Clearasil : Ultra Overnight Wash

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August 29, 2013
hated it


dries out your skin
makes skin condition worse

i tried this out when only had a couple of small spots i used it for 3 days and it brought me out in massive cyst like spots that took about a week to get rid of and it dried out my skin so badly even when i was moistureising it was still making my skin flaky would not reccomend
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July 3, 2012


smells good.


drys face.
didn't improve acne.

About a month ago my skin was great, almost perfect. But then I started to break out a little so I went to the store to find a solution. I figured this would be perfect so I could just put it on at night. The first time I used this it really hurt and dried out my face. I thought that maybe that just means its working. I woke up and saw no difference on my face. its been over a week now and my acne has gone from bad, to worse. Its making my acne worse and worse and im done with this. maybe this works for others but not for me.
June 19, 2012


-You See Results Overnight
-Does Exactly What It Says
-Smells Okay
-Can Use In Shower
-Makes Pimples Smaller


-Can Make Your Face Feel Kinda Tightish
-Doesn't Really Last Long

OHMYGOODNESS! I bought this on a whim literally. Basically I grabbed the cheapest thing on the shelf and this just so happened to be it. This works REALLY good. Its light and creamy and you can use it in the shower with no problem. You can see and FEEL it healing your acne. I love love love this product. When I used it I had about three huge pimples on my forehead and I used this product with the overnight lotion and they were noticeably smaller. It also reduces scarring. Sidenote: I also bought the overnight lotion to go with this and together they work WONDERS. I absolutely recommend this!! You can get it at like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Dollar General. Places like that. And its pretty cheap as well.
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December 11, 2011


Smells amazing!
Fades scars a tad bit
Helps make pimples less red
Makes pimples smaller overnight
Doesn't leave your skin feeling tight
Has a little lock so it won't spill
Doesn't cost all that much
Has a lotion that comes w it (:


Can be irritating you wash more than twice

I have horribly bad acne on my forehead and I needed a nighttime wash so I bought this and the overnight lotion. Both of these are simply AMAZING! This reduced my pimples noticeably overnight. And it also gave me this nice glow. Its extremely amazing and I highly reccomend it. Oh and I suppose it could possibly dry your skin but I bought the overnight lotion whoch basically lessens the noticablity as well so I never that problem.
August 9, 2011


-cool bottle
-nice smell
-minimizes acne size and breakouts
-ridiculously good for oily skin
-very cheap! ( i got a free bottle, but its usually somewhere around 2.75 where I am)


-in some cases results do not last for long

Im 19 and I used Clearasil products for 2 years when i was 15 and 16 and had awful acne. My acne never got better so I stopped using clearasil. I decided to finally come back to Clearasil because none of the other products i was using (I was using alot: Aveeno, Clean and Clear, CVS acne wash, Neutrogena, DDF, Noxezema, Biore, and Walgreens washes) and NONE gave me the results I hoped for. So I bought this and the Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Face Wash and I've begun to use the two. The overnight wash does what the label says. It really does make redness fade and it really helps flatten those unflattering bumps. At one point, a few months ago, my acne was COMPLETELY GONE with this! Unfortunately it did come back when I was under massive stress, but It does work! I would surely recommend this product!
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June 22, 2011


- fades acne overnight
- nice smell
- has a lock so the liquid wont spill-


- results may vary
- can be irratating on skin
- be cautious so it wont go into
the eye because it can be unbearable and
extremely irritating

I started using this when i decided to begin to use the brand Clearasil. After using it the next day after when i woke up i noticed that the acne on my face seemed to get smaller. This definetly got me excited because i never had results this fast. The first few times i used this porduct it stung a little but fortunately my skin became used to it and the irritation decreased and it didnt sting anymore. Unlike the first time sometimes i wouldnt see as much results but this product definetly helped my acne and theres a huge difference from then and now. i still have acne on my face and hope that as i continue to use this product i hope it will at least releave me of most of my acne. I do reccomend this but if you have dry skin when using this i reccomend you use lotion because it can be drying. Also be cautious if you have sensitive because this can be slightly irritating to the skin.
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June 15, 2011


the first time i washed my self with this cleanser and applied the matching face lotion... i saw a difference- THAT DAY! i was so happy. eventually i stopped since i saw a different product i wanted to try. but then i started using it again and it cleared my skin.


i have combination skin and it made me a little dry.

i do not reccomend using this during the winter because for me, i used it during the winter and summer and during the winter it made me dry even with a moisturizer.
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