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DIM Complex (Diindolymethane, Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol succinate), Indole 3-Carbinol (I3C), Sunflower Lecithin, Phosphatidylcholine (40%).

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Vegetable Cellulose.

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June 2, 2018
When Nothing Else Worked, Estroblock Did
I had to come on here today and sing my praises for Estroblock. Let me give you a quick background of my skin as well as the things I have tried. To read solely about Estroblock, just skip to paragraph 3 ;) My young teenage years were blessed with beautiful, clear skin. I was constantly getting complimented on it as I never saw a blemish. However, that all changed between age 17 and 18 when I developed oily skin and cystic acne. They were the deep, massive sores that are impossible to cover. I was never without a handful on my face. I am now 28. 10 years later, I was more oily than ever with huge pores, uneven skin tone, constant redness, hyper pigmentation, and continual breakouts that could occur anywhere. Forehead, cheeks, chin, it didn't matter. 1 month into Estroblock, and I believe I've finally found my "cure". Over the years, I have done EXTENSIVE research on acne. I have tried just about everything, including over the counter products, prescriptions, and all natural remedies. Benzoyle peroxide (including the regimen) worked somewhat. Salicylic acid did nothing for me. Tea tree oil, calamine lotion, sulfur products, aspirin masks, honey masks, clay masks, charcoal, apple cider vinegar, lemon, oil cleansing method, caveman method, proactive, Benzaclin, Clindomycin, antibiotics, Retin-A... NOTHING worked. I'm sure you understand how truly depressing it is. I even changed my diet and stopped eating dairy, sugar, and carbs. Still, nothing. The ONLY thing that ever cleared me was birth control. After 3 months of being on it, I was suddenly perfectly clear and balanced. It was a miracle! However, I didn't like the idea of synthetic hormones so I stopped. A month later, the acne returned. I continued my battle and was losing. Eventually, I decided I didn't care what it did to my body, I needed birth control again. To my great chagrin, the birth control refused to clear my acne a second time. I couldn't believe it. I was on it for months and months with no results. Back to square one. I was beginning to consider Accutane.... Then, I came across a website. It mentioned how estrogen dominance could cause oily skin and acne. All this time, I clung to the belief that testosterone and high levels of DHT was causing my breakouts (which, yes, they are). So I assumed I was testosterone dominant. However, I had no other side effects of high T. I did, on the other hand, have a few other side effects of high E. It suddenly all made sense. When you are high estrogen, your progesterone is off balance and likely too low. Progesterone is responsible for the healthy use testosterone. Thus, if you don't have enough progesterone, your T and DHT levels cannot be moderated. I didn't have too much testosterone, only too much DHT. All because my high estrogen levels were throwing off my progesterone as well. Then entered Estroblock. This all-natural supplement uses a special form of DIM that helps your liver process all the estrogen in your body. This creates balance in your hormonal system. I'll tell you, I had little to no hope for this to work. But I bought my first bottle (the original, not the triple strength). After about two weeks, I noticed that my oily skin was slightly less oily. I noticed I was not getting any new breakouts and my current ones were drying up. Week three, I got a small breakout on my chin. I wondered if it was related to my period but, unfortunately, my period wasn't due for another two weeks. This breakout was very small, non-cystic, and cleared fairly easily. The very next week, however, I got my period. On day 27. I NEVER. I repeat. N-E-V-E-R get my period early. In fact, it never comes on a 28 day schedule. My cycle is usually between 32 and 35 days. One month of Estroblock and I'm feeling so much more balanced. I'm on week 5, just starting my second bottle. I purchased the Triple Strength this time. I'm still a bit oily, but mostly in my T-zone and not all over. My makeup, for the first time, actually lasts. I used to hate coming home and looking at my nasty face in the mirror after all my foundation has slid off. That's not the case anymore. My face..I swear, it's glowing. I can literally FEEL the difference in my skin. I don't mean with my hands, like, in my face itself. It feels soft, moisturized, and healthy. If you doubt me, check out my profile. I've started a million different blogs over the years on my attempts to clear. This is a true and honest review. My recommendation? Give this a shot. It could change your life.
September 7, 2017
BEST natural alternative to accutane!!!
This is what I'm calling my natural alternative to accutane. Just before I took the tane (actually during the first 2 weeks of it) I decided to give estroblock a try because I way prefer to put natural stuff in my body, and accutane scares the heck out of me. Im so glad I did because I have just finished 5 months on this and can successfully say I have had no breakouts since starting this, only 3 or 4 pimples. Using in conjunction with a facial cleansing brush is probably really helping, but EB is incredible. This review is completely unsponsored and I am giving my 100% honest feedback on how it worked for me. I finally found the pot of gold for my skin (and healthy at that!!!).