Conair GMT900 iStubble : Electric Facial Hair Trimmer

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August 2, 2013
Great facial hair trimmer that doesn't irritate skin.


no skin irritation, can shave in any direction with multiple passes
good battery life, can be used while charging
works really well under and over jawline area suprisingly


trimmer guard is big, so pretty impossible to trim entire area under nose unless you take off the trimmer guard and use juse the blade. If you wanted a thicker beard this would mean you couldnt trim the mustache area to the same length.

The istubble has been working pretty amazingly for me. It doesn't irritate my face like at all. Ive only managed to cut myself when I made it go over large pimples. I can go over each area multiple times in different directions and not have much irritation. My neck gets red right after, but it is just from the combs rubbing on my skin and within about 15 mins the redness is gone. I used to breakout horribly from wet shaving. A couple days after a shave Id breakout with lots of pus filled pimples. Using this beard trimmer has completely solved that problem for me. The battery life is pretty good on this thing too. You charge it for a few hours and I usually get a few days worth of trimming my entire face and neck from that. Also, you can use the trimmer while it is plugged into a wall charging which is a nice feature. The trimmer guard is adjustable from the shortest length of 0.4 mm to much longer. I only use it on the shortest setting as I am using this as an alternative to shaving. At 0.4 mm my face appears like its been a day and half since I last shaved. One problem with it though is that the trimmer guard head is big, so getting the hairs in the mustache area below your nose can be tricky. Ive been able to adjust though and flip it around at different angles to get some of the hair there. I also will pull off the comb guard and use the trimmer blade naked on those hairs that I cant reach under my nose. Ive been breaking out way less by using this trimmer. It does take awhile for me to get every area trimmed to the same length though. But I think spending more time using this trimmer, versus wet shaving and breaking out horribly every few days is a small compromise to make. Another con though, this trimmer is really only good for trimming your facial hair to the lowest setting it has (0.4 mm) because of the previously mentioned problem of the trimmer guard being too big to use on the mustache area. I have to to take off the trimmer guard and use the blade itself on that area which gets it a little shorter than 0.4 mm. That is fine since it still looks evenly cut in this situation, but if you wanted to adjust the trimmer to keep your beard longer, you wouldn't be able to use the trimmer with the guard on around your mustache, and if you trimmed without the guard you'd have less than 0.4 mm hairs on your mustache, but thick stubble/beard hair everywhere else.
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