Zovia : Oral Contraceptive

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Light Pink tablet
Active Ingredients:
Ethynodiol Diacetate and Ethinyl Estradiol.

Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose (anhydrous), magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polacrilin potassium, and povidone. In addition, the coloring agents are D&C Red No. 30 Aluminum Lake and D&C Yellow No. 10 Aluminum Lake.

White Tablet (Placebo)
Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose (anhydrous), magnesium stearate and microcrystalline cellulose.

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August 30, 2022
Works somewhat, but not great

Work some for my cystic acne but not much for my very oily skin and scalp.  Zovia 1/35 is a generic of Demulen 1/35 which contains 35 mcg ethinyl estradiol and 1 mg ethynodiol diacetate.  Before I was taking Mircette and completely clear up my acne and greatly reduced sebum.  It is notorious for blood clots so I sought out a safer option with a first generation pill, Zovia.  My pharmacy usually gives me whatever they have in stock, so this a review for TWO generics going by the same name Zovia but made by different manufacturers.  


Zovia (by Watson-Teva)  This has the least side effects of all the birth control pills that were prescribed to me.  I took this for one and a half years.  I liked it that it did not mess with my moods and I actually felt calm and confident.  With this pill, I never had a full blown break out with really painful cysts, but I had large oily pores and inflamed skin with reddish pre-zit lesions.   Like the reviewer below, my skin was less oily during placebo days.  So I wonder how androgenic Zovia is?  The higher levels of estrogen made my hair become thicker and softer.  My skin felt moist, never dry.  That’s great.  BUT I’m left with bulging varicose veins on my hands.


Zovia (by Mayne)  The varicose veins resolved.  That great.  BUT my skin and hair became extremely oily on this pill.  My whole head felt like it was dipped in cooking oil.  I can feel myself breaking out.  My moods were messed up.  Into my second month, I was feeling very depressed and self conscious.  My blood pressure shot up to 150/85 and I’ve never had problems before.  I had to go off immediately or else I’ll end up with a stroke.


The most anti-androgenic pill I’ve tried is Yaz.  My skin was 100% clear and I go without shampooing for 4 days.  Mircette, Desogen, Mercilon were great for my acne too and does not cause dry eyes like I had with Yaz.  But it’s too bad they all cause insomnia, depression, and anxiety.  

July 31, 2017
Not Sure...
I have been taking this birth control for almost 5 months now. Around the 3 month mark my skin started breaking out. I am clear on the placebo pills but then start breaking out again once the hormone pills start again. Do I just need to wait it out longer? Or should I switch pills?