Neutrogena : Rapid Clear Oil Eliminating Foaming Cleanser

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Water, Potassium Stearate, Glycerin, PEG 8, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Myristate, Potassium Lactate, Stearic Acid, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera), Glyceryl Stearate, PEG 100 Stearate, Fragrance.

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January 23, 2017
There are better Options!
I used this product for over 2 months and It didn't make my face any better but it also didn't make it worse. The only thing I really didn't like about it is that it left a film on my face for the rest of the day. And that made me concerned that if I continued to use it that it would clog more pores. I obviously switched products to prevent that from happening. I believe there are better options out there. But again it wasn't terrible!
April 11, 2016
I have oily acne prone skin and this works really well for me. It made my skin feel very clean. I don't have active acne but I think this will irritate acne because it contains parfum as an ingredient. My skin is not sensitive so I can get away with this.
November 6, 2011


-Eliminates oil.
-helps clear skin
-does not dry out or irritate skin (even sensitive skin!)
-Somewhat moderately priced



IT WORKS! I've used it for 5 weeks and i havent needed to use oil absorbing sheets since! It's incredible! My face feels soft after using it and it looks freshly washed ALL day! Now since oil doesnt clog my pores, my skin looks clear and great.I never used neutrogena cause their products never worked for me until this came along! I'm so happy i bought this! You should DEFINITELY try it out! (if anyone from carrabasset valley is reading this: you can't buy it anywhere in town, hahaha, you've gotta make your way to bangor or portland) ANYWAY: TRY IT! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!
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August 14, 2011


- smells like peaches and nectarines


- made my skin VERY irritated
- gave me MORE acne
- made my skin rash out and red
- made my skin dry when I DIDN'T use a moisturizer
- made my skin oily when I DID use moisturizer

I only used this for about 2 days and it didn't make my skin better, but worse. My skin became very irritated on day 2 and the growth of my acne increased. After that, the sections of my face that I used this cleanser the most on started to rash and it also made my skin even more oily or dry depending if I used a moisturizer. Bottom line: it did no good for my skin and acne
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July 31, 2011


you only need a pea sized amount, it foams up well


it dried out my skin and made it feel tight, and i have VERY oily skin so it's very strange
i think it kind of smells weird

DO NOT use if your skin is dry, normal or combination. ONLY use if your skin is oily. i'm not sure if it helps with acne, i have to give it 2 more weeks.
May 9, 2011


-Got rid of major breakouts and prevented new ones from forming
-Worked better then all other acne solutions iv tried :)


-The blackheads would pop out around my nose alot and chin so I'd use som kind of pore scrub or Neutrogena Wave to stop that
-Slowly more acne appered after a month or more but that's because you skin gets used to it so if just use another product for a month and alternate

Worked great! Cleared my skin in less then 4 days:) Best thing iv ever tried!! DEFINATLY RECCOMEND IT IT!! :)
March 25, 2011




Dried out my face to the point of peeling!

This was just way too harsh on my skin.
March 20, 2011


Got rid of my acne!
Left my skin really smooth


Stopped working after 1 month :(
Makes skin dry (but just use lotion and it'll be fine)

My skin got more clear than it had ever been before when I used this twice a day. But after around a month, I started getting acne again!! It wasn't because I stopped using it either...
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January 3, 2011


smells good, makes skin soft! and really works!


uumm nothin that i know of

So i had acne for about 2 years now and i tried everything and nothing really worked they all made my skin peel and my skin didnt feel soft after using the acne products i tried.But i just recently went to walmart and this little bottle caught my eye and i thought i should give it a try and i've been using it for a week now and it turned out to be a great product! I love it alot! I see major changes and i hope it completely relieves my acne for good! You should definatley try it!
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December 4, 2010


Clears my skin better than anything I've used
Keeps skin from being oily for long periods of time
Foams really nicely, one of the problems I have with face cleansers is I don't like having to feel my face when I'm washing it but this keeps me from having to feel my skin too much.
Works through my period.
I think it works well with any acne medication.


Not really a con but just make sure to use it everyday or breakouts will form.

Wonderful, I've had major breakouts for the past few months due to stress and my normal routine wasn't working, and now this works better than my prescription cleanser ever did. Get it, you'll be happy.
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