Sirius Aurora : LED Light Therapy System

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January 11, 2014
sirius beauty has horrible customer service


horrible customer service

So I recently tried to buy this item from there website the process went smoothly I had no problem with that. The next day I checked my account and found they had charged me 2 times (I only wanted 1 item ) so I called them everyday for about a week and I kept getting crap messages saying to leave a message (I left about 20 messages) I also wrote them emails stating that the double charged me and I find it weird that I never received a confirmation email or anything. Theses people need to fix this problem .
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October 25, 2013


So gentle
Zero side effects


None that I see yet!

I love this device! I got in on Amazon for only $75, so considering getting treated at the derm or even lots of other light therapy devices, it was a total steal. I started out just using the blue light and I could tell bumps weren't getting as big as usual, so that was nice. Then after a week I started using red light before the blue, and within about three days everything inflamed or active WAS. GONE. I'm not saying that will happen for everyone but you should at least try. Haven't tried the green light yet so I don't know about that, but blue and red are awesome. It clears as well as BP with no side effects so I'm finally off BP
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May 15, 2013
If you have ACNE, welcome to the Holy Grail of beauty products. I was really skeptical it would work for me, because the only thing that's ever worked on my skin is dermatologist prescribed topical creams or peels. Well, hey, I thought I'd give it a shot. Background: I have very fair, combo oily/dry skin with mild to medium breakouts and scarring. I'm 25 years old. Not sure if that matters, but everyone else seemed a little more mature in their reviews. Red filter- Used it once so far. I noticed that my skin looked less red and splotchy afterwards. Plan to use it again. Green filter- Honestly... It says it's for hyperpigmentation, but I didn't notice any difference. Used it once. Maybe that's the problem. Blue filter- UN-FREAKING-REAL. I actually can't believe it. It worked the very first time and I can't stop using it. Like I said, I have mild to medium breakouts depending on how much I sweat working out, time of month, etc. and this stopped my zits after 1 use. The day this delivered, I had a huge zit forming on my nose- it really hurt to touch it and it was swollen. I used the blue filter exactly like the directions said, and it was LITERALLY GONE. I mean, gone. The spot where it was became flat, all the redness was gone and it didn't hurt at all. I thought to myself, "Wait until the morning and see if this actually worked." Still gone. I am not kidding. I've used it the most of all the lenses. I usually lay in bed and watch t.v. through my tanning-glasses-things (which I bought for $1.82 on Amazon for this, and you really need them) and use the tool. The tool itself looks and feels a little cheap. You have to leave it plugged in while using it, but the cord it long enough that you could use it anywhere and be comfortable. It is really bright and you need the tanning-goggle-things. Don't go without, the light can be really annoying and I get paranoid about burning something into my cornea. So, in closing, if acne is your main problem, save up for your cash and get this. You will not regret it. If you're looking for aging/hyperpigmentation help, you might want to stick to the dermatologist's office.
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