Dr Stuart's : Skin Purify Herbal Tea

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Red clover (24%), nettle leaves (18%), dandelion leaves (18%), burdock root, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon peel, natural lemon flavor.

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January 22, 2015
New Trier
Hi All, I'm new to trying this tea. I'd greatly appreciate any advice/reviews/thoughts on this tea? So far i'm liking it i must say.
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October 4, 2011


A miracle! This stuff really works! I was browsing the supermarket for tea when I came across this gem. I was suffering from a horrible breakout at the time. After ONE DAY, I could notice a difference in the level of inflammation in my skin. A week and a half later: my acne is almost all gone.

I've been drinking a cup of tea a day before bed, with two teabags each.

No nasty side effects. And it tastes great.



Buy it! It's worth far more than the 2 pounds (3 dollars?) it costs!
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Vain girl
September 9, 2009


Have always had really clear skin, the odd pimple here and there but nothing drastic. Then I turned 25, and got a big old spot on my chin & infected. Hadnt been able to get rid. Tried EVERYTHING. Nothing worked.Saw this in the health shop. looks nice


Tastes pretty gross, I'm not a big herbal tea drinker, but thought I'd give it a shot. Added honey & then it tasted great. Im used to it now & actually quite look forward to my relaxing drink.

I have noticed a massive difference. I thought I was just imagining it & also was drinking more water. But I always drink lots of water and never got this result. I really think it's worth trying this secret weapon out. Who knew that a tea could help so much, I look far more radiant & the stubborn spots on my chin seem to have nearly gone. I heard that spots on the chin are often due to liver problems so I guess the fact that the stuff in it makes your liver work less hard makes complete sense. Try it.
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July 10, 2009


Skin much clearer in a week, when spots do come up they are a lot less prominent and red. Easy to work into day to day routine. I think it is relatively inexpenses considering that 20 bags will last 10 day - I drink two cups per da


I guess some people may not like the taste, but as a regular green tea/ herbal tea drinker, I think it tastes fine

I don't have severe acne, but suffer from regular isolated break outs. Have used it in the run up to my wedding, and have noticed a marked improvement. Spots just don't seem to appear as frequently and when they do they are a lot less inflamed/red. Will continue to use regularly, as skin is noticably clearer
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January 18, 2009


It works for me; the taste grows on you; pretty packaging.


A little pricey for tea (but inexpensive when compared to other acne treatments); the taste may take some getting used to if you're not into herbal teas (maybe add some honey if you don't like it); not widely sold in stores.

I had really bad hormonal acne after I went off the pill~ like, the cystic stuff along your jawline and cheeks. I figured I'd give this a try (I confess- it was the cool packaging). I drank 1 cup every day for a week and honestly, around day 3 I was totally blown away. First the redness really went down, and then I noticed I didn't have any new stuff happening. Now I just drink a cup every few days. I wasn't sure about the taste at first- it's a little "grassy." I got used to it after the first 2 days and now I sort of crave it. It does contain red clover, which increases fertility, so watch out if you don't want any/ any more wee ones. If you're interested, give it a shot. Also, just be gentle with your skin. Don't squeeze anything. Don't pick. Don't scratch. Help your body heal.
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January 27, 2008


- Cleanses the blood with a blend of red clover,burdock,dandilion also with lemon juice.
All these herbs are well known for spot fighting properties.
It kept the amount of pimples I had breaking out greatly.


-Wont be to everyones taste if your not a herbal tea drinker
- Slightly pricer than standard nettle tea but for the other herbs in it its worth it

This product will cleanse blood of toxins which in turn makes less work for the liver resulting in less breakouts . I had one a day and that was enough to make a difference.
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