Neem Aura : Neem Seed Oil

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October 11, 2012


Heals acne, de-congests pores, dries up huge cystic zits overnight, not over-drying, never clogs the pores even though it's oil! Also cheap and all natural and organic.


None at all! However some people may find the smell annoying. But I actually like it.

Trust me I have been suffering from acne for 12 years and tried absolutely everything that was ever invented for this problem - saw many dermatologists, tried lasers and other devices... I also tried many oils in the hope that they would reduce my own oil production (when I gave up on conventional medicine and decided to try holistic) and it made my skin AWFUL!!! Those oils include coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, Dr. Hauschka and Decleor oils for balancing oily skin... and after looking horrendous I swore never to get any oil close to my face! Now I am into all natural products and one product at my health store just sparked my curiosity - cold pressed neem oil. I bought it not really knowing what I would do with it.... I was too afraid to put it on my skin - that was out of question. So one day I had an awful acne outbreak on my back - all the pores were so clogged and inflamed. I decided (since there was nothing to loose) to put neem oil overnight. And I was so amazed when I got up in the morning with 100% clear back - yes, no single zit or clogged pore!!!! I couldn't believe it and thought I lost my mind! So next day I put it on my face (I was still a little scared) and it had the exact same effect!!!! 100% clearing and no single clogged pore!!! I swear! I thought all oils are evil for acne skin, but apparently not this one! It literally saved me - I am not canceling a party because of looking awful - actually I look amazing now and want everyone to see my face:) Don't be afraid - try it. It may change your life forever!
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