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Found 60 results

  1. Hi, of course acne is depressing, but I live with clinical depression no matter what my skin is doing. This is a great resource to be able to get support for dealing with the frustrating problem of acne, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any online support forums geared toward those living with depression? I'd really like to find a similar support site with places to share coping strategies, tips on managing this illness in school/work/life, medication stories, emotional support, etc.
  2. For anyone interested to treat in the chicago and california area http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01704209 http://findfocusgroups.com/paid-study-1501.html
  3. I was flipping through a magazine and saw this add for Oxy Clinical acne treatment and went to their web site where you could get a free sample. I Just got it in the mail today, i haven't used it and was wondering if anyone has used it? Heres the site oxyclinical check it out and let me know what you think
  4. I ordered this from my neighbor (I know, it's MUCH cheaper on ebay, but I like to support my community). My plan is to alternate with the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner. Here's my question for those of you who use it. As it is an glycolic acid product, I would prefer to use it at night. However the directions say to use it in the AM. Does it really matter? Does your skin care what time it is? Second is it still safe to use the neutrogena toner in the mornings when I use the Avon at night (in ot
  5. Has anyone tried Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel? I've read really good reviews about it, and I'd like to find something to help with my red marks and over all complexion. But would like to hear some feedback before I take the plunge and buy another product. Thanks in advance. Would like to hear anyones experiences with it.
  6. http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT0051...cars&rank=4 I would have thought recruitment was closed, but the site says it is open. Anybody in the Chicago area may want to look into this.
  7. My chin area broke out like never before after swtiching from Oxy BP 10% wash to their solutions pack. It's a 2% SA wash, 5% BP treatment and 0.2 SA moisturizer. Is this normal to have initial breakout? Or am i allergic to SA?
  8. Hello Guys! I'm new to Acne.org and I really could use everyone's help! So i'm 19 and my face broke out worse than it has ever before. WHen I was in high school, I struggled with moderate acne on my checks. I've been to dermatologist and nothing worked, only maybe a little. As time went on, I ate better and exercised on a daily basis and my acne was fading away! i was left with scars but not too bad! Well as I turned 19, back in October, my face has never been this bad before. My face is honestl
  9. Hi, Recently I have read about this new product called BIOS Clinical Acne System which uses BP in combination with a topical probiotic. I think that it is called Streptococcus Thermopiles. This strain of bacteria is found in yogurt, i think a lot stronger in greek yogurt. My question is if anyone has tried this and had results? Its fairly new so i don't expect a lot of people to respond. But after reading the yogurt mask reviews on this site, and looking into the topic a bit, it seems promisin
  10. Hi there, Does anyone out there live in the Los Angeles area and if so have you ever thought of participating in an Acne Clinical Trial Study where you get to use products free of charge to see if they work for you? If you have what was the experience like? I'm thinking of participating in a clinical trial with a local company and just wanted some feedback as to what it was like? Was the experience positive did you get resutls? Thanks Annette
  11. I've been using Max Clarity and honestly I am not loving it anymore, I am breaking out constantly and my face is always oily, its like it stopped working! anyways, i went to Walgreens and I saw Oxy Clinical They have a TRY ME kit for less than 10 bucks It states it kills 99% acne bacteria in 8 hours - PRETTY BOLD CLAIM anyway,i am using it and will report back if my skin improves by FRIDAY , i am canceling the oher stuff!
  12. Has anyone here been actually diagnosed? Shortly after turning 21, my perception of myself got worse. I felt like I was truly a young adult and that my acne was only getting worse, not better. My self-disgust was a big part of the reason that my long-term relationship ended last summer. I would get angry any time my girlfriend even touched my shoulder or something. I went on a diet of almost nothing but orange juice, almonds, and light beer. I exercised constantly, and I purged several times.
  13. This thread is to be used ONLY to post the links to clinical studies on Accutane. It is here as a resource for everyone in the forum. Linking to sites OTHER than clinical studies is not acceptable. Please post any questions or discussion topics elsewhere so that this thread does not get unnecessarily cluttered. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING WILL BE TOLERATED. Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be invis'd.
  14. Dr Murad Alam is looking for 8 more people to do his gov. clinical trial for subcision and filler. I had it done yesterday. I drove 31/2 hrs there to have it done. The article that Praisethelordfor just cited is one of his research trials. I told him I would put the word out. Google his name.
  15. Just wondering if there are any websites that you may know where the have info on recruiting volunteers for their clinical studies on acne. Anything from birth control pills to drugs like spiro or accutane. The idea popped in my head just today but I'm not sure where to go and find details about such trials. I live in the UK by the way. Thanks!
  16. I have started hearing loud murmurings about this product: http://www.isclinical.com/active_serum.html with everyone saying how AMAZING it is, etc, etc. Frankly, for £61 per bottle I'll be expecting it to remove all the calories from chocolate as well! I was just wondering if anyone here had heard anything about it? You'll have to copy and paste the link I'm afraid... There's also this one! http://www.isclinical.com/pro_heal_serum.html
  17. I'm new here and this is a great site! I have got a lot of great information by reading on this site! I have a question for anyone who might be able to help. Has anyone used Avon's “ANEW clinical advanced retexturizing peel†for acne? My friend said her sister used it and her skin looks better then ever. I want to know if this is a good product and if anyone has tried it with any luck or adverse effects. I've tried so many products that haven’t worked I don’t want to waste any more
  18. Anyone try this yet? The avon website shows that people have great results in 1 week. What do you think? Thanks.
  19. I don't know if that has been discussed before but I just found out about an alternative and drugless cure to clinical depression. The things about drugs for depression is not only that they're unhealthy but their effectiveness in treating, improving or reversing depression is less than 20% I have this cousing of mine who is 18 and she has been suffering from bad depression for years She have always be scared, overlwhelmed, irritable, edgy and would often cry for hours and no one know how to he
  20. http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?produ...rentPage=search let me know about this stuff or if it works. Thanks! Clinical Solutionsâ„¢ Beauty Clearâ„¢ Total Acne System
  21. Hey everyone! I hope this doesn't come off as sounding too gimicky and advertisementish. I promise I'm not a spam bot! My name is Kensi. Last year I participated in a very small clinical trial for a take-home laser product that helps with acne. My results were fantastic, and they are now offering $400 to participants for a much larger clinical trial! Here's the good stuff: I had NO side effects and they cannot foresee any possible side effects It's easy to use Participants thus far
  22. I can't participate in this, but it may interest you if you live near Chicago: ---------------------------- Effect of Subcision and Suction on Acne Scars This study is currently recruiting participants. Verified September 2012 by Northwestern University Sponsor: Northwestern University ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT01696513 First received: September 14, 2012 Last updated: September 27, 2012 ---------------------------- More info here: http://clinicaltrial...how/NCT01696513 --
  23. http://www.cosmopharmaceuticals.com/activities/pipeline/cb.aspx I've been keeping an eye on this product for some time now. It's a topical oil reducer. If you live in USA you have a chance to get into the clinical trial which have recently started: http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01631474?term=cb-03-01&rank=1 Of course I live in Melbourne, Australia so it's off limits for me!
  24. Do you have psoriasis? Are you dissatisfied with your current treatments? If so, you may want to consider participation in a clinical trial. You may qualify for this trial if you are 18 years or older and have had psoriasis for at least six months. Call 1-866-9-DERMIS to see if you qualify or if a study site is located near you. Also you can check out www.psoriasisclinicaltrial.com for more information. Please pass this on to friends and family that might benefit.
  25. Just wanted to post my results. I know it's early, but after only three applications, using every other day, there has been a significant reduction in my red marks. They are still there, but are fading very fast - even the ones that have been there quite some time. Hopefully they will continue to fade with use. Has anyone else used this, what were your results? BTW - I purchased mine from e-bay and not Avon and it was 1/2 price!