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Found 25 results

  1. hello, I have been battling trying to rid my cheek of these stubborn spots since a bad breakout back in November. although they have faded noticeably using just a saclictic acid scrub, I just started using a light glycolic acid mask some nights, as well as bentonite clay. They seem to be helping. However, I have a dermatologist appointment in 15 days and I am curious about bleaching methods. Does anyone here with fair caucasian but not porcelain-like skin have any experience with products like
  2. how long is it supposed for a redmark to stay on your face for average person? and how long is it usually for u personally? i hvnt counted bt for me its deff many months, mayb even longer bcs overall my face is hyperpigmentationed in result, im nt sure bt it takes totally forever n is deff nt normal so i wonder how it actually is if we begin to count from like moment tht pimple has gone down
  3. Hey guys, Was wondering when your Post Inflammatory Erythema faded? These are the red marks you get after acne/trauma and will disappear when they are pressed and then come back when they aren't being pressed, so annoying man! (Victims of PIH are normally people with darker complexions and the marks are usually brown and PIE is red/purple) Just wanted some more information, there's a dude on here called 'bio_nerd' and he has loads of information about it on his profile but he hasn't been a
  4. I've been on the regimen for almost 3 months, results have been fairly good. I can definately say the regimen works, if you stick with it and STAY persistent. I'm pretty much clear, just a couple of pimples. I've now got these hyperpigmentation marks where my acne was previously, it's kinda bugging me. You get clear skin and now there's more to deal with. I've bought this Ambi fade cream for normal skin, which i've heard alot of positive reviews about. What are your opinions on this produc
  5. Hey guys, I have been using lerosett for about two months now. Firstly, I've seen a fantastic improvement in my face, and I have just about no acne anymore. I am just wondering if anyone around here could vouch for it helping their scars--I still have some hyperpigmentation and redness that I would like to be rid of. Lerosett says to cut use down after a while... So in terms of being clear, I guess that would be right about now, but I don't want to cut down use if it is going to continue to h
  6. MapleMaple

    Left cheek scars

    From the album: Help! Are these possible to remove?

    Do anyone know if these scars can be removed after my acne is gone? Which treatment should I use? Please help
  7. Hello. Iam still a fourteen year old girl. I know my acne could be due to hormonal imbalances. I break out midly. About two or three pimples. My only problem is fading these marks/spots that they leave after I have treated the pimple. I am in so desperate need of remedies because my scarring is just getting worse. How could i fade these quicker? Please be considerate of the products because i live in the Philippines so i might not find the products mentioned.
  8. Did you have an intial breakout on yasmin (birth control pil)? If yes, then how long did it last (so I mean how long did you continue to break out), when did it start and how long did it take for you to get clear, so even for the scarring to start fading. Any tips for managing the breakouts?
  9. Please help me! I've had mild acne since I was about 15 (I'm 18 now.) I've finally started to take it seriously and actually educate myself. I wash my face morning and night, but that's about it. I used to pick pretty badly, but thankfully since I was so young, have no major scarring. I do, however, have s e v e r e red marks that feel like they've been there for ages. I only very recently started looking into healing these, and keep reading about how much the sun worsens them. I g
  10. I have some dark spots left after mild cystic acne. Around 5 spots on my cheeks on 1 just over my lip. It's around 1 year since they appeared and they haven't faded. My question is basically if it can take over a year for them to fade full.
  11. After going on a birth control pill 3 months ago my skin has stopped breaking out however my face still looks like I have super bad acne because of hyperpigmentation! It's so frustrating my skin feels smooth and clear but I have red marks all over my cheeks! I've looked everywhere on information about fading them but can't seem to find it anywhere.. Please someone help me it's really getting me down am I stuck like this forever? The marks have been there since around May and haven't faded at a
  12. hi there. so im looking for the fastest way to get rid of/fade red marks in about 4 months. i just started using a turmeric and honey mask for the past 2 nights. i am good with following anything religously. please help me. its urgent. im looking to purchase anything under $100. Currently. I wash my face in the morning with the shower head, and then i use Kiss My face 4% AHA Moisterizer all over my face. Then at night- i was my face with warm water, apply honey/turmeric mask, then i wait
  13. From the album: 30 mg Accutane experience

    I'm about to begin my last month on accutane! On 40mg at the moment. this lighting isn't the most flattering, but you get the idea. Fading scars. No active acne. Thankful and praying for full healing of discoloration and scars! I would be happy to hear and answer your comments or questions.
  14. I rarely get pimples anymore but it still happens once in a while. My face is mostly 100% clear. The only concern i have is that once i get a pimple it leaves a mark/scar that seriously stays for a year. It is like my skin has lost the ability to heal the skin. I am currently using la Roche Posey Effaclar cleanser in the shower, effaclar k, moisturizer and i work out regularly which is said to help speed up the healing process. Any recommendations on how to speed up the process? I know acne
  15. Hello everyone. Does anyone know or has anyone experienced acne scars fading?? I know this is asked a lot but mine are very small and shallow. They are not noticeable unless under harsh or bright lighting specifically when I've got makeup on... I can't feel any dents either when i touch them. I've had hyper pigmentation for years which sucks in itself but now that I've noticed these scars I am very upset .... Do you think they will go away on their own because they are shallow? I'm not gonna do
  16. Hi So I've some blemishes on my skin But I've been observing that my skin is looking a lot better after moisturizing it. So my question is, is moisturizing really helping my scars to fade. Or is it just my illusion? Please reply based on your experience or any other knowledge. Thanks in anticipaiton!
  17. So I have to admit I am a pimple popper, I can't help it they bother me so much. And as I was looking for a remedy to fade the existing marks left behind I've tried aloe Vera, exfoliations etc and I just feel like they're great but take way too long. So here's onto the good stuff; Nadinola cream is what helped fade most of my acne scars!! It works amazing, I think due to the bleaching ingredients it's called a "brightening cream" and I only use this as a spot treatment on my dark spots as a ma
  18. Hey everyone! My skin seems to have a very difficult time dealing with the marks acne leaves behind. As of today, I don't really break out anymore. But past breakouts have left behind numerous marks, especially on both sides of my cheek. I've had the same dark marks on my cheeks for several months, and they don't seem to be going away. Some of them even feel indented just a bit, which is something new to me. Does anyone have any idea or tips on how to help fade these marks? I currently u
  19. I'm a male, 16, and over the past two years suffered from sever acne. It's now almost entirely gone thanks to medication. However, every single inch of my back is covered with red blemishes and or tiny white dots. I hate this so much and is there ANY option or treatment that can help fade or eliminate the scars on such a big scale? Thanks in advance
  20. Source: Clindamycin Phosphate Gel!post Acne Spots/marks!does It Help In Fading Them?!
  21. Balance Bird

    Scar Faders!

    Okay, so my cystic flax seed breakout has gotten better, and I really don't want to have scars when I am going to the caribbean in a week! So, I have done some research and: massaging is good for scars because it promotes healing http://www.naturaltherapypages.co.uk/article/Scar_Massage MSM mixed with real fresh squeezed lemon juice, works as a little mini peal and MSM is great for promoting healing http://www.silvermedicine.org/msm-natural-sulphur.html I will updateeee
  22. I came off accurate about 2/3 months ago and my marks just ain’t going. Sometimes they’re redder than usual and I don’t know what I can do to get rid of them? If you have any advice that’ll be great thanks.
  23. Hi all, I've been checking a number of threads to see if there's anyone out there who's had success with treating PIH on the back with lasers, but haven't found any yet. I used to break out a lot on my back; it started when I was around 14 or 15. I'm 18 now and for the past year or so the breakouts have been much milder, usually just one or two occasional pimples. I used to pick at them (so bad), but even when I don't, they still almost always end up leaving brown marks. My PIH is moderate I'd s