Implanon : Implantable Contraceptive

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Active Ingredients:
Ethylene Vinylacetate (EVA) Copolymer Core, Synthetic Progestin Etonogestrel.

Inactive Ingredients:
EVA copolymer skin.

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March 10, 2019
Too many side effects

I’m a GP nurse and the implanon has either been a hit or miss with the patients. I decided to try it for my bad labour like period pain with every intention of sucking up any side effects for 3 months waiting for my body to get used to it.

I give it a big tick for contraception and 100% relief of my period pain and pretty much stopping my period altogether (only getting painless spotting every 7 weeks for a few days). 

I’m 29 and never really experienced acne before, only when I was pregnant for the first 14 weeks. This changed with the implanon. The first few weeks were amazing, I loved it. After that I started getting cystic acne all along my chin, it is red/inflamed/painful which has pretty much been constant for the past 5 months. No matter what I try it just won’t improve, by the time one disappears another one pops up with the red marks being almost impossible to cover. 

I am planning on getting the implanon removed tomorrow because I just can’t cope with the puberty skin and the way it’s effecting my confidence. Let’s just hope my skin clears up without scarring! 

September 5, 2018
Most horrific birth control experience ever
So I've been quite fortunate my whole life to never really suffer with acne, and I'd only get spots around my period but they'd be completely gone a week after. However my contraceptive implant has pretty much destroyed my skin. I had it for just over a year and I wish I'd listened to my gut rather than my doctors and taken it out sooner. So, it's a long and shitty story, but let me begin. First three months with the implant were smooth sailing, no periods, no breakouts, I was feeling great. But here comes November and this is where the never ending 9 month period came in to play. Yes, you read correctly, I had my period for 9 months straight. Bleeding accompanied by major back pain and cramping all the goddamn time is physically and emotionally exhausting guys. 5 months in, I wanted it taken out but my doctors said to give it more time to regulate, so I listened to them. But then things only got worse, and I said hello to mood swings, mood swings , mood swings all over the place! I've always been a chill person but suddenly everything made me cry, my anxiety flared up, I was so easy to anger, it was ridiculous. But then the final thing that broke me was 11 months into the implant the spots started. It flared up around my chin and jaw at first, and now it's moving to my cheeks, the spots can be huge and really painful at times and for someone who's never experienced acne and is in the mist of terrible mood swings to say my confidence plummeted is an understatement. So I said that was it, I had to get the bar removed so I went for my appointment and guess what, the bar had sunk TOO DEEP into my arm, the likes of which my doctor had never seen before. So I was in my GPs for an hour, had two doctors gouging into my arm for 45 minutes or so before they could dig the pest out. The bar being that deep definitely is not normal and I'm sure that had something to do with how badly it affected me. But as of this review I've had the implant out for 6 days, periods have stopped (thank god) but new spots are coming up on my face every day and it is frustrating. I'm gonna give myself a little more time off anything to see if my skin clears up naturally, if it doesn't I'll be devastated. So yes, implanon was a disaster for me, but don't get me wrong, I know it works wonderfully for a lot of women, but ladies if you know your body is telling you something isn't right then listen to it. Gut instinct is way more accurate than doctor's recommendation, in this case for me anyway and if I'd taken it out when I originally wanted to I would have saved myself months of pain.
July 21, 2018
Not worth it
After having nexplanon for a few weeks my periods completely stopped which was nice, but by about month 5 or 6 I started breaking out terribly around my chin, mouth, and forehead. As the months went on it persistently got worse spreading around my nose, neck, chest, shoulders and even my cheeks! (Never had acne on my cheeks prior to nexplanon) Before the implant my skin was never perfect, but I had my acne under control. I was put on doxycycline and a strong topical cream which helped for a little while, but the acne persisted. 2 years later and nothing keeps the acne away!!!! Made an appointment to get the implant removed ASAP. Not worth the loss of self esteem. The acne IS the birth control itself it seems. I would highly caution anyone with acne prone skin to consider a different option. I sure wish I had. My acne is so bad some days I don't even want to leave my house.
April 5, 2018
uncontrollable acne with Implanon/Nexplanon
I wish i would have read these reviews before I chose the birth control method.. unfortunately it was too late for me but i hope i can save someone and their skin by this review. I never had problematic skin, not to say i never had occasional breakouts but it was nothing more then a random pimple here and there. After getting the Implanon put into my arm it flared up HORRIBLY!! it started with little tiny pimples all over my forehead literally within two weeks of getting it. After that, it turned into HUGE, CYSTIC, UNCONTROLLABLE acne. I removed the rod after 3 months because i could not take it anymore. My hormone balance was so out of wack and that lasted for an entire year. ONly reason it went away is because i did a complete detox and started researching ways to get my hormone levels balanced. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD IF YOU DONT WANT ACNE.
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January 21, 2018
please read this whole thing...
Why is this even an option as a birth control? Seriously common sense here? Why didn't my doctor tell me the big side effects AT ALL and only the minor side effects like bleeding occasionally? Because it's f***ing business. They want money. I thought this would be a great birth control for me because I wouldn't need to take the pill and i thought that it would be easier. HONEY IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER TO JUST POP A BIRTH CONTROL PILL IN YOUR MOUTH RATHER THAN WASHING YOUR FACE 10x A DAY !!! I used to have perfect skin that people were dying to have. I used to literally get complimented on my skin. The pimples that pop up on your face is an actual joke. its a joke. IT IS SO CYSTIC and nothing can stop it. I have been even been getting them on my breasts and my vagina and not to mention I AM LITERALLY BECOMING DEPRESSED WITH THIS METAL ROD IN MY ARM. Not because I have insecurities from the acne. But whatever is in this metal rod sitting in my arm right now, is giving me an actual chemical imbalance. I did my research on this and I thought it was hilarious that the birth control doesn't contain estrogen???? IN OUR BODY, WE HAVE TWO HORMONES CALLED ESTROGEN AND PROGESTERONE. THIS BIRTH CONTROL ONLY CONTAINS PROGESTERONE. Estrogen and progesterone work together normally, usually, everything works out fine. BUT WHEN YOU ONLY ADD PROGESTERONE, THAT CREATES A HORMONAL IMBALANCE. My doctor is taking forever to take it out. It took two months to get it in. Now she is taking forever to take it out. Not to sound crazy, Due to her not telling me the information that I needed to know, if she takes any longer, I will seriously cut my arm open to take it out myself. That is how horrible this is. Not to mention, after looking at all the other reviews, I see that woman are having the same problem with their doctors not telling them s*** and acting all "oh this has never happened before!" This has obviously happened before . Seriously don't listen to the nexplanon advertisements either. They are ridiculous. This is an insult to women. This is a joke.
March 31, 2018
Did it got better? How are you holding up? I realize is from Jan 21. But I have a similar experience. Did your acne. Boy I got mine at a clinic similar to PPand I remember 2 months later a private Gyo told me she was agaisnt them and wanting to removed them asap and gave me diane instead, wish I would habe listened to her.
March 31, 2018
Did it got better? How are you holding up? I realize is from Jan 21. But I have a similar experience. Did your acne. Boy I got mine at a clinic similar to PPand I remember 2 months later a private Gyo told me she was agaisnt them and wanting to removed them asap and gave me diane instead, wish I would habe listened to her.
January 6, 2018
Do not get this, you will probably regret it. Please read
I had the nexplanon at first, I got it taken out a year prior to the expiration date because of the off and on bleeding. I got the nexplanon a month ago I literally only had it in two weeks before I forced my doctor to take it out. I had clear beautiful skin before having this implant. I broke out in small pimples that got bigger and looked almost similar to ringworm all over my arms, back, neck, chest, stomach, and it even spread to my legs. Luckily it spared my face! 😳 My doctor told me, this has never happened before. I told my sister about it and she told me the same thing was happening to her. When she went to get hers removed her physician said the chemicals were changed in the nexplanon and a lot of women are going through the same thing and complaining about it. My skin almost looks like I have the disease autoimmune progesterone dermatitis. 🙄 I'm over it, birth control is not for me. I will stick to natural family planning. I will never in my life as long as I have brreath in my body use chemical based birth controls. Go ahead and get if you want to, do not say myself or any of the other women on here did not warn you. 🤷🏾'â™€ï¸
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January 6, 2018
Correction....I had the Implanon first before getting the nexplanon
October 25, 2017
completely ruined my face
I have had Nexaplon for 4 & half years. The first 3 years were great. no problems, no side affects. Then when it was renewed a year and a half ago I started getting really itchy acne on my face and always in the same spots. My lower chin, just below my eyes on both sides of my nose and on my forehead in one particular spot. Because they keep coming back in the same places my skin has started to badly scar. I also in the last year have barley gone 3 days without some spotting, whereas originally I had no bleeding at all. I have persevered with this for over a year now and have just reached my breaking point. I have booked to get this taken out next week and will go on the pill. I have gone from someone with clear skin and rarely wore makeup to someone with itchy cyst like spots who constantly feels insecure unless i wear make up to cover them. It is a shame because I loved it those first three years.
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October 21, 2017
Fact is, I've never had particularly good skin but after trying every antibiotic under the sun, including a long course of Roaccutane, I'd finally got my skin where I wanted it. After previously having an implant a few years ago with no side effects, I thought I would try one again. For the first two weeks in July, my skin was fine. Then I suddenly had angry breakouts all over my chest and face. Since then, its been a total disaster. I've tried antibiotics, new products, more water, healthier diet....the acne is totally resistant. The biggest struggle I've faced is convincing my doctor that I need to have my implant taken out! On first attempt they said I was impatient and should wait 6 months up to one year! I have persisted and managed to book an appointment to have it taken out. The most frustrating fact is that I had worked patiently to seriously improve and look after my skin, and this implant has attacked it! My face, neck, chest and back has suffered serious breakouts since July now. The acne is red and angry - breakouts have been cyst like and can be extremely painful, especially when they are along the bra line and become sore from wearing clothes. I understand that not everyone reacts badly, but considering that I had no alike reactions to my first implant you just never know! So stay away!!!!
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April 10, 2018
After you had the birth control removed did your cystic acne clear up? I am desperate. I don’t care about a pimple or hell even 4, but the deep big ass pimples I’m getting are so painful, I can not deal with it anymore. I’m due to have mine removed in May, as it will be the three years I’ve had it. I was initially going to another place because I’m so scared I’ll forget to take the ‘pill.’ But as I’m doing research I don’t if that would be the best choice.
June 14, 2017
should be banned
as a person who has always had clear skin and a thick head of hair i decided to get the implanon (huge mistake) a couple of months after ive got it in my face started to erupt in painful cystic acne all on my forehead and chin, dont bother looking for creams to try and clear them up because these f**kers are resistant to almost everything!, then i started to lose hair, it had also caused cysts in my breasts too which scared me i thought was bc!.oh and not to mention sinus infections too! finally got the implanon taken out which i felt so so happy about over the moon!. needs to be taken off the market womens health are suffering
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August 29, 2017
Did your skin and sinuses clear when you had the implant removed?
September 7, 2017
yes much better :)
June 6, 2017
I suffered from severe acne when I was pregnant with my son (never had acne pre pregnancy). After giving birth, my skin calmed down and acne left my life again. I took pills for the first two years of his life and my skin was still behaving, I would probably have one or two once a month, then that's it. Then I got lazy taking my pills but scared of getting pregnant too soon. I went to the doctor and inquire about nexplanon, I thought it was a heaven sent. Gosh! Three months after getting it, my skin was out of control, all of a sudden my skin care routine doesn't work anymore and it keeps on multiplying, it's definitely one of the horrible issues I have in my life right now. For the past 8mos (this will be my 15th month of having nexplanon) I tried every acne remedy that I could get but nothing works! Then this dermatology told me that nexplanon has high levels of androgen hormone and possibly causing my breakouts. And upon reading a lot of bad reviews recently, I am convinced that this thing is the CULPRIT! I will have it removed this week and definitely go back to pills.
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