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Found 74 results

  1. Hey everybody I recently found out that oatmeal significantly clears up my skin. However, anybody else who has used oatmeal before will know that it is very messy. It clogs the sink, sometimes a piece of it gets left in my hair and later on somebody embarrassingly points it out It is also quite impractical for everyday use as sometimes i just cant be bothered to use it at 7am before school when im half awake. I need an alternative to oatmeal, anything natural really as i have SENSITIVE SK
  2. Okay, so I can't seem to find any information anywhere that correlates directly with my own situation. If there was any, surely I'd have found it after years of different searches. I have these red marks on my face, 8 in total. I have had these for about 2 years now. They are all where old pimples used to be, but I have since completely rid my face of acne. The thing about these marks is that they seem to be a lot bigger than most pictures i've seen of other people's marks. Also, 34x as stubborn
  3. I'm 23 years old. My acne has come a very long way since my teenage years, but I feel like it has started to get bad again. Every time I think my breakouts are going away more appear. And every product I try, there's an issue. I was using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Clean & Clear oil free acne control moisturizer, but that started to dry my face out, causing breakouts. I try to drink a decent amount of water daily and take women's daily vitamins as well. Someone please give me some adv
  4. Can anyone recommend any good suncreams for acne prone/sensitive skin that won't break me out? I always find when I go on holiday I break out from normal suncreams and it leads to me not wanting to use it at all which isn't good for my skin! I'm moving away in a couple of weeks and I'm really struggling to find a decent suncream that won't break me out. Thanks in advance
  5. DebonairSail

    hormonal acne

    I've always been acne prone since my sophomore year of high school I broke out dramatically but over the years it seemed to balance out to the point where I didn't mind it as much. It still bothered because I would not leave the house without make up. I am now about to be 20 and this last summer I went through a lot of stress (breakup, college, work) and I even gained 14LB. I also have anxiety so it makes it harder to deal with stress in my opinion. I stated breaking out dramatically on my chin,
  6. Hey guys, So I have been using Cetaphil's gentle cleanser to wash my face for about a year. However, it still dries my face a ton!!! I thought it was supposed to be one of the least drying products out there! If anybody has any experience with another cleanser that might be less drying please let me know. I can't even go swimming without my face looking totally dried and flaky. Please please please let me know if any of you guys are using a product that is less drying. It would help me immense
  7. My Konjac sponges arrived today. I ordered a Tumeric and a Charcoal infused one, though I know the active ingredients won't remain in them. They are made from 100% plant fiber- if you ate one, you'd get iron, copper, phosphorous, zinc, folic acid, vitamins A-C and more (not recommended, but you could..) Mine arrived moist. Watching instructional videos, most come hard and you have to soak it. It very rubbery, gentler than a washcloth, and makes gentle cleansers more effective. It
  8. I am 34 and have had bouts of acne since I was 17. For most of my 20s, I had it under control with birth control pills, salicylic acid, BPO 2.5%, and Azelex, but once I started having kids, my acne became hormonal: on my chin and lower cheeks, with a few big pustules before my period. Last fall I decided that BPO was aging me and I was too old for it, so I quit using it. Big mistake. My skin got progressively worse until I was having 7-10 huge, regrowing pustules on my chin at all times.
  9. My acne is healed. I healed my skin with a combination of: Diet - I do not eat gluten, I avoid dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables. I still enjoy my food and eat out on occasion. A few months of the caveman regimen (which allowed me to discover that my skin is extremely DRY and SENSITIVE not oily.) Stopping my skin picking habit (took a long time but I no longer touch my face or pick my skin.) The first and most important rule of my current acne routine is that it
  10. hey guys, I have cut back to only using some clindomyocin lotion on my stubborn cysts, which are mostly due to hormones. However, I have always battled really really dry skin, even before using any acne clearing products (which notoriously dry out the skin). I was looking for something that would mousturize me really well without breaking me out. I saw the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost line in a store the other day and wondered if you guys had tried it?? I think the one for 'very dry skin' tha
  11. SoSickofthisShit

    Which Products To Use

    Hello, I have suffered with moderate acne for about four years. After experimenting with Acne.org's BP for a long time, I determined that my skin for some reason could not handle that much BP and settled on using half of the recommended amount but only at night. Otherwise, my skin becomes incredibly dry and irritated. This was effective in reducing my acne significantly, but I was not satisfied. I recently went to a dermatologist who prescribed me Solodyn 55mg, Duac, and Retin-a Micro .0
  12. I'm looking for some moisturizer and sunscreen suggestions that won't irritate my acne and eczema. I have very sensitive and oily skin.. A lot of the products that I've tried on my face burns and irritates my eczema. I'm really looking for a product that can combat the redness and oil on my face. My ACV toner already does a good job of getting rid of a lot of excess oil, but I find that my skin gets oily throughout the day, and I don't want to have to rely on blotting papers or anything of t
  13. Hey all, What are your recommendations for the best primer for acne prone skin? I'm starting to look into primers again now that my skin has gotten better, but my skin doesn't like heavy, masklike primers because it will break me out. Here's a list of stuff that has broken me out: BareMinerals PrimeTime Tarte Clean Slate Primer Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer Does anyone have some suggestions for primers that have a lightweight or gel-like texture that is also good for sensitive skin
  14. sam1w2e

    At My Wits' End...

    I'm on the verge of losing all hope in regards to my acne, just feel like crawling under a rock. I just can't seem to find a regimen that works for me. I've tried so many things, some natural remedies, some not. I'm just fed up of spending all this money on treatments to not see much improvement if any. I've tried the caveman regimen but after a couple of months it had made things worse if anything. I change my pillowcase every couple of nights and I don't have long hair that's in my face.
  15. AbigailStafford


    Hi guys, I'm new to acne.org but think its an amazing site (I've spent the past few days reading lots of stories). I've just recently started a skin-diary type blog because I was prescribed treatment for mild acne. I've just done a post about 3 moisturisers for red/flushed/acne prone skin so check it out: *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules* Are there any really good anti-redness moisturisers around? Just looking for some recommendations. Thanks, Abbie x
  16. Hello. I was wondering if anyone on here who has tried the Acne.org products has sensitive and/or allergy prone skin? And if so, what is your experience with the product? I have skin allergies that tend to result in red, itchy rashes and hives when I use anything that isn't hypoallergenic. I've been using hypoallergenic neutrogena products for the last year with decent success and recently purchased their on-the-spot treatment (which is not hypoallergenic) as a tester before seriously conside
  17. skindetective

    Very Sensitive, But Acne Prone And Oily.

    I feel like I have a very challenging skin type. On one end of the spectrum I have oily skin that gets congested and needs exfoliation and antibacterial treatment, while on the other hand my skin is very, very sensitive. Designing a regimen that strikes a balance is nearly impossible. I've been totally clear before, but products have since been discontinued and my insurance has dropped certain other products. CeraVe cleanser doesn't break me out, but also doesn't do much to treat
  18. Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble with my skincare regime, thought I would reach out and see if any of you can give me some tips (: I currently only wash my face with acne.org cleanser or spectro gel cleanser for acne prone skin (if my skin is feeling too dry.) My issue is that if I use the spectro too long my skin starts to break out because it's not as drying, and doesn't fight off the oil as good as the acne.org cleanser.. So my skin is usually in a battle with dryness. My other is
  19. Hi, Im new to the forum so I hope Im doing this right. Here's a little intro to my skin and regimen. Im a 24 year old female and for the last 3 years or so my acne and weight have been slowly increasing, I have been to the doctor and apparently there is no reason for it besides I must not be eating healthy and exercising enough (even though I do ) I have tried so many different things on my face and nothing works, everything from cheaper drug store things like clearisil to expensive products fr
  20. Hello Everyone, I started using the regimen about 2 months ago, I've been so pleased with the results that I don't want to jeopardize the progress I've made thus far by using random products that will break me out. I am in my twenties and I am hoping to incorporate a nice anti-aging night cream, I currently use Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair in the evenings along with acne.org's cleanser+bp+moisturizer. Any suggestions you guys have would be great! My skin: Fairly sensitive to fragra
  21. Rashmi55

    skin care

    What's the best skin regime for people with depressed acne scars on their face? I have terribly deep scars (boxcar and icepick) so I'm a little confused as to what products I can/cannot apply. Also, I'm currently undergoing treatment for the scars so is there something I should totally avoid? I follow my regular CTM routine that's all. I use a cleanser prescribed by my doc then go in witch a hazel toner followed by cetaphil moisturizer and finally spf 50 in the morn. At night I cleanse and repla
  22. I like to think that I have my skin under control now, and honestly I don't even know how it happened. Everything I use you can get at Target.. I went back to my trusty Clean & Clear Sensitive Foaming Facial Cleanser. So in the morning I wash with the Clean & Clear cleanser, moisturize with Cetaphil lotion, and do my makeup.. Almay Clear Complexion foundation really keeps my skin looking amazing, just not soo much when it's on. It kind of cakes up and slides off. But I have yet t
  23. Electra27

    Cover Fx Fixed My Acne

    Hello this is my first time posting on here so not sure how this works, but I have been suffering from acne, red marks, and hyper pigmentation since I was 14 (am 20 now) and always came to this website whenever I felt like I needed people to relate to. I never posted anything on here until I found something that worked and healed my face. I finally made an account and decided to post since I have actually found something that has dramatically repaired my damaged skin. Here are a few points o
  24. Hello beautiful people! I'm on a the DK regimen (have been for a year or so) and was using Cetaphil Cleanser, but my skin was so red, dry, and flaky. I watched this video from bubzbeauty about how she makes her own oatmeal facial cleanser and decided to try it. So glad I did! My face looks sooo much better! I'm not sure how well it will take off makeup, but if I am wearing some I usually take a washcloth soaked in hot water and lay it on my face after doing my oatmeal cleanse and let it steam my