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Found 24 results

  1. So today I'm having a better day !! hallelujah! !! I decided that the differin -even though it's like ,% may be too strong for me.. I'm very fair skinned & burn easily as is so I decided to cut back on it to every second day I woke up with 4 spots today like the white head on the surface ones and they were small so who cares? ? I think I won't skip it again though .. I'm going to mi it with a moisturiser every second night I also went to clinique I was looking at the anti blemish rang
  2. OMGmahface

    Day 1

    So i'm starting this blog to hold me accountable for picking at my skin. I'm very good at disciplining myself when needed, but for some reason I can't stop picking at my skin! I tell myself "NO MORE PICKING" but 10 min later, I find myself in front of the mirror... touching my face for any bumps :'( and then pick pick pick. Hopefully, by writing this blog, i'll be able to force myself to stop - for the sake of each entry! I know one reason why I haven't stopped picking is because I haven't
  3. OMGmahface

    Day 17

    Day 17 - picked at two spots today. damn, and I was doing so well... but I needed some sort of relief. Life has been a bitch this week. I've also been only getting 4 hrs of sleep the past 5 days... which is why I think I got that pimple I mentioned in my last two blogs. Its most likely a cyst :'( I see the white head, but its too deep for me to get! ahhhh the horror of cysts. It hurts. Ive been drowning it in duac every morning and night, although I doubt that'll be much help since its expired d
  4. OMGmahface

    Day 13

    Day 13- Didn't pick today. Now that im seeing good results, ive started to care less and obsess less about picking at my skin. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! Im hoping I don't cave in I shoulda went to the derm years ago! I was always scared of the initial break out so I put it off till now, but I didn't get any initial break outs... and apparently you're not suppose to with antibiotics which does make sense since its suppose to kill the bacteria, not purge it out. harharhar
  5. what exactly the effect/damage is? its said u gotta wait ~4-6 weeks after session to let collagen rebuild (also rebuild or grow new one????) BUT U GOTTA REMEMBER tht we all r agiiiiingggg! since age of 15 we r all getting oldass every day so does anyone know WHAT IS THE SPEED THAT COLLAGEN ACTUALLY GOES AWAY/BREAKS DOWN?? bcs is it even slower than tht boost we r trying to achieve from dermarolling/stamping or anything else? and how does it makes sense to get scar filled and
  6. So I started Tazorac and Doxycycline about a week ago. I have moderate acne that's persistent. I'm going to be posting logs week by week and before and after pictures. In the morning I wash my face with cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and use that at night and then apply my tazorac. I am taking Doxy usually in the afternoon. I'm using the Tazorac Cream .05% and Doxy 150mg. Let's hope for clear skin!
  7. Hey this is my first log which i will probably update every once in a while So im 16 years old at the moment, had acne since i was probably 12 and it has recently (this year) gotten pretty bad and irritating, with the cystic type popping up. I have tried many antibiotics which didnt really solve the problem but maybe kept it at bay for a while. Heres my cheek from a few weeks ago for reference. http://i.imgur.com/nkQMVHo.jpg I have been on doxy for about a month now but i decided it was
  8. I just got the Neutrogena Rapid Tone repair day and night moisturizers. The only difference I've really noticed is a slightly different texture, and a lack of SPF in the night version. So, why are there two different ones. I know many people use different ones at night than during the day. Is this necessary? Is it due to the SPF, more potent ingredients, the difference in texture, or what? I was previously using the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer, and I used it both day and night and didn
  9. Hello to all, I have started this log based upon my current accutane regimen, which to be honest im not entirely sure im ready for. But here it goes anyways . My name is Jason and I am a 29 year old male who was recently just put on accutane again. Now let me give you a little bit of a run down of my history. When i was probably around 15-16 years of age, I had severe cystic/nodule acne on my face, back, and chest area. After trying numerous remedies or possible solutions the doctor finall
  10. Why It's Important to Remove Makeup at the End of the Day

    Healthy skin is our first line of defense against many harmful substances that our bodies come in contact with, such as pollutants and bacteria. This is why the outer layer of our skin is known as the skin barrier. The skin barrier is like our outer "armor," protecting our bodies from physical damage, from chemicals in our environment, and from bacteria and viruses.1 According to an article published in 2016 in the journal Life Sciences, "[The]...
  11. Salut! J'ai commandé le regimen il y a 3 semaines et je l'ai reçu ce week-end! C'est donc, un peu stressé je l'admet que j'ai testé le triplet de produits ce vendredi (18/11/2016) Pour l'instant aucune réaction majeure, les produits sont plutôt agréables à utiliser (sauf l'hydratant dont l'odeur n'est pas fantastique mais pas insupportable non plus!) ! J'ai observé un léger "mieux" au niveau de mes joues, je posterai une photo dans la semaine! A demain! ---- Hi! I bought the regimen
  12. OMGmahface

    Day 9

    Day 9 - picked at a black head, got a good sucker out. Its on a part of my face that I can't really see, so I don't really care if it leaves a mark LOL. also picked at something on my nose.... i'm ashamed. two picks... need to get this under control! I've decided to lessen my usage of duac to once every two days... I need my skin to heal and I know bp actually hinders it since it kills good and bad cells. Also! I bought a 1.0mm dermaroller. it should arrive in 2 weeks. Ive used it befor
  13. Hi everyone, I came across this site and like many others, decided to document my Doxycycline treatment. I was prescribed with Doxycycline (50mg) to take once a day with Epiduo gel to use on affected areas at night. I started my treatment about, nearly a month ago. I was very excited when my doctor prescribed me with medication, as I had tried every product and was really starting to give up as I had never had any actual results with anything. Throughout the past month, in the first week
  14. Hi, I don't know if this topic has been brought up before but I didn't find it. To all of those who have had Acne and got rid of it, even if it's just for a short period of time and then it came back, what did it feel like for you? Was it as good as you hoped? Was there anything unexpected you felt? Was it worth everything you went through or did you just move on the the next issue in your life? I haven't got rid of my skin issues yet so I wonder what it would be like if I did?
  15. OMGmahface

    Day 7

    Day 7- I didn't pick at all today! and I feel so good! Also, all the scabs on my face have fallen off man.. I wish I had a time machine The thing I picked at yesterday has become a new addition to my red marks tho
  16. OMGmahface

    Day 4

    UGH! my whole entry was deleted. Fuckin gateway sucks as balls. Day 4- I don't wanna rewrite this whole thing again -_-;; So i'll just brief it I picked at one spot in between my brow; I don't know what the damage is yet. I'll have to see tomorrow. Either i'm crazy or the redness on the right side of my face got darker.... or the left side got lighter? I also came across this thread Bible verses to help stop picking! It's so awesome! It really inspired me while I was reading it, so
  17. espejo1

    Week 2

    Hello! I'm a little late but whatevs. So, so far everything's been going fine. Like I mentioned before, my skin got really oily at first (or at least had an oily look) but was also flaky dry, which was annoying and made me self-conscious but I could handle it (I've had years of skin problems, come on). Now my skin is less oily appearing but still a bit dry, but which lotion day and night it's not bad at all. I barely have any pimples, though my hyperpigmentation is still there. I tried squee
  18. Hello, my name is Lina, I'm 14 and I think I had acne all over my face since 2 years ago? 2 and a half? Anyways, it's really bringing my self-esteem down and the fact that I'm overweight doesn't help either? Do you think it's possible to actually get rid of my acne even though I'm fat and I don't wash my oily hair every day? So one thing that I do A LOT is not only pick dry flakes (old pimples that are gone?) and pimples and such, but I also hold up my head with my arms which means my hands
  19. HELLO COMMUNITY, So recently (well... not so recently) i started the Regimen, and let me say first off that its been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! So if your struggling and you need something that WILL work for you then The Regimen is the key! I recommend seriously starting it, and just have patience and persistence to keep going. Just always remember that you're suffering/being embarrassed now for the absolutely clear skin you will get on the other side. ... and
  20. nick-o-lass

    Day 30!

    So I went to the derm yesterday and everything checked out okay. I am now going to be taking two 40 Mg pills a day. Im still breaking out and this is frustrating. Im hoping with the higher dosage I start seeing some results here soon! I finally got the SPF 15 Earth Sciences Moisturizer from Whole Foods and it has glycolic acid in it which is helping my skin stay flake free and its a small amount so it doesnt irritate at all! I am now also using Bio-Oil at night to start helping fade some sca
  21. Alright, Well i've been on this treatment for 7 weeks and I do see improvement, my face feels smoother cause I have less bumps, and truly I dont have any other pimples besides an inside bump on my chin thats going away, 1 small one on my right cheek, and like 3 really tiny bumps with no head on my left jaw bone area. Otherwise when i feel my face it soft and smooth, now im just left with alot of scars and those are whats really the only things getting on my nerves. I can deal with these sever
  22. Trudi

    Day 1

    First entry to the progress of roaccutane treatment 30mg dosage daily In addition to starting roaccutane the corner of my lip has cracked and looks like a cold sore and theyre so dry they peel all the time and ive not even started it yet. took my first set of tablets today, clearly no problems or symptoms yet not looking forward to the breakouts and symptoms but having looked at people before and after pics it looks definitley worth it in the end. Even people complaining about extremely
  23. Summerstar

    Day 4

    Hello People of the World!, I’m back, sorry about the delay. So today is day 4 for the Epiduo, and I am starting to notice some changes. My T-Zone started breaking out and my right cheek is breaking out with large zits. Also where my glasses rub on the bridge of my nose, I had one or two zits that were still under the skin, now I have three HUGE!!! Ones (I think they may be cysts, oh how I hate them!) my skin is also a little flaky, as if the dead skin the Epiduo is ridding of is piling on t
  24. nick-o-lass

    Day 19!

    My breakouts came back They seem to be starting to go away though again. Hopefully it gets better soon. I havent really had any symptoms except dry lips and the occasional sore knees. Im still in the beginning of this journey. Im still using the basis cleaner clean face wash and I am spot treating with the Acne.org benzoyl peroxide then I follow with the Earth Sciences unscented moisturizer which literally makes it so my skin isnt dry at all. Theres antioxidants in it as well which can he