabetes, if there is retention of semen in their bodies for long periods due to the practice of abstinence from sex. Expulsion of semen from the bodies of men reduces acidosis and gives them relief from heartburn. ★Effect of traces of Petroleum in Food★ Low-level regular poisoning with even small amounts of HEXANE, and other petroleum products, can cause the breakup of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can result in the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, dehydration, massive production of gases, including foul-smelling gases, leading to constant belching and farting, ACIDOSIS, HEARTBURN, ulcers with chronic pain, piles, bleeding tendency, headaches, sleeplessness, depression and many other symptoms and conditions in the affected person's body. NOTE: This article should NOT be considered as the full explanation about the Paradox of Acidosis and related problems, as the subject is very vast and needs more research. Some information about my theory on the Paradox of Acidosis has been kept SECRET by me. I have NOT given some theoretical details about the cures for acidosis because they are complicated. Such details can create confusion in the minds of readers, as it is difficult to understand everything about the Paradox of Acidosis.
  11. jokerj

    A Little Question

    how do you use the regimen (especially body regimen users) when you spend the night elsewhere? for the younger folk here, this probably means sleeping at friends' houses, but i've recently been seeing a guy and spending quite a bit of time at his place. i don't want to be covered in bp and unable to touch anything while i'm over there, but i don't want to break out! any suggestions? thanks!
  12. Ashok T Jaisinghani

    Simple Dietary Cures for Pimples

    ●●●Simple Dietary Cures for Pimples & Boils●●● The excessive consumption of Vitamin B12, which is found in non-vegetarian foods, is one of the most important causes of pimples, acne, boils and other skin eruptions. Specifically, the excess of COBALT, which is a constituent of Vitamin B12, is the REAL CAUSE of the problem. ★★★According to the ORIGINAL RESEARCH done by me about 40 years back, the excessive consumption of COBALT-rich foods, drinks and dietary supplements can cause pimples, acne, boils and rashes in susceptible persons of any age group, which includes even OLD PERSONS!! The consumption of even small amounts of a COBALT salt like COBALT SULFATE can cause massive eruptions all over the skin of the face and the body of a susceptible person.★★★ The non-vegetarian foods may be eaten in moderation by those who are prone to pimples and boils. Eating 2 eggs per day can give me pimples, even though I am over 73 years old. The persons susceptible to pimples should eat only about 100 grams of meat, chicken or fish on 2 days in a week. If they eat more meat, chicken, fish, lobsters and other non-vegetarian foods, they should first boil them in a large amount of water, and throw away the water to reduce the Vitamin B12 content of such foods, before they cook them further. Even the vegetarian foods like chocolate (cocoa), some beers, some spices and condiments, dry fruits and nuts, which contain large amounts of COBALT, can cause pimples and other skin eruptions. The consumption of foods, drinks, and other edible preparations containing COBALT and Vitamin B12 must be restricted by all patients who have pimples, acne, boils, measles, chicken pox or rashes of any type, which produce pus in the skin, or even in other parts deep in the body. Besides the non-vegetarian foods like meat, fish, chicken and eggs, even the consumption of Vitamin B12-containing milk, butter, cheese, ice-cream and other milk products should be drastically restricted, or even avoided for some time, by the persons suffering from the skin eruptions. They can obtain CALCIUM from green leafy vegetables and from CALCIUM pills, instead of getting the mineral from milk and milk products. The patients who are prone to pimples and boils should NOT eat bread, cereals and other foods that are FORTIFIED with Vitamin B12. Such persons must also avoid the pills that contain Vitamin B12. If they require the B-complex pills, they should take the pills that do NOT contain Vitamin B12. As Vitamin E is an antagonist of Vitamin B12, it can help in reducing the pimples, acne, boils and rashes caused by the consumption of excess COBALT. The mineral SELENIUM, which produces a sparing effect on the need for Vitamin E, may also be very helpful in controlling these skin eruptions. The foods rich in Vitamin E and SELENIUM, like whole-grain cereals, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, help in preventing pimples and boils. Vitamin E can even be taken in the form of pills, but the daily dose should be restricted to about 10 to 20 milligrams if the treatment is for a long period. ★★★Persons susceptible to pimples and boils should not have dental fillings, caps or bridges containing any traces of COBALT. Their teeth should be free of COBALT, as otherwise such persons can continuously suffer from the rashes of pimples, acne, boils and other skin eruptions, which can lead to horrible scars on their faces and other parts of their bodies.★★★ Among the other dietary factors that can trigger the eruption of pimples and boils is IODIZED salt, which should be restricted or replaced by non-iodized salt. Pickles, chutneys and other foods, which contain MUSTARD seeds, powder and oil, should also be avoided, as they are known to cause pimples in many people. Mustard oil should NOT be applied to the faces and hair, or used for massaging the bodies, by such persons. Other foods, which should be avoided by the persons susceptible to pimples and boils, include some mixtures of spices like GARAM MASALA, GROUNDNUTS (peanuts) and their oil. The consumption of protein and fat-rich dry fruits and nuts should be restricted, as they are also rich sources of COBALT. The excessive consumption of proteins and fats of even vegetarian origin can do great harm. ★★Lack of sex and the retention of semen for long periods in their bodies by young men can cause or increase pimples and boils in many of them. The regular ejaculation of semen prevents the formation of pus in the bodies of men, and thus stops the eruption of pimples and boils. The consumption of aphrodisiacal drugs for sexual stimulation can increase the formation of semen, which can trigger the eruption of pimples and boils in the persons who are prone to the disease. So, if they want to avoid getting pimples and boils, they should NOT use sexual stimulants.★★ ★★★Lactating mothers should NOT avoid breastfeeding their babies, as the retention of milk in their breasts can give them pimples!★★★
  13. Hello my name is bryan I am a boy from Colombia who for 6 or 7 months padesco acne, at first it was mild but after using Oxy10 without knowing it use it or anything this I irritated the skin too and began to get acne all over the face, in Parts of the face where I never had, today January 2017 I have a moderate acne after using Nixoderm and wash with an oxy soap that did not help me at all, well I really do not know why I started to get acne, since my Skin in the middle of last year was perfect I had not a single shin, not one, on June last year my face burst from moment to moment and from that day not to stop popping, after saying all this I want Do an experiment, believe me a routine that I think will serve me which consists of the following: -Morning wash my face with Afresyn Soap Lactic acid, a special dermatological soap for problem skin. - Do not masturbate or have sex, recently I ended up with my girlfriend and on that side I do not think I'm going to affect because they will be only 40 days, I know that for some it will be a lot but I think I can do it, I also want to know if this Habit has some effect on acne in certain people like me. "Do not touch my face, or blow out any pimples on my face." - At night wash my face with the same soap that says up there - After washing my face apply Benzac AC 2.5%, it is basically 2.5% benzoyl peroxide with moisturizers inside its formula that does not so dry the skin. In the whole face. - Sleep at least 8 hours. - Do the whole routine with the maximum smoothness on the face possible. Observations -I will completely eliminate the milk from my diet. -I will completely eliminate the sugars from my diet. -I will completely eliminate red meat from my diet. -I eat lots of vegetables and fruits a day. -Be drinks 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. - I will take a pill of Calcium, magnesium and zinc daily (It is possible to recharge that at the beginning of last year I suffered an accident in which I fracture the tibia and I depressed a lot, after going through a operation a little hard since the tibia already I had fractured it 2 years ago, a week ago I went back to the doctor who told me that I had to go back to surgery because the nails I had put on the body were not tolerating very well and the bone had not United well, in order for this I have to take calcium) Well, I think it's been everything, this is going to be my experiment that lasted 40 days as I said before, although it can be extended longer, Well I will fulfill everything I said above to the letter, especially the sex And masturbation, I just want to share my experience with all of you to see what they think, The experiment will start tomorrow and write updates every week to see how I'm thinking, Sorry if I'm wrong in English but I'm using google translator hahahaha Ya That I speak Spanish and I do not understand much of English, well saying all this is nothing left to add, Let's see if this works for me what I'm going to do, I hope if it works for me And then with nothing else to add that everyone has a Nice night, bye <3 Note: I do not put photos of my face since I do not feel very comfortable
  14. Hi, I am 21 years old and I just started my second course of Accutane. I took it for five months when I was 15 and my skin was great for a while, but, alas, it came back. Anyway, I took my first pill three days ago and it has started a shitstorm of emotions and worries. Before getting on I read that some people experienced vaginal dryness. Now, that disturbed me a lot. In fact, I almost decided against taking it. Anyway, I decided to take it and I experienced vaginal dryness almost immediately. However, I am unsure if this is the medication or my own anxiety. Whenever my boyfriend and I had sex after I started, I would start to panic that I wasn't getting wet and, sure enough, I wasn't wet. As a result, sex hurt a little bit. But I don't know if this is just because I am worried about it. I have experienced no other side effects and am wondering if it is even possible to experience side effects after only taking two pills. I hope it's all in my head but, regardless, I can't get it out. I am also very worried that this problem will persist throughout my course AND after. I don't mind simply using lube, but I don't want to lose the natural wetness that I have experienced throughout my life. If anyone can give me some advice, that'd be great.
  15. I've been struggling with moderate acne since i was 10, but even before that i had breakouts here and there. I'm 17 now and its been getting worse and worse and worse. I've been on a variety of topical and pill prescriptions, I've used all the "it actually works" otc washes, I've used home remedies and I've changed my diet. Nothing works. I hate it. I feel hideous because of it, so I've turned to makeup so i can feel good about myself for at least a little bit. I have a very supportive boyfriend who tells me I'm beautiful all the time, but he only sees me with my makeup on. Lately we've been messing around more and i want to be comfortable around him. Even if we don't have sex, i want the possibility to be there, but my back and chest also are covered in pimples and scaring and i feel disgusting. I know that its a turn off, and running your fingers over textured skin is a dead giveaway, so makeup or tanning won't work, nor will turning the lights off. I know i should feel beautiful either way and he should love me regardless, but its such a huge flaw. Even i hate it and am turned off by it, why should he have to deal with it? I just don't know what to do anymore. I hate myself because of it and i feel way too restricted from it. I can't change it but i can't.live with it anymore.
  16. smallcat9

    Masturbation Causeing Acne

    I need help here and I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone about this in person. everytime I give into masturbation whether it be once or a whole bunch of times like last week. 7 days ago. I did it about ten times... the next day I got oily inflammed acne riddled skin . I'm a very lazy person by default. but after masturbating I find that rigorous daily exercise and healthy diet is the only way to fast recover the affects of horomones ? and bad skin. I want to know if anyone else had noticed this or can relate to my question somewhat and if anyone can share any of their success stories about it.
  17. Hey everyone, I've been having Accutane for 3 months now. I had few acnes on my face but they weren't going anywhere so my derm decided to let me take Accutane. I'm taking 10 mg of Accutane just for the one week of the month. Everything is great for now, they've kind of cleared up very well, but my question about something else. My girlfriend and I had a sex recently, As everyone can guess, we were protecting but we've used too much lube and the condom fell off while ejaculating. She had a morning after pill. Our fears not about the std or pregnancy actually, it's about the Accutane, can it give any harm to her?
  18. WATCHING ACNE , SCAR PICS PEOPLE CRYING STRUGGLING .. we call this struggling really things have changed in past 50 years a lot the worst thing is i never had severe acne but i have more scars then those people with severe acne .. (not saying my scars are worst have seen people with more acne scars but i am just 25 it was my time to enjoy and i used to think poor fellow bout those people now i know how they feel and waiting just to reduce the scar redness for a year not the scars (as they never heal and u can trust me scars are formed when skin heal itself from acne so for ur skin its healed ) as i still have my first scars same depth color no change is worst ) ** and to god if u r out there y face u made it for show and anything happens inside the body face gets ruined ..(i know its my fault but again y face we have just one life just let us live in peace .. i know overdoing somethings are bad but .. plz do something) ** and also if u r having acne stop smoking immedietily as i have noticed people who smoke more are prone to scarring including me as the skin looses its healing property. NOW THE MAIN POINT many people masturbate on a regular basis or have sex on a regular basis .. but some people like me are unlucky .. now my point is now may b i stopped masturbating .. or having sex(which i wont have when u'll see me u will know ) ,, and my acne got control and i treated my scars with some surgery (hope its possible) ,, but the point is in future i wont have sex all my life or if i get acne cause of ejaculation then all my life i'll be doing this only sex then acne then scar then surgery then. repeat .. so for some people normal life becomes struggle. first stutter was my only concern now ,, stutter +scars **so the bottom line is if u know what is causing ur acne just quit that habit ,, else u will end up like me .. and smoking drinking porn these are not good if done in excess .. try to eat healthy drink a lot water .. and exercise and meet people talk with them instead of researching internet how to do this and that cause u will end up reading same things again and again which will in turn frustrate u and make u depressed .. (like me ) and anyone has anything to say feel free ..
  19. Hi I'm a male and in my early 40's and have been suffering with acne all my adult life. Over the years I've kind of gotten it under control through improved diet, exercise, reduced stress and the other usual helpers but there is one particular symptom that I'd like some help and advice with! I've noticed that if I abstain from sex or masturbation (i.e. I don't ejaculate) for a few days (anywhere between 3 and 5 days), my skin feels as though it can't breathe, my pores get blocked and then I break out in acne on my face and back. As soon as I've ejaculated my skin can breathe again and my acne eases and the whole process starts again. I'm guessing this condition is probably quite rare as I've been unable to find anything about it on the web. If anyone is familiar with these particular symptoms or can offer some advice or pointers I would be eternally grateful ! M
  20. The question has been circling in my mind for a while now... is the fact I’m having more sex the reason I’m getting acne? Ill give you some background info on my situation. I’ve never had any huge breakouts for most of my life. Always had clear skin. Until I went on the implant/met my man. i hated the implant and had it removed pretty fast. They say the hormones leave your body, but I’m not sure if they have? (Could be a factor) I have been vegan for over a year, but recently gluten free and unfortunately I wasn’t watching what I was eating for a few months. Gluten free products are processed, packed with tonnes of sugar and unhealthy fats which cause candida overgrowth which can eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome thus leading to acne because leaky gut is where what you eat goes into the blood stream and passes through the blood brain barrier... check can cause an immune response. I had been eating grains and dairy for years so the damage to my gut wall was already pretty bad. I meditate a lot and raise my vibration so my body physically cannot eat low vibrational foods. So, with my boyfriend, we were staying up late sometimes 1-3 am sometimes 4-5am. We were eating Red Thai curry with rice (GRAINS GRR) without realising the damage was and doing. It’s also very sugary and fatty. So there arenthose factors. I hadn’t been exfoliating or using any products consistently - but I am now. My routine is working and my skin is starting to clear slightly. I keep food diary. Ive sarted working out 5 times a week.(cardio, yoga, walks) I stick to time-restricted eating. Which is where you eat in a 8-12 hour gap. Your liver had a circadian rhythm too. I do not eat anything processed, I eat fresh leafy green vegetables. Around 5-7 a day. I try to eat a small amount of fruit (because fructose is still inflammatory) lots of herbsand spices. Maca, hemp, linseed etc. I drink lots of water. Now to talk about the other factor that’s playing on my mind. My partner and I have a age gap relationship which makes me think his gut bacteria, which can be found in his saliva is being spread to me through kissing. When we do oral I get a yeast infection. We also sometimes have sex 2-4 times a day. We have sex lots during the week we are quite horny for each other. However, it can be so overwhelming and stressful because it feels like I’ve tried everything and how am I supposed to heal if my boyfriend is the one with an overgrowth so ever time we get intimate I’m at risk of an acne break out?! ...and he also has stubble (which is irritating to my skin and stimulates oil production, clogging the pores. ) is being respectful and not kissing me too roughly any more. But sometimes I still feel sore around my chin after a long session of making out and love making. He understands and listens to me and has been cooking us healthy food when I stay over (which is 3-4 times week) he is making an effort. He has athletes foot which is a sign of Candida over growth- he really wants to heal it too! my main question is: Are my hormones going crazy because of all the sex? Should I take a break from sexand see if my acne goes away? Has anyone else experienced this? please help! Who has usedClindamycin Phosphate? Does it work?
  21. I went to Thailand for 5 weeks as a reward for my hard work at university and working as a control engineer intern at a local factory. This brought to me a few issues. Sun, alcohol, and food. I enjoyed my holiday a lot with lots of drink and other various things. This do doubt put a strain on my system. However I love scuba diving and snorkelling and I spent around 50% of my time on the beach playing football (not the american boring version! (ruffle some feathers ) or swimming or just floating in the water. I'm sure this did my skin looooads of good. and i say a total reduction in spots on my forehead. However the cysts where bad and getting worse. Acne conglobata would be the medical term when cysts fuse. I had a triple cyst on my cheek fuse to make a huge one. My diet consisted of mainly pad thai or plain rice and eggs. Id say my veg intake was drastically reduced and this cant have helped . This is at the very start of the holiday, Mid way, you can see the infection intensifying with the darkening. This is where the antibiotics fail you. They are not meant for large infections like this and will have little to no benefit other than making super bacteria on your face. This is week 4 the final photo I have. This is not even as bad as it gets it get worse when i arrive home and no longer have the sun to dry off excess sebum and salt water.
  22. Hi there, Just as a foreword, I am a 25 year old male, and have extremely erratic bouts of acne. I was mostly clear in my teens, and even through college, with the occasional pimple every now and then. Strangely enough, my acne didn't kick into full gear until around 23. The following post will be a description on my recent experimentation with a more holistic approach of diet and elimination to see how it affects the severity and frequency of acne on my face/body. As this is my first post, I'd also like to make a list of topics that I won't necessarily discuss in this post, but would love to expand upon in this thread. If anyone sees a topic they are interested in, please go ahead and make a statement or a question, and I would love to discuss it in further detail: - Seasonal and environmental effects on the skin - Acne triggers and how long until manifestation - Hormonal triggers - Build-up of tolerance to certain acne routines - Food allergies and intolerances - Acne obsession/stress and its impact on inflammation - Insulin spikes and glycemic index - Chemical Ingredients, and how much influence it has on acne - Stress, sexual activity, and well-being Paleo Diet I have been obsessed with healthy eating after finally achieving a healthy weight after graduating from college. My initial approach to dieting was simple, "Eat less and workout". In no way did I pay attention to what ingredients I was consuming. As long as I stepped on the scale, and saw the number decrease, I was happy. Recently, I have been heavily researching the Paleo Diet/Kitavan Diet and how their selection of food is a stark contrast to the typical Western diet that is overflowing with processed foods, grains, and of course carbs (sugars/starches). After eating a strict paleo diet for 2 weeks, I was nearly losing my mind due to the lack of taste in each meal, but decided to fight through to see what the outcome produced. My diet consisted of: Cucumbers, carrots, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, apples, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, sauerkraut, chicken, salmon, and almonds. A few factors that became immediately noticeable after the first couple of days of going Paleo was: 1. An improved sense of mood and clarity I assume this is due to a more consistent blood sugar level, and the elimination of grains which have potentially adverse effects on chemical elements within the central nervous system. 2. Less oil production on face By the end of the 2 weeks, my face had cleared quite noticeably, and my body was cleansing itself at a much more rapid pace. An example of this would be like that dreaded feeling of running your finger over your face and feeling that small hump, which is the indication of a pimple about to declare war on the next week of your self esteem. Before the Paleo diet, from the time I felt that "hump" to the time it came to a clear whitehead ready to be extracted, would usually be about 3-4 days. While on the Paleo diet, I only had two humps, and these came to a whitehead within 24 hours, and would be clear the next day. Now this is where the diet gets interesting, because I am currently on my 3rd week of Paleo, and the results are starting to take a turn. My face is slowly regressing to its previous state of harsher, more frequent occurrence of pimples. This could of course be due to other factors such as stress, weather/seasonal changes, or even hygiene issues. This is where I turn to all of you on the forum to ask, has your body built up a sort of tolerance towards a natural diet cleanse, that it no longer producing desired results of clearing up your acne? Two interesting theories I have been pondering could interpret this differently, one being positive, the other seemingly negative. The negative theory circulates around the idea that I could be experiencing an increased state of stress from constantly mulling over what I am eating, along with a strictly limited food selection, especially during the day when I am working 9-10 hours. It's never good to obsess too much over anything as it can be quite taxing on your mind and soul, and lead to an increase of sebum production. The positive theory is that my body is simply detoxing, and all of the harmful substances that have accumulated in my body is slowly excreting through waste, and in this case, my skin. According to research, when going through a dietary cleanse, the detoxification process takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks, after which noticeable results manifest, and the rewards shower down upon you in the form of clearer skin for the long-term. There is so much more I can expand upon in this post, but I have an appointment that I have to head out for, so I will continue this later on, thanks for reading my post!
  23. acneruinsmylife

    Day 25

    These days are going by slow bruh Remember those lip blisters I was dealing with? They're gone now. I bought some blistex medicated lip ointment for lip blisters and applied it every night for two nights (not during the day bc its visibly white colored). I also stopped popping the blisters with my fingers bc that made the problem 8000x worse. I popped a few with a pointy paperclip instead. And also rested a lot and stayed in that day, thank you based god for the weekend. I still apply the blistex every night for fear that they will come back :0 I still have to apply aquaphor every 30 minutes or so to my lips or else they start feeling really tight. I believe I started my "initial breakout" on day 22/23. I've developed a few more pimples than before but nothing unbearable. Just wearing makeup and looking forward to the next day, bc ill be one day closer to finishing accutane and having clear skin. The pimples come, I use some benzoyl peroxide (epiduo) as spot treatment (I'm talking tiny little dots on the tops of pimples), on my face for maybe 2-3 days and then they start going away. I'm also using cetaphil cream at night for my skin, it felt a little tighter than usual. I started having back pain maybe a week into the pills, but when I drink a LOT of water, its not nearly as bad. so DRINK MORE WATER!!! No hair falling out (even if it did happen, I wouldn't notice bc I shed so much hair everyday anyway). I'm afraid of the random nosebleeds, don't want them to happen while I'm in class. That would be embarrassing. No sign of those yet -hopefully never! That's all I have for you all. In case I never mentioned this I'm on 30mg. Questions for users or post-users - Are you able to kiss on accutane? my lips are so dry i feel like it would be impossible/painful. not that i have a partner, anyway. I feel like sex might be sorta painful with the back pain too. I wonder if accutane effects lubrication of the vagina, since it seems to effect lubrication of the joints n stuff. haha Im so weird. I'm too ugly to have a partner anyway! toodles!
  24. ●●●●●Sex Stimulants Cause Pimples & Ugly Scars●●●●● There are millions of people in the world who are chronic sufferers of pimples, which disfigure their faces and make them look ugly. Thousands of young people become so desperate and depressed due to the ugliness caused by acne that they even think of committing suicide. Abstinence from sex and the retention of semen for long periods in their bodies by young men can cause or increase the pimples and boils in many of them. The loss of semen due to sexual activity is one cure for the pimples and boils in the men. The regular ejaculation of semen prevents the formation of pus in the bodies of men, and thus stops the eruption of pimples and boils. On the other hand, the SEX STIMULANTS are one of the MOST IMPORTANT causes of pimples, which can result in UGLY SCARS and HOLES on the facial skin of the users. The consumption of aphrodisiacal drugs for sexual stimulation can increase the formation of semen, which can trigger the eruption of pimples and boils in the persons who are prone to the disease. So, if they want to avoid getting pimples and boils, they should NOT use the sex stimulants. ★★★Vitamin B12 & Cobalt are Sex Stimulants★★★ Even the excess of Vitamin B12 in the diet causes pimples because Vitamin B12 is an aphrodisiac or SEX STIMULANT!! The excessive consumption of Vitamin B12 or COBALT can lead to the formation of large amounts of semen in sexually normal men. If the semen is retained in the body due to abstinence from sex for a long period, the biochemical ingredients, which otherwise normally form semen, start producing pus, which leads to the formation of pimples and boils in men. Iodine also has aphrodisiacal properties, the excessive consumption of which in the form of iodized salt can make pimples to flare up. Fluoride can be used in a suitable preparation, like the toothpaste, as an antidote for excess iodine. Among the foods, chocolates, spices like cloves, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, mustard, etc, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream, other milk products, meat, chicken, eggs, fish, other non-vegetarian foods, and some beers can produce aphrodisiacal effects, as many of them are rich in Vitamin B12 and COBALT. Vitamin E and SELENIUM can be used in curing the pimples and boils that are caused by the consumption of such foods, which contain the sex stimulants. ★★★It is falsely propagated by the BIG PHARMA that the diet has no connection with the incidence of pimples, as they are supposed to be caused only by the genetic factors. Of course, the eunuchs belonging to the neutral third gender, and the castrated persons, do NOT get pimples, even if they eat non-vegetarian foods, chocolate, etc, as their bodies CANNOT produce SEMEN. The sexually weak celibates also do NOT get pimples. Even the old persons who become impotent and sterile do NOT get pimples due to a non-vegetarian diet and chocolate, as their bodies do NOT produce much semen.★★★ For gaining more weight and strength, many athletes, gymnasts, wrestlers and bodybuilders are encouraged through massive publicity to use anabolic steroids, which act like the male sex hormone testosterone. They also consume high-protein non-vegetarian foods, milk and milk products, and iodized salt, which can trigger an eruption of pimples and boils in many of them. Millions of young people who follow such sportsmen and sportswomen by taking anabolic steroids can suffer from the same disease. It is a very massive business for the BIG PHARMA to sell sex stimulants that make pimples and boils erupt in millions of people. Then the BIG PHARMA sells massive quantities of the soothing pimple creams, balms and lotions, as well as the oral drugs like antibiotics, for curing the pimples and boils!!!
  25. Hey ladies, I'm a 23 yo female on month 6 of 40mg/day of Accutane. I actually only take it every few days now because it's hard on my body, but it's working miracles and I'm happy with the results. So I am (technically) sexually active. I was seeing someone right up until I went on Accutane and that was all good. But I am now seeing someone else, while on Accutane, and things are kind of getting serious. The thing is, Accutane pretty much robs my body of all fluids. I try to drink a lot of water but a person can only pee so many times a day without attracting weird looks. I'm worried sex will be unpleasant for this reason... I also haven't told this guy that I'm on Accutane because, well, I don't like to tell people. Especially people that have nice skin... bastards. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thoughts? Help :/