Nature's Bounty : Evening Primrose Oil

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May 7, 2016
Amazing help for hormonal acne
I love it! I tried the one from Healthy America (1300mg) and in 2 months it worked wonders in my skin and helped me lots. I have hormonal adult acne (mild to severe) after I stopped taking birth control pills that had Drospirenone, and this was the most effective thing I tried :) I highly recommend it, I was afraid to take more than two pills each day but that was the right dosis for me (Also, I take vitamin supplements for skin to help). Try it, I don't think you would regret it, and it has other benefits for your health as well. Also, this is not a "miracle cure", it helps a lot and if you are constant you'll see results in a month or two, but if you just rely on this and don't take care in other ways (like drinking water, cleaning your skin, try to eat better -I usually don't eat really healthy, but I take vitamins to help-) I doubt it will work the same.
October 5, 2013
It works for hormonal acne


Helps quickly
Very effective



I used to be on the pill to control my acne but had to stop due to side effects and the cost of it (I don't have insurance). After I stopped taking it my acne was VERY bad. It was mainly on my neck and jawline but it was anywhere including shoulders, and chest etc. I started taking this and I stopped having new acne forming and the old ones went down. I take 3-4,000mg a day. I take more if its that time of the month. It is the ONLY supplement that has helped me. Take it if you have hormonal acne!!
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January 25, 2012


heathly looking skin, clears acne and redness, balances cycle and hormones



I had mild to severe acne and during my cycle it would act up worst to where they begin to look cystic on places like my jaw line or neck too. So i have tried lots of products and was getting very desperate for my acne to go away. After lots of research i found evening primrose gel that say they balane hormones, i have been taking since mid nov.2011 and just after a month i am clear and have been clear since (no lie). i am so shock of the results that i have told my friend about these capsules, and she has cystic acne and just to let everyone know she has just told me this week she is clear of her acne. :) So i would definitely recommend this to all. I chose to take Nature's Bounty 1000mg X3 daily (which is right now about $10 a bottle, but at cvs or walgreens there buy 1 get one free, so stock up) I will continue taking.
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