Metrogel : Methronidazole (10%) Gel

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Active Ingredient:
Metronidazole (10%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Betadex, edetate disodium, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylparaben, niacinamide, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, propylparaben and purified water.

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September 22, 2016
possible allergy.
I can't honestly say how well this works. I was prescribed it for perioral dermatitis. Basically every pore on my upper lip area and around my nose looks like an ingrown hair or something and it burns! I must have had a sensitivity or an allergic reaction to it because the area I used this swelled up. it took about a day to go down. it didn't cause any redness or burning upon application so I was confused when I started feeling the puffiness (I actually had a mild heart attack thinking I had developed a benzoyl peroxide allergy since I use that on most of my problem areas!). I'm sure it works for many, but I recommend testing it maybe for a day before application just in case.
September 25, 2008


Seems to reduce inflammation overall. Little goes a long way.


Oily appearance.

I have not been officially diagnosed with rosascea, but my derm gave this to see it could reduce the redness on my face. I have been using it just on my nose and it seems to work overnight to reduce it. The problem is the redness returns throughout the day. However, with this, I have no worries of inflammation. Certainly worth a shot!
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March 5, 2008


Works like a dream! Totally cleared up my 25-yr acne problem in about 3 weeks! Goes on like water, a little goes a long, long way so, even though it's not cheap, you get your money's worth! No fragrance and it doesn't dry out your skin one iota!


The little cap can be a booger to get back on! (Yes, that's the only negative I have to report.)

When I was a teen, my Dr. prescribed Retin-A, oral antibiotics, etc, and that worked on my acne - mostly. But I always had an annoying bit that has stayed around. I recently visited a new dermatologist who suggested my problem is actually Rosacea. I was shocked because my symptoms are pimples/zits/acne - whatever you want to call it. My face wasn't red like you typically see with just looked like an average (but persistent) case of teenage acne. People, I turn 40 this year and I always wondered why my friends acne went away when they hit their 20s and mine didn't. I've tried EVERY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET so I was skeptical when the Dr. diagnosed Rosacea and sent me home with Metrogel. But, WOW! For the first time in 25 years my skin is totally clear! (Totally.) There IS a God! P.S. I put the product cost at $35 but that's just my portion; insurance pays the rest. I'm not certain the full cost.
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