Gunilla : Lerosett for Acne Treatment

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Proprietary heat-treated, mineral rich, 100% organic clay and distilled water.

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July 20, 2018
It totally works
Hello everyone. I have had hormonal cystic acne on my chin since I was 15 - I'd get one large cyst on my chin every month right before my period, but my skin was generally clear. When I was 23, I got off birth control because I don't like poisoning my body, and after that my skin exploded. Like most of you, I have tried everything - Proactiv, Differin, Tazorac, etc that dried out my skin, natural and organic products that did absolutely nothing, facials with an esthetician, and more. This has all been very expensive, to say the least. During this time, my hormonal acne got so much worse and I would wake up with 4-6 painful cysts on my chin and jawline every month, little white heads all along my forehead, and terrible blackheads that just never ever go away. I found Lerosett this year at 28 years old while searching online for organic cystic acne treatment. The reviews were excellent, so I decided to order it. It was relatively inexpensive - about $50 for the three step system. When it arrived, I felt that it might be too gentle to work. Boy, was I wrong. I saw results in as little as a week, seriously. I cleanse twice a day in the morning and evening, I use the mask once a day, and moisturize two to three times a day. This system rocks because not only is it gentle and soothing, but it also works like nothing I've ever used. The mask pulls all impurities to the surface, so when I use it as a spot treatment on a developing cyst, it pretty much stops it from developing and it magically goes away in a few days. If I can't stop the cyst from forming in time, I still use it as a spot treatment over night and I can usually pop it the next day. I have never been able to pop these cysts before - they always lingered on my chin for WEEKS! So, I've been using the Lerosett system for about three months now. I'm happy to say that my skin is SO MUCH BETTER - the little white heads that popped up on my forehead are nonexistent, the blackheads are not nearly as bad and my pores seem like they're smaller, and I rarely get cysts anymore. If I do, it's only one and it's gone in a few days. There's something about the MASK that just annihilates those suckers and I am so grateful! I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from hormonal acne.
June 10, 2017
i've tried everything
i've tried every supplement, vitamin, different antibiotics, collagen giving up dairy and sugar ...nothing worked. or, it would work initially and then i'd start breaking out again. the bp regimen never completely cleared me either. don't even talk to me about dermalogica, rodan and (freakin') fields and the rest of them. i finally went back to my dermatologist all geared up to begin accutane. she wanted me to try yet another course of antibiotics and i agreed; but when i went to the pharmacy to pick it up they wanted to charge me over $600. no way. i'm not doing it. i got so PO'd i just left without saying a word. but it did give me more time to further research accutane and i become educated enough to know i will never willingly put that poison into my body. i saw a review for the lerosett products on amazon and started researching yet again. i found their website and decided to order. i don't even know why, as it appears to be just another system. the free trial was appealing, but i thought the three-piece product line which includes the facial wash, mask and serum would better suit me. i had lots of red marks covering my whole face and neck - including seven or eight giant cystic lesions. i began using the products as soon as they arrived and i was not impressed. it just didn't seem strong enough. a few days into it my skin became horribly dry and looked worse than ever. but even with the dryness by morning i was still getting at least 20-25 white heads every day. i had had great success with neutrogena's rapid clear leave-on mask so i started using that on top of the serum, morning and night. the white heads finally stopped forming and i found the rapid clear mask worked well for me, along with the lerosett. i'm about 3 weeks using this line along with my trusted rapid clear leave on mask and i'm thrilled. my skin is no longer dry, or oily, or riddled with acne or cysts. it feels calmer and not as vulnerable, like i'm going to break out at any minute. the lerosett people ask that you don't use other products with the system but i did what worked for me. as i become clearer i will try it without the rapid clear, but for now this works for me. i don't know if i will ever find ONE thing that will work for the rest of my life. after suffering two decades with adult acne it is apparent that this is a process. our bodies change and so will our skin. so this is not a scam. it's something that works for me, and apparently lots of other people. there isn't one product that will work for everyone.
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December 2, 2014
best stuff on earth!!
Wow I'm seriously shocked at the negative reviews!! I guess products can't work for everyone, but all regular dermatologist products made my skin 100x worse! I honestly will never use another product again. Lerosett speeds the healing time of any pimple by seriously DAYS, maybe even weeks. It will draw out the infections/pimples and help them heal quicker instead of allowing them to stay underneath the skin. Yes sometimes that sucks but afterwards your skin is so clear and smooth. Their customer service is great and they have sales 4x a can be expensive but it's well worth it! I'll never switch prodcuts again and recommend lerosett to anyone with troubled skin.
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November 3, 2014
Less than 30 days ago my face was completely covered with cystic acne. Since using lerosett my face has lost all inflammation and is completely controlled. I plan to use this product for the rest of my life. I recommend it to all suffering from cystic acne!! Now I am just left with the scarring. Which they also have a cure for. I will be ordering the scar cream in next couple days. I am surprisingly pleased with this product. Has cleared my face along with boosting my confidence!
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February 7, 2013


lerosett is the only thing i've tried that actually stops my acne. I had a purging period but afterwards my acne never came back. I've been using it twice a day everyday for a few months now and my skin has never looked better.



use is VERY consistently and you will achieve results
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December 20, 2012




does not work
makes your skin red and inflamed

it was hard to believe that this worked for 98% of people as there website claimed. i was silly to waste the money on this. it did not work. it doesn't even work as a spot treatment. if it really worked for 98% of people as their site claimed everyone would use it and there would be no more acne. plus they claim it works because it has rassoul clay. rassul clay should not be $34. i now beleive this company is a scam. i found out about it from a guys facebook post. he was a professor at the university of kansas i beleive. i did not think this was fishy. well it just so happens that lerosett is made in kansas and never even touches sweden so i have no idea why it is called gunilla of sweden. this company is a scam and a peice of crap. it will not work. don't waste your time or your money. 34 dollars is a lot for a small tube that doesn't do anything beneficial at all for your skin.
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November 5, 2012




made acne worse

I was so hoping this would be the one to help my 14 year old son with his mild to moderate acne, with all it's great reviews, but my son one was of the 2% that it didn't work for. He started out with somewhere between mild to moderate acne. His acne got worse, which they said that it would. When it came close to his 21 day free trial, I called customer service and told them that it was getting worse each week. They said that he needed more time, so they extended his free trial to 42 days and sent another tube with a free healing serum. Once again a couple of days before the 42 days were up, I called to send back the rest of the product , so I won't get charged. His face continued to get worse each week, to where it's close to severe, and I don't know where to go or begin. I do have to say that each time I called and emailed, that customer service was right there and took time to talk and help me, which was a pleasant surprise, because most customer service departments for online products just stink. I'm glad for the ones that this has helped, but just wanted my story to get out, that there are some that it does the opposite and makes it worse, even when followed as instructed.
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October 6, 2012


Reduices oil, redness, and swelling within first use. Smaller pores, rids acne marks and scars. Very soft and smoothe skin.



I've had severe cystic acne for over 13 years and it took over 2 weeks to purge my skin, but I stuck with it and I've had clear skin ever since. The first time I used it I seen less oil, smaller pores, less redness and swelling. I did break out pretty bad but where as it would take weeks for the acne to dissapear, only took days with lerosett. You also need to apply it in very thin layers, several times a day for it to work. They are very kind and offer tons of tips to help clear your skin. They have a free trial for about $3 plus you get a free moisturizer!
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August 9, 2012


- Works very fast
- Doesn't dry skin out
- Flexible
- One product and it's easy to work with.
- Organic. Just two ingredients.
- Leaves skin smooth and truly healed.
- Helped my skin's texture.


- Doesn't last too long and it can get expensive
- Doesn't really help Hyperpigmentation, but then again it doesn't claim to.

I don't understand how this didn't work for some people. This was my miracle cure, goes to show you need to try things despite reviews. It took me about two weeks with this mask twice a day to have beautiful skin. It can get pretty expensive, but I don't mind as long as my skin is clear( coupon code for 15% off: 1151). I had my acne for 2+ years and it was horrible. My skin was deformed and I was fearing that I might have to just live like that forever. I had cysts and pustules mixed in my chin and forehead and the the pain was unbearable. I use it twice a day. I saw the change in my skin on day two, the thing I did different with this product was that I believed, I truly believed that it would work for me and I trusted God, and just my luck, it did. Good luck to all :)
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May 26, 2012




Red Spots
Clogs Pores

I have been battling adult acne for a few years now and was recommended this product by a spa that did my facials. I researched the website, that made it seem great and effective. WRONG. As soon as I used it I started breaking out in places I've never broken out before and my acne scares were prominent and red. I stupidly believed the site that my skin needed to "purge" before it got better. I followed the instructions and contacted customer service to make sure, which they claimed I was. By the third week of "purging" I decided enough was enough. Now a few months later switching to another care regime, my breakouts from this product are finally getting better though I'm still having to deal with the scares. Please don't get fooled by this product, it doesn't work.