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February 23, 2018
"Liquid Gold"
I have to say at 70 years of age and having suffered with sensitive skin issues since puberty I am over the moon having read about the success stories of Bone Broth which led to my own. Presently I am only 3 weeks into drinking a cup full of my own homemade product on arising and the improvement in my facial breakouts is remarkable. It has been a very long journey for me with all aspects of treatment both medical and "alternative" therapies being undertaken. However during the process I have come to understand and appreciate the functioning of my own body. Maybe I was going to reach this point irrespective but I am so relieved I am not focussing on covering up anymore. I feel like I have finally discovered the gold at the end of the rainbow - it is liquid gold!
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December 31, 2014
Miracle Worker
Bone broth WILL cure your acne forever. I have been suffering with acne for 8 years, and it sucks. I've spent probably more than I should have on all the expensive creams, have gone to countless dermatologists, and still I had no luck. There were some products that seemed hopeful: Differin cleared most of my acne and scars at one point. But at the same time, I was never 100% clear. Then I took a lot of time researching the real cause of acne, or at least what was causing mine, since it is not normal for a 20 year old to have acne. I realized that it was an internal problem; I wasn't properly digesting ANYTHING and it left me with multiple food intolerances. I had something called Leaky Gut, which many people in the western world DO have but just don't know about it. It is caused by many things, including stress, high sugar and yeast consumption, and much more. When I was a kid, the only thing I would eat was fruit. I would have probably 10 oranges a day, which even though fruit is good for you, it is only good in moderation. With this, I realized that my diet when I was younger did in fact cause me to have this leaky gut. To remedy this ailment, I took out dairy and gluten. I drink bone broth every day, as well as apple cider vinegar. My skin is clear and I am finally happy with my skin. Not only has it helped with my skin, but a slew of other things. I am getting massive gains from the GAPS diet I am on, mostly because all the protein in the bone broth and chicken I eat, my libido is great, and I don't have any anxiety or depression anymore. If you truly want to cure yourself of acne and not just mask it, try bone broth. That is just one component of it though, but it will do wonders. Make your own at home, because the stuff that you buy at stores is overly processed and has no nutritional value. Hopefully this helps someone out there, because I know how crappy it can be having acne. Hang in there.
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June 6, 2015
how do i make the bone broth?
April 25, 2018
I know this post is seriously old and you might not even be on this site anymore, but did your skin continue to stay clear after drinking the bone broth long term? I've just started my gut healing journey for my acne and would love to know how this worked long term for you.
July 12, 2014
Bone broth is healing my gut & my skin
I started drinking homemade bone broth to cure my gut, I have been suffering from IBS and I was suspecting a leaky gut. This pretty much healed my face after 4 days of use, for about 50%. Along with a liquid vitamin B complex, my skin is rapidly healing (acne marks are fading fast) and my pores have pretty much decreased in size for about 70%. I was over the moon when I looked in the mirror and stuck out my tongue - instead of the usual white coating, it was now completely pink and normal/healthy looking! I truly believe a lot of the acne is caused by an internal balance problem, and after countless products/treatments I have tried over the course of 8 years (I don't even want to think about the money I've spend in total) I think I finally found what works for me. I hope someone else can use this too. The broth is so cheap and easy to make, and if you google more about it you'll find how much uses it has for your health. I have tried a vitamin B complex a year ago on it's own and that also helped a bit but it never rid me of my gut issues, and for some reason I stopped using it. So now that I've combined these two things, I feel so much better and healthier. Also, when you google bone broth recipes, you will find that the best bone broth turns to a thick jelly - that way it's more concentrated and better for you. I know bone broth sounds disgusting, well, it made me shiver only thinking about it in the beginning, but as you know, if you suffer from acne you'll try anything and everything. But now that I've tried it I am hooked! So glad I found this, and I really hope someone else can use this as well. If not, bone broth is extremely healthy for you so it's pretty much a win-win! <3 I will update this review in time, since it's only been 4 days so far. Can't wait to see the changes after a month!
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