Himalaya Pure Herbs : Neem, Systemic Purifier

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Organic neem leaf (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.) standardized supercritical CO2 extract (20% Bitters containing Nimbidin – 10 mg), Organic neem leaf standardized extract (4% Bitters containing Nimbidin – 8 mg), Organic neem stem powder (1% Bitters -3.5 mg).

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September 12, 2014
its okay
i took neem for about 4 months and did not see any results , but it didn't hurt as well
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September 29, 2011


-Helps minimize mild to moderate acne- i.e. you will get fewer spots/scars etc, though it won't clear it entirely.
-Not extortionately expensive


-Difficult to find.
-Takes a while to work

Essentially, this stuff is great. Don't expect to look airbrushed anytime soon, but actually (to clarify on my usage) i've been using this very much on and off for years. When i've used it my skin has gotten better. Don't expect it to clear everything anytime as it does take time to be worked into the bloodstream, but, if you're prepared to put the time in (i advise between two and three months for full working power) it will produce decent results. Reminder- this is not a miracle cure, but if you add it to your regime, things are only going to get better.
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January 18, 2011


Doesn't really help my pimple face. But my eczema skin doesn't look that red.



I don't think it's working for my face and hair. My hair is still dropping =.= But my eczema is getting better. Probably because of this. So try this if you have eczema. It could make it better, like this has done for me.
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August 27, 2010


Cleared my cystic acne
Glowing skin
Shiny, healthy hair
No side effects



I have been taking the supplements for about 2 months. My skin has never looked better! The only thing left are the scars left from the years of cystic acne. My skin looks clear, smooth, bright, and soft. Even my bacne has cleared and the eczema I was suffering from has gone away. I take two a day, one in the morning and one in the evening after a meal. I have not suffered from any side effects like I did with other supplements such as Zinc. Bottom line is, it has worked wonders for me when nothing else did. I use this with the other products from this line. I don't normally post reviews like this, only read them! But, after looking at my skin today, I realized that I had to post something to make someone else out there aware that there may be another solution to your acne problems. I really didn't think there was going to be another solution other than taking the antibiotics again but those gave me such severe side effects I had to stop. Even then, it just diminished my acne but I didn't feel healthy and my eyes were a weird color. With this supplement, I haven't felt anything different with my body. I just see that my hair is shiny and healthy where before it was dry and dull. My skin is glowing with NO ACNE, esp no cystic acne!!! Every morning I touch my cheek area where for years there was always one, and it is just smoooooooth. I am so happy and satisfied. I am running out and I can't find it anywhere here in the US (I bought it while on vacation outside of the US) and so I found it on [link removed]. I am relieved to know they sell it there so it is convenient for me. Good luck to you and hopefully this will be the one that works for you like it was for me.
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