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Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Coco-Sulfate, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Starch, 1-Octadecanol, Paraffin, C17789, Talcum, Heilmoor Clay, Water, Glycerin, Chlorey’nahre (CLO), Polyglucuronic Acid, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Chamonilla Matricaria (Chamomile) Extract.

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July 9, 2010


Easy to use, takes place of multi-step regimens, affordable compared to other acne treatments, non-toxic, can be used for other things besides acne


healing period, cannot find in local retail

I love the Wonderbar and it has changed my skin for the better. The healing period for me was more breakouts than normal and dryness around my mouth and nose. It wasn't that bad. There was a letter that said to only use plain moisturizer and a good block that is physical. I did wear liquid foundation during the first six weeks and it was fine. I called to ask about the brands they recommended and they told me as long as it did not contain salyicylic acid or spf, that I was ok. When they say plain, they mean plain. They say not to use some mineral powders, but I had already stopped several months before starting the Wonderbar. The best thing was that once my acne cleared, my skin was balanced and now I feel I can go out of my house without makeup. My pores are practically gone and my skin texture has improved a ton. I still have an occasional hormonal breakout, but they go away faster than they used to. Also, once you have used it for a while and you are used to it, you can start to use other things like vitamin serums and other products that cannot be used in the beginning. Give this a try, I haven't found anything else that has worked as well for me.
July 8, 2010


Very easy 1 step routine, removes redness from my skin, good for about any kind of skin irritation (razor bumps, etc), amazing customer service, Only 1 product (compared to needing many products and many steps), brings down the inflammation of zits almost immediately


"Healing Crisis", Very expensive for a small bar, cannot use make up (especially mineral make-up), very sensitive to any other products which could mess up the entire integrity of the bar

I have dealt with acne ever since I was in 7th grade. I had nothing to lose, and read only raving reviews. They claim it's a wonder bar that acts as a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, and moisturizer, and works to detoxify your skin. It did sound too good to be true, but I read so many amazing reviews that I had to try it. But of course there is a catch - most people go through a "healing crisis" which is what they describe when the bar detoxifies your skin and brings out all the "gunk" in it. Of course this causes acne. Although it took away almost all the redness in my skin, I definitely went through the healing crisis, and had a lot of painful pimples. The bar would bring down the painfulness of the zits but new ones always showed up, especially cyst ones (though I have always had issues with that kind). So now I have a bunch of zits on my face. But, I cannot cover it up with make-up, especially mineral make-up, because it mixes badly with the bar. They suggest to wait until your skin is totally clear and adjusted before you use make-up again (which they claim you wont have to eventually). I tried this bar for 2 months, and used make-up very lightly and only for occasions. They also suggest to use cetaphil or a very plain moisture like it. I picked out olay, with a bit of sunscreen it to protect my skin. 2 months later after going through the healing crisis I also find out that you should NOT get plain moisturizer with sunscreen it because that will mess up the effects of the bar too. By now I am extremely frustrated, not only because I spent a bunch of money on it, but because I do not see the results. So I must say this is hard for me to recommend to people. I just wanted to warn people because it is becoming the new beauty craze. But, I see a lot of amazing reviews still, so I suppose it works for some. Just be forewarned.