Clincitop : Clindamycin Phosphate Gel

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Active Ingredient:
Clindamycin Phosphate (1%).

Sodium Methylparaben (0.114%), Sodium Propylparaben (0.056%).

Gel Base
Red Oxide of Iron and Titanium Dioxide.

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May 10, 2017
The thing that changed my life, "temporarily".
Clinictop is a topical antibiotic which only contains Clindamycin Phosphate. I have moderate to severe acne which became Cystic a couple of months before I had started this treatment. I started using it and noticed improvements within days, my Acne was less aggressive and was fading away, I went from multiple pimples to only getting one or two in the 2-3 weeks of application. By a whole month my Acne had vanished completely, didn't even have a single pimple for 2 months straight. I did wonders and changed my life until it stopped working, why? Well, my fault. It's an antibiotic and Acne bacteria developed a resistance against it. I stopped using the cream for 2 weeks and only applied 2.5% Benzac. I now use Clinictop in the Afternoon as a middle ground between my Day and Night BP regime. Results so far look promising and hopefully BP will help stop the Bacteria developing a resistance against Clidamycin. I think it's best to use Clinctop for 1 month and then gradually start using BP as well. Bacteria takes 3-4 months to stop Clindamycin from working so it's best to have BP as an extra Bacteria killer. I used Clinctop twice a day and noticed joint pain after 3 months as I run a lot, I wasn't able to run as much as I used to but joint pain was a passable side-effect. Did not notice anything else. Another thing I changed was my diet with the application of Clinictop. It consisted of a good amount of Vitamin-A rich ingredients, note that I noticed zero changes in cutting down dairy, in fact I increased my dairy level in order to bulk-up with Whey intake. Cutting down dairy could help but not for me. Although there is a lot of debate on this subject but I think what you eat is highly essential to a clear face especially if you know what to avoid. I haven't eaten anything fried since the last 5 months and couldn't stress how much that helped me. Clinictop worked great for me and I'm sure it will continue to work BP now being in my regimen.