Zineryt : Cutaneous (Erythromycin 40% and Zinc Acetate 12%) Lotion

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Active Ingredients:
Erythromycin (40 mg/ml) and Zinc Acetate (12 mg/ml).

Inactive Ingredients:
Di-isopropyl, Sebacate and Ethanol.

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May 23, 2018
Really good
I've just finished my second month using Zineryt alongside Lymecycline tablets, and find it dries out my acne really well overnight. It does state it should be used consistently/daily to notice a change, which I make sure I do. I do notice it's more effective if I moisturise over the top of the Zineryt once it's dried, as acne needs some moisture to heal. I also put hydrocolloid patches on over the top of the Zineryt before moisturising, and it seems to dramatically reduce large cysts overnight.
January 22, 2018
Great product, i gave been using it for almost a month now. First week my already existed pimples were going down, but new ones were coming out, i guess it is the kind of product that gets it all out first. Second week everything started to settle down and my pores were visibly clean as well as my nose it was so smooth to the touch. Third week a friend of mine gifted me herbal life's purifying mint clay mask so i was using both products and honestly my skin has never been better! Conclussion, it did work for me although it caused me to break out a bit first! But it is worth having a few more pimples for a week (after 4 years of trying different products and nothing working) if its all going away later on. Only issue was the smell, kinda like vinegar
December 25, 2017
Works, but NOT in the long run
I have had moderate acne for about 5 years now. Used zineryt on and off for a couple of years and worked quite well. However, the acne will return. But at least it gave me these couple of months without any zits. Now, my acne is back and worse than ever and zineryt does not work anymore since my skin became sort of immune to it.
November 8, 2017
While it works.
Worked well alongside Anti biotics. Cleared my acne up Well, but it has returned. Smelly product, and can sting on application. Works while it works! My doc won't prescribe it back yet because he doesn't want resistance to grow.
September 14, 2017
Didn't work for me
Used this for about a month. Smelly product which didn't work at all unfortunately.
May 2, 2017
This did not work for me but it might work for you
Acne history: I've had acne for about 4 years now, it can get from mild to quite severe, i have whiteheads blackheads spots and occasional cysts, sometimes up to 4/5 which can be extremely painful usually I get 2/3 spots a day. I've tried antibiotics Tetryasl which did work but it affected my body negatively (I believe it weakened my immune system and gave me chronic diarrhoea). I've tried benezoyl peroxide before also doesn't work that well, definitely doesnt improve it. Zineryt: I used this once a day, along with benezoyl peroxide once at night for 4/5 weeks before I realised it was making my skin worse so I stopped and my skin returned back to normal. While using this I developed a different type of acne and spots, i stopped getting normal spots but i got small hard lumps under my skin, quite big, that would form over 3/5 days. I tried leaving them and they would not go, so I popped it. When i popped them the pain eased and it started healing. However from the spot emerged only blood and a yellow liquidy substance (I presume oil) I had around 5 of these on my face at one time - one would heal another would emerge.at one point I got a HUGE HUGE HUGE HIUGE cyst with a black dot in the middle I left it but it started leaking itself with blood and oil - loads and loads. gruesome i know. I'm pretty sure it was this product that caused this as nothing else changed in my routine/diet/life. I stopped using a week ago and my skin dramatically improved. I've been using 'Dermalex Acne Treatment' to repair my skins barrier which this product destroyed, made my skin dry, flaky, did not imprive anything. ps. i did continue to wear makeup 2/3 times a week for anyone wandering, this may have reduced its effectiveness I've decided to resort back to my own methods as these prescriptions never seem to work :(
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April 19, 2017
Good for a few months
This lotion worked for a few months and took down some of the smaller spots but then it stopped working after about three months. It did dry my face out a bit, I used it morning and night. I also found that it smells weird and stings your lips if it gets on them. My acne came back and I am now on Lymecycline and Differin cream.
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March 10, 2017
Worked for a few years
I have used this on and off for a number of years and it worked really well. No dryness and quickly bought down red painful lumps! However i think my skin has got used to it so it no longer prevents any new breakouts.
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December 19, 2016
Try it
I highly recommend this stuff. Cleared my acne within weeks. The only problem I had with it was that it lost its effectiveness after one year of using it.
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June 9, 2016
Seriously worked wonders for my skin. I went to the doctors as a sort of last resort and I'm so glad I did. Smells kind of funny and stings your eyes if you apply it near them but although it didn't clear up all of my spots it reduced them to small non inflamed bumps after just over a weeks use, now am about 2 and a half weeks in and have nothing but fading marks on my skin, I would always get spots in the exact same areas but using this on them has made it so that I have had no new spots. Only ever had issues with a bit of dry skin once but used some moisturiser and it fixed it instantly.
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