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No set formula. Curology products are customized to each customer.

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December 8, 2023
Hype is Real
The hype is real this time, product works really well, previously i was on a prescribed Tazorac and other retinoids, this one replaces them and it's gentle on my skin. have not have any breakouts since I started using it, though it took a couple of weeks to start seeing improvements. definitely worth the price.
December 27, 2022
You won't regret contacting Maria Jamito, NP-C
Let me start by saying I do not typically leave reviews, good or bad. So if I am leaving one, it means either extraordinary or awful service. I want to thank Maria Jamito, NP-C of Curology for her kindness, patience and expertise to get me back to myself. I’ve battled acne my entire life, at the very best I still get 3-5 breakouts per week. Starting in Dec 2021, my acne started to rage. The redness, dryness and overall irritation was unbearable and there was no concrete cause. I have a high deductible health plan, so I spent $$$ seeing specialty Drs to only be given expensive scripts and sent on my way to follow-up in 6 months. I’ve been using Curology for about 5 years now for topical since I know what my skin reacts well to. I decided to reach out to the medical service offered through Curology and Maria was my provided doctor - I cannot say enough amazing things. First, she actually listened and asked so many questions (well beyond “standard”). We started with a few things changing, but immediately wanted to know what skin care, makeup, hair care and other contributing factors came into play. We tweaked things just slightly and I’d follow-up every few weeks. I was still breaking out, although much better than before. But for Maria it wasn’t good enough (even though I was much happier, I appreciated her care!). She asked me to send her a photo of all of my makeup. So I did – and She went through one by one and reviewed the ingredients. She provided me both drug store and high end alternatives. She is prompt, courteous and is just so personable. I feel like I’m talking to a friend who legitimately cares about me. In April 2022, I wanted to crawl in a hole. By August, I was out wearing no makeup and feeling my confidence again. Acne is a journey, especially when healthcare considers this a “cosmetic” industry. But when you have companies like Curology and providers like Maria Jamito, NP-C, it makes the journey much more bearable. Thank you Maria for all you’ve done and all you continue you do!
June 29, 2017
was skeptical, had tried everything... and it worked!
I had tried so many lotions and potions and antibiotics from the doctor... for years. I was at the end of my wits and had been told by my doctor that there was nothing left to try. Then a friend said try this 4 months ago. I have found it remarkable - the dermatologist was great an very responsive, gave other suggestions of non-curology solutions that helped too but the lotion was really brilliant. I have had problems with excema with some products and this hasn't dried my skin out. It's expensive but worth it. I feel and look SO much better.
June 9, 2017
just perfect for my skin!
I started using Curology about four months ago and my skin has improved so much! When I started using it I experienced change in my skin within a week. I was very surprised at how quickly it came. After a few weeks when I had questions and needed adjustments my dermatologist was very easy to contact. She gave me a few options to adjust my skincare routine and it has worked out really well. They really care about our skin and she was quick to make suggestions of other products that could also help. It is so nice having a professional ready to help out with any questions. If you want someone to help you create an individualized skincare routine and adapt the prescription as your skin changes and improves, this is the way to go!
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