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Found 14 results

  1. i've had severe acne since i was 10, i'm currently 14, turning 15 in february. my main problem is blackheads, my face is barely red and my scars are fading by themselves quite quickly. my blackheads are so bad, it looks like i have freckles, and they irritate me so much. i've tried everything; blackhead scrubs, pore strips, diy masks (egg mask, glue, ect), steaming, hydrogen peroxide, and even squeezing (which i know is bad, but i was so desperate.) does anyone have ANY suggestions for getting
  2. Hi, I had a series of dermarolling treatments in the past and had good success with it, with some hyperpigmentation fading and my skin texture smoothing. I'm now mainly left with some left over hyperpigmentation from previously, as well as new hyperpigmentation from breakouts that I've had since my dermaroller treatment (the breakouts weren't caused by the dermaroller, just to clarify) that I'm looking to try and get rid of. It just frustrates me that any time I get a spot, I seem to be
  3. I bought 100% TCA from ebay. Didn't do it on my face yet, but tried it on my arm. I have 4 scars - 3 identical burn scars (all brown, no indentation, 2.5 years old) and 1 deep hole that looks like a pock-mark, puffy around the hole I mixed the TCA with water 50-50 trying to get a strong enough blend.. I put it on the scars, no burning... added a bit more TCA and put it on the scars... Not much burning.. Made a stronger blend and uses a toothpick to put it inside the hole/scar... (was difficu
  4. Andykub


    Hey everyone it's Andy! And for my first blog I wanted to share my acne miracle and cure (in my case at least) so I have been struggling with acne for 4-5 years or so and I have tried everything and I mean everything to get rid of it and I have finally found it!.... It's.... GOAT MILK SOAP AND... APPLE CODER VINEGAR!! Yup that's all. And how I discovered this amazing thing, I was out with friends and we came across this little shop in my town (no name) and she spelled homemade goods like soaps a
  5. Hey, so anyone have any good suggestions for acne aftermarks? Something that makes them fade faster.
  6. Please someone help me. I have done all I can do reduce and prevent my acne, along with treating my scars. I have starting drinking plenty of water, using lemon juice, witch hazel, exfoliating, face masks. Along with these, I maintain a gentle skin care routine. I don't know how to heal my face.. can anyone further advise me? I have combination skin. I also have much more cystic acne than regular surfaced acne, which is where the scarring comes from. the acne is mostly on my cheeks but I also do
  7. hi! I have got really sensitive skin, so many cleansers irritate it. Has anyone tried any DIY cleansers that have helped their acne? I have made lots of natural face masks, with ingredients such as honey, oats, natural yogurt avocado banana etc, but Im not sure what would efficiently clean my skin twice a day. ideas for moisturizers would be helpful too! thanks!
  8. Hello all, I have some legitimate questions regarding using a chemical peel. So, first off, some background- 18, male, 155 lbs, very active bodybuilder with moderate acne/scars/red marks. I am also a fair skinned Caucasian. Now, I've ordered a beginner level chemical peel, containing 15% TCA gel and 5% salicylic acid from Amazon, which is meant to be used at home. I'm not concerned about it being on my face, but I have heard a great deal of controversy regarding using chemical peels on the bac
  9. This is my first time v-blogging on this website! I've read many articles but I never thought about joining you guys!! I'm gonna try to keep it short but make sure to mention everything... I'm 19 years old and I have a semi-sensitive and oily skin. I have suffered from mild to severe acne and whiteheads since 13. During my middle school, I used a lot chemical products to clear my skin and none worked at all. Starting high school I fell in love with natural remedies so I started trying dif
  10. After several years of using over-the-counter products, prescription creams and topical antibiotics without lasting success, I have decided to abandon this approach. I looked closer at my acne, and suspected it was hormonal. After a visit to the endocrinologist, it was deduced that my acne is a potential symptom of PCOS. I am now taking the anti-androgen blocker 'cyproterone acetate' to combat high levels of testosterone and hopefully reduced my (daily) break outs. I am also taking zinc and om
  11. Hi everyone, I use a benzoyl peroxide 2.5% wash and, providing I use it daily, it works wonders for me. But I'm completely reliant on it for face and body acne management and covering such a large area means I go through a lot of it. Recently the price of the wash went up by several dollars. (I'd buy the acne.org solution but I'm in Aus and postage and international bank fees make it too expensive). I'm having a particularly tight year financially because I'm hardly working while trying to
  12. I was prescribed Clindamycin phosphate lotion months ago by my dermatologist. At first I noticed some minor results but now it's basically doing nothing for me. The same goes with some over the counter benzoyl peroxide gel I purchased from Walgreens. I was wondering if anyone has tried mixing the two themselves. I know you can get a prescription for benzaclin but I just moved so I don't really have that option now. My lotion is half gone so I poured benzoyl peroxide 10% into the bottle to fill t
  13. Hi there. I hope this is in the right forum, it seemed like the most appropriate place for it to go. I noticed recently that Clearasil have discontinued their overnight lotion and serum. Those two things always worked really well for me, and I'm pretty sure it was because of the level of salicylic acid in them and the fact that it was designed to be left on the skin. I'd really love to be able to start using SA again, but I just can't find any other store bought products that contain the 2
  14. A little background on my skin: I have combination/oily skin. Up until a few months ago, I only ever got acne in my T-zone, but not my right cheek is breaking out like crazy. Every single pimple that I get leaves behind hyperpigmentation, regardless of whether or not I touch that area. I do wear makeup at school, but I only use concealer for the hyperpigmentation. I just got purchased the Aura Cacia Natural Skincare Grapeseed Oil, and I've used it only twice on my face. TWICE. Yet, I've experi