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January 28, 2018
Too good to be true!
My acne is under control thanks to the regimen but I know in the back of my mind I can break out at any moment especially after shaving. I shave with beard trimmers usually, they don't irritate my skin but they don't provide me with a close shave either. I feel I'm forever doomed to looking like shaggy from Scooby-Doo. I read reviews online about the Philips one blade and managed to convince myself that this was going to be the magical razor. This razor was going to provide me with a close shave without irritation. I was quick to purchase one and decided to go for a wet shave as I wanted a smooth and fresh finish. This product can perform both wet or dry close shaves. I was confident that I would expirence no flare ups as my skin was doing well and I had not broke out in a long time. Along with the sensitive skin recommendations that come with this razor I felt the Philips was going to be blizz and would become my trusty companion when I needed a close irritation free shave. The performance was good and the shave was close and I felt lovely and fresh afterwards. I was impressed particularly as my neck was not irritated as usually is the case when I finish shaving. However fast forward 24 hours and my chin broke out in angry red acne with glorious yellow heads. I knew it was coming as the shave felt too good to be true. The break out on my chin was bad and angry with lots of yellow heads. Thankfully the regimen has got this breakout under control and I feel I should be back to normal after a week or two. I'm wondering if I should have skipped the wet shave with this product and just did it dry. Maybe that would have been less irritating for my skin. I'm curious to know but I don't know if I have the courage to try again. Once this breakout goes away and if I build up the courage I will try it dry and will post my results online. I'm desperate to be able to have a close shave and I believe it's just about finding the right razor with the correct shaving routine and it can be done without irritation. I'm pondering about trying a safety razor as I've heard good things about the razor and the shaving techniques that you have to employ when using it. I hope they provide better results than the Phillips one blade or should I say the acne blade. I appreciate we all have different skin types and the Phillips one blade could work for you it just didn't for me so I'm a little bitter! Hope this was helpful Will Mc Oh and lastly I spent 45 pounds on mine and I may never use it again. Ouch!!!!!!!
June 1, 2017
Good affordable shaver
this is a great cheap electric shaver because this does not cause irritation on active breakouts IMO.