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March 10, 2013


Cleared up most of my acne in one week


None except phobia of it causing acne
Not recommended for Females. Males can benefit from the hormones that females can't tolerate.

I have heard time and time again that milk is supposed to cause acne. I cut milk out and it didn't cleared it but made it worse. I add milk back in and my more then half of my acne went away. Im sure if your a female you wont be able to handle the effects of the hormones in milk. For men a small amount of testosterone is a good thing for the skin.
February 7, 2011


-it works!
-helps and heals acne
-fades scars!!
-fast results!!


Don't use if your allergic

Not many people have heard about this, so I thought I would write a review! Milk help soften and smooth the skin. It also has good bateria to help acne. Milk will also exfoliate the skin, so it help with acne scars!it's also a good anti aging remedy! I have been using milk on my skin for a few months now and my skin has not look this good since I was a child. The acne that I had as a teenager has left some VERY bad acne scars. Im currently 24 years old and I still get acne and since my skin scars easily I get new acne scars also. Every night I fill up a little bowl of milk and soak a cotton pad in it . After I wash my face I wipe the cotton pad over my skin. And I let it dry. Then I go to bed! The milk kinda drys like a milk so it might be a little uncomfortable for some, if so add a moisturizer on top of the milk. When I wake up I just rinse my face with warm water. Then a few seconds of cold water. I saw results in two days!! My dark acne scar are completey gone! I have used products my dermatologist gave me and those did nothing! Just remember that the solution to your problems could be at your finger tips! Good luck!
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