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April 18, 2018
Cause my skin to purge with bumps /whiteheads
I have acne prone skin and left over acne scarring. I needed something that would moisturize my skin and help minimize my scars without irritating my already crazy skin. Wanting to go for the natural route I went on my search for the right oil. I first tried tamanu oil for about a week. It was moisturizing and my skin did feel good... at first.... but slowly I started to have small bumps. Mostly around my nose and chin which then turn into whiteheads. Really disappointed, I really wanted it to work for me as it did for many others. It took a week to get rid of these bumps and white head, using apple cider vinegar. On to my next oil, Rosehip seed oil....
June 16, 2017
Horrible reaction!
I broke out everywhere in tiny little closed comedones. It was terrible and took a while to clear up. I even tried it again to make sure it wasn't something else and the same thing happened. Obviously for some people this stuff works but I would definitely recommend a patch test for a few days to see before putting it on your entire face. Also, I bought high quality tamanu oil and still had an issue. Be careful!
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October 8, 2017
This happened to me the second time I tried Tamanu oil. Mine ran out and I ordered one from Mountain Rose herbs. The first day I tried it I got tiny pimples all over my forehead and cheeks and was a little shocked because it never did it before. I started adding a home made apple cider vinegar (extremly diluted) toner to my routine and the breakouts dissappeared within a few days. I've never had that happen before but I am super happy. I'm still using both products today without any problems.
December 10, 2013
Oh, what the hell! Why not?!


Cost effective

I started using Tamanu oil about a week ago, so this isn't really an overall review due to the fact that I need to give it some more time. I have moderate acne, and I've had it since I was thirteen. I've been to dermatologists, used prescription and over the counter products with not much luck in improving the problem. I never felt as though it was severe enough to take the Accutane (spelling?) route, which seemed/seems like a rather painful one. My skin is oily. My skin is sensitive. My skin is easily irritated. My skin...is a bitch. Recently the weather here in Oregon took a rather strange turn and became incredibly dry and cold, and my face downright HURT. So, not only was it acne ridden, but it was dry AND oily AND painful. I started doing research on more natural approaches to acne and skin care in general, and figured I would put what I learned to a test. I mean, why not? Nothing else was working anyway. In the morning I've been cleansing my face with raw honey, and in the evening to remove the small amount of makeup I wear I've been doing the "oil cleanse". I use a small mix of grapeseed, tamanu and tea tree oil. Then I dab/massage a small amount of tamanu and tea tree on my entire face. The results? Well. Thus far it hasn't done much to improve the acne. However, my skin is no longer irritated and it seems to be helping with its overall tone. Which is kinda cool. It also doesn't seem to be making my problem any worse, which is also awesome. The price is right, a little goes a long way, and at least my skin is just ugly now as opposed to ugly and painful. If you happen to have a similar freakish problem to mine, go ahead, try it! What do you have to lose?
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October 20, 2013
Wonderful acne oil!


Lightened scars
Calms acne



I'm not so sure why everyone else's experience with tamanu oil was less than positive, but it works great for me. I would DEFINITELY under every circumstance recommend buying it from mountain rose herbs. The oil is green, and smells like trees. It's pure, cold pressed and unrefined oil from certified organic Tamanu Nuts. I'm sure the quality has something to do with the difference in results. Anyway, I've used this oil every night for about 4 or 5 months. It absorbs completely. I use about a pea sized drop, mixed with a drop of lavender, tea tree, and frankincense essential oil. My acne is extremely severe, caused by a mix of diet and hormones. Although this mixture doesn't cure it, it definitely controls my skin! It looks so much better when I wake up in the morning! It's more affordable than other brands I've seen. $12.25 for 4 oz.
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August 24, 2015
That's really great but I'd suggest to stop using the lavender and frankincense essential/fragrance oils on your face as these are irritants. Veronica Gorgeoise on Youtube and Paula's Choice are great sources of information. They cover what you need to know about particular ingredients.
June 17, 2013
Not All Tamanu Oil Is Created equal
Just looking at the color of this oil suggests to me that it is very poor quality. Raw, unrefined Tamanu Oil in its pure form is not this light color. It probably isn't even pure Tamanu Oil but some diluted down version and the low price strongly suggests this. The best Tamanu Oil comes from Vanuatu and then only from the Tamanu Trees that grow naturally by the seashore. While I am a strong advocate of Tamanu Oil, I couln't recommend this stuff as pictured and it is no wonder the buyer never got the sort of fast and effective results you'd normally see.
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March 3, 2012


Natural, of course
Smells good


Drying, oddly enough
Did not help heal acne or red marks

I've been using this for a month so maybe thats not long enough to write a completely fair review. I had my hopes up on this one. So first few weeks my skin just got rough and dry. My red marks seemed more noticeable. So then i started using more. Dryness got better but started breaking out a bit and again, red marks seemed worse. Bleh. This morning after i took a shower, which always seems drying for me because our water is not filtered, I used my old moisturizer (Egyptian Magic) and my skin looks a whole lode better. Just complexion wise. So, for me, tamanu oil didn't really work. I may try to return it or i might keep it to keep trying on stretch marks.
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February 16, 2012


It seems that it can help fight bacteria, whenever my acne get itchy I will put tamanu oil on then the itchiness will disappear.
very moisturizing. Maybe can make some small pimples dry up faster.


I don't think its an effective acne fighter.

really, I think it will work better for wrinkles or dehydrated skin but not acne prone skin. It's oil and the oil can not be absorbed by skin completely. I have a lot of acne on my face, I don't think Tamanu oil helps at all. I checked it out on Google before purchase, but i think all the acne related stuffs are schemes.
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December 26, 2011


Very moisturizing
Evens skin tone
Does not clog pores
Only need a small amount


Does nothing for red marks
Doesn't help breakouts
Smells a bit strong-spicy!

I have been using this religiously for three To four weeks every morning and night, particularly on red marks and scarring and I would have to say that it has not really helped much. My skin tone is great and I did not breakout from this. It is a great moisturizer. I used it on a fresh burn and it did help heel it super fast. Not sure why it didn't work on my red marks and scars:-( Everyone is different though. Ladies on makeup alley swear by this!!
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January 12, 2011


Smells good, moisturizes as well as petroleum.

I just started using this a couple days ago on my face for acne and on my arms for pityriasis alba. I will see what happens, so far it doesn't do much...kind of has the same affects as putting Vaseline on my skin.
September 7, 2010


Shrinks acne without drying at all, improves overall complexion


kind of expensive

this product is absolutely amazing. I had used benzoyl peroxide and salyclic acid, but they just weren't working. This oil mixture shrunk my pimples without causing them to dry up like bp does. It moisturizes my skin too, and i noticed an improvement in my overall complexion. My skin just feels so much better, and it looks it, too! I use it with purpose bar soap and that seems to be the perfect combination for me! (i have combination skin, oily t-zone with dry cheeks.)