Coconut Water (as a drink)

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March 2, 2020
Made me break out

i Dont know if it's because i use a different brand or not but 2 stars because it taste gud

January 12, 2019

Hydrating, delicious, and I seem to think as though it helps reduce any active spots, and helps to prevent note breakouts :) you should try if you haven't already! 

November 17, 2016
Replenishes the skin from within
I did some research on coconut water and it's benefits and found that apparently it gives "picture-perfect" skin. Naturally, I was intrigued by this at first and bought some Vita Coco. After a week, my skin did not break out and looks much healthier. Don't have it in excess of course.
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March 21, 2011


-hydrates you skin REALLY well!
-reduces redness
-clears up bumps
-gives you a glowing look
-evens skintone
-increases your confidence!


-it can be pricey, depending on the brand you buy, i bought Zico, but im trying to find Vita Coco, because I heard that its even better

It will help! Its all natural, and there has only been suscess. I've been on all these prescriptions that make you break out more before it clears and i hated it so much! i started drinking 14oz a day and my skin looks drastically better! but i heard if you drink to much it can be unhealthy! but still remember to do everything else, and drink lots of water and some green tea, but COCONUT WATER WORKS!!!! :D
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October 3, 2010


Hydrates skin
Less oil production
Clears blemishes
Yummy taste
Only have to drink one cup a day to see results in a week
Low in calories
Many other benefits for your body



I have been drinking one serving of Vita Coco 100% pure coconut water a day for a week and I have already seen dramatic results! My skin has had less breakouts and has been more balanced! DRINK IT, JUST TRY IT! I guarantee you will see results!:) THE COST IS FOR THE 12-PACK PACKAGE I GOT!
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