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January 6, 2012


- Blue & Red Light in One Compact Device
- Portable & Rechargeable
- Quick 10 Minute Sessions (5 Blue & 5 Red)
- Consistent Results


- Frequent Charging (I Use Mine A LOT)

I'm not much for writing reviews, but since I suffer with this skin condition called "Acne" I felt compelled to write a review on the Ansr light therapy device so here goes. I first stumbled across light therapy for treating acne quite some time ago, but found most devices to be fairly pricey and time consuming (not to mention requiring multiple devices for red & blue systems sold separately). It wasn't until I was doing some early Christmas shopping and came across this product. I was interested to see if this would improve or reduce the amount and number of breakouts, provided with the benefits of reducing pore size and anti-aging properties. I've been about 6 weeks into treatment and all I can say is that this device has drastically improved my complexion. Now the manufacturer suggests anywhere from 1-3 months of daily use twice per day to start seeing results, but the first week alone my skin just started getting better and better ever since. I like the fact this has both blue & red light combined in one device that is portable, compact, and easy to take along when travelling. My pore size has shrunk, and I've noticed the fine lines and wrinkles around my lips, forehead, and eye area especially have been diminished. I plan on to keep using this device for the next couple of months to see how much more improvement can be obtained. So far I'm very thrilled with this product and would recommend it to anyone to compliment their skin care routine. I have noticed that healing is A LOT faster and breakouts don't seem to come to quite to a head (some don't even surface at all). Treatment is quick, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, although sometimes I end up doing both sessions in the evening depending on my schedule. All in all for the price and benefits I've seen it's already paying for itself. I think this is the Ansr I've been looking for. :) Good Luck!
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July 13, 2011


compact, light weight, pores appeared smaller, slowed down potential eruption, reduced redness of active pimples.


super short battery charge (only lasted 4 full sessions per charge), kind of expensive for only 4 led bulbs! I don't like how it drags/pulls my skin during use.

I don't think this is worth the money. If I had known that it only had 4 led lights, I would not have even considered it. I still get 1-2 monthly breakouts and clogged pores. However, it does slow down that occasional potentially disasterous eruption, though... I guess it's better than nothing.
December 7, 2010


seemed to help overall skin texture


didn't help acne, time consuming

made pores look smaller, but not worth the money...
November 18, 2010


Minimizes pores. Possibly minmizes fine lines.


Didn't help acne. Very time consuming. Expensive.

I was using this up to 30 min a day, for approx 2.5 months. I didn't notice any improvement in my acne.
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October 20, 2010




expensive, time consuming, DIDN'T HELP!

I tried just about everything out there, then I saw this and was convinced it would be worth the money. I tried it, used it religiously, and it did nothing. Actually, it left my face a little red. Sent it back because there is a 30 Day money back guarantee. Thank goodness! I have combo skin dry/oily. Had small pimple around my mouth and cyst on my jawline and cheeks. Again, didn't do a darn thing. Please save your time and money!
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July 28, 2010


Cordless & rechargeable
No refills to buy like Zeno, which I use to spot treat.
Noticeable in about a week! but I'm using other stuff too, b/c I was scared to quit BP! (see below)
Cycles from blue to red after 5 min, so you don't have to time it...You can switch colors mid use with a push of a button if you want to change sooner or only use blue or red.
It really seemed to work after a week of use 20 min a day, 10 blue, 10 red, extra blue on severe areas!


Expensive (like all acne treatments!)
Light therapy is kind of time consuming.
I wish the light covered a larger area of my face, so that I wouldn't have to wave it around.

So i'm 26 and just had the worst outbreak of my life, after quitting proactiv, which mostly worked, and switching to murad (leaving BP is a really bad idea if your skin is used to it!), I mean I went from one or two cysts per week max to, every pore being clogged on my jawline, which turned into 30 huge inflamed cysts! OMG it has been insane! I've been to the derm. and everything trying to recover since the beginning of June (now it's the end of July). So here's what I tried..Differin,Benzaclin,tetracylcine; together made me sick, more red, and not much better. I switched back to proactiv at the beginning of July. This seamed to clear up the small ones and made the larger ones smaller, but still lots of zits/redness/scars. I ordered ANSR at the beginning of July (Beam only...not the topicals, because they only contain salicylic acid...Dan's right, won't make that mistake again!) at the beginning of July. It seems like after just a few days of using it my face looked better. I've been using it a week and a half and I have no new cysts and most of the old ones are fading! I'm not sure that it would work alone...I think the research said that light therapy reduced acne by a large percentage, but not 100%. I think it might be a good boost when using BP! (I was never completely clear before) Note, after doing some research, study's say to use light (blue & red) 20 min. a day. I did this all at once b/c i don't have time in the morning. I didn't to this to my my whole face, only the severe areas,cheeks and jaw line. I did 5 min of blue then 5 red on one side, and then the other. I was desperate and held the blue an extra 5 min on patches that were really bad in hopes that it would clear faster. I wish I could have been more scientific and tested it separately, but when my face was freaking out and scarring badly, I just used everything that has been proven to work! After 2 weeks of ANSR beam, I have no new pimples at all, I hope the aftermath f
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